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2004 Concealed Carry Annual Report

2004 Concealed Carry Annual Report

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Published by Mike DeWine

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Published by: Mike DeWine on Mar 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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30 E. Broad St., 17th Fl.Columbus, OH 43215-3428Telephone: (614) 466-4320Facsimile: (614) 466-5087www.ag.state.oh.us
 March 1, 2005Dear Fellow Ohioan:On April 8, 2004, Ohio’s new concealed handgun law went into effect and for the first time,Ohioans could apply to their county sheriffs for a license to carry a concealed handgun. In thelast year, tens of thousands of law-abiding citizens have taken handgun safety courses fromcertified instructors, applied for, and were issued, licenses to carry a concealed handgun.As the chief public official charged with implementing the concealed handgun lawstatewide, my office has undertaken a number of actions pertaining to the concealed carry law,and I am proud of the work my staff has done to ensure a smooth rollout of this new law.Over the past 12 months, my office has answered thousands of questions from citizens andfrom law enforcement about the new law, created and maintained new publications, a website,and electronic databases required by the statute, processed in a timely fashion more than 45,000criminal background checks, and provided in-person and online training and assistance tosheriffs to help them fulfill their obligations under the law.Members of my staff formalized reciprocity agreements with 16 other states to allowrecognition of those states’ CCW licenses in Ohio and to allow Ohioans to carry concealedweapons while outside the State, and developed processes to allow Probate Courts andhospitals to report data regarding persons disqualified from receiving licenses for medicalreasons. My office also issued two advisory opinions concerning the law and successfullydefended it against a court challenge in the Ohio Supreme Court.Part of the sheriff’s responsibilities under the law is to report to the Ohio Peace OfficerTraining Commission the number of regular and temporary emergency licenses they issued, thenumber of applications they denied, and how many licenses were suspended or revoked. TheCommission is required to compile those statistics and present them to the Governor and theleadership of the Ohio General Assembly.I am pleased to present this first annual report to the Governor and leadership of the OhioGeneral Assembly on the activities in Ohio relating to the Ohio Concealed Carry Law.Very Truly Yours, Jim PetroAttorney General
Ohio’s Concealed Handgun Law 2004 Report
Ohio’s law to allow citizens to carry concealed handguns went into effect on April 8, 2004.The law allows citizens with proper firearms safety training to apply with their county sheriff,or a sheriff of an adjacent county, for a license to carry a concealed handgun.Persons who apply for a license are required to undergo a criminal history backgroundcheck to ensure that they are not prohibited by law from carrying a concealed handgun. Forpersons who have lived in Ohio for five years or more, the sheriff submits the applicant’sfingerprints electronically to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation for anin-state criminal background check. Applicants who have lived in Ohio fewer than five yearsare required to undergo a national check through the Federal Bureau of Investigation.Substitute House Bill 12 of the 125
General Assembly, which allowed citizens to carryconcealed weapons, requires county sheriffs to provide statistical information about thelicenses they issue to the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission. The Commission, in turn, isrequired by Ohio Revised Code Chapter 109.731 to compile those statistics and report them tothe Governor and the leadership of the General Assembly each year. This document is the firstsuch report under Ohio’s new law.
Licenses Issued
In 2004, Ohio sheriffs issued 45,497 regular licenses to carry concealed weapons. The sheriffsissued 65 temporary emergency licenses, which allow a person who submits evidence ofimminent danger to receive a non-renewable 90-day license to carry a concealed handgun.
Licenses Suspended or Revoked
Under R.C. 2923.128 sheriffs must immediately suspend a concealed handgun license uponnotification that the licensee has been arrested or charged with certain offenses, or if the licenseeis the subject of a protection order issued by a court. At the end of 2004, 78 licenses had beensuspended by Ohio sheriffs under the law. That same section of the Ohio Revised Code alsorequires sheriffs to revoke the license of any person who no longer meets the eligibilityrequirements to carry a concealed handgun. In 2004, Ohio sheriffs revoked 42 regular licensesand 4 temporary emergency licenses.
Applications Denied
The law requires that sheriffs shall deny an application by any person who fails to meet theeligibility criteria specified in R.C. 2923.125 for regular licenses, or R.C. 2923.1213 for temporaryemergency licenses. In 2004, sheriffs denied 436 applications for regular licenses and 5applications for temporary emergency licenses.
Reciprocal Agreements
In 2004, Attorney General Jim Petro’s Office, as directed by R.C. 109.69, entered into 16reciprocal agreements with other states, allowing Ohioans to carry concealed handguns in thosestates. In addition to those states, Petro’s office contacted an additional 6 states to begin theprocess of finalizing reciprocal agreements. The remaining 28 states either do not haveconcealed handgun laws, have laws that are not “substantially comparable” to Ohio’s law, or donot allow for reciprocal agreements. A map indicating the states with which Ohio has reciprocalagreements accompanies this report.

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