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Swami Nithyananda answers April 08

Swami Nithyananda answers April 08



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Published by vvavadi
spiritual and self realization
spiritual and self realization

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Published by: vvavadi on May 02, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Life is almost always experienced as hardship and misery. People don't knowabout the Supreme Bliss that can be experienced in their Being continuously.Mere curiosity and an open mind is enough for anyone to attain this blissfulstate.-- PARAMAHAMSA SRI NITHYANANDA
Every moment in life can be an advantage or an inconvenience; it depends onthe person perceiving it.
Thursday, May 1, 2008
You are a spiritual being!
We have always been trained to think that we are human beings looking for spiritualexperience. Now I tell you: You are a spiritual being looking for human experience. Thisis the truth. If you develop a firm conviction about this truth, it is enough; you will startexperiencing it.I tell people: I am not here to prove I am god; I am here to prove that you are god! Peoplelook at me with shock and fear when I tell them this. But it is the truth. When I say this, Idon’t mean that you should develop a spiritual ego; I don’t mean that you should goaround claiming that you are god. Just understand that by nature you are an ego-freespiritual being and because of societal conditioning, you feel that you are a human being,and so you start searching for spiritual experiences.When this point is understood deeply, you will understand that all emotions like fear, jealousy, desire, ego and discontent become baseless! A spiritual being can never comeunder the clutches of these emotions. But you have been reduced to an ordinary human being; that is the problem. All terrorism and violence that goes around in the world todayare because we don’t understand that we are a high-level being. Not only that: Peoplestart looking for powers like black magic, materializing things and what not. They think that these are all a measure of being spiritually powerful. The whole concept needs toundergo a 180-degree change.As long as we feel we are human beings, we will be focused on gaining material wealth;all our actions will be towards that; we will continue to run behind material things. At theend of it, even if we have gained all that we wanted to, there will be a void in us, ayearning in us; something will be missing.That something is nothing but a deep awareness that we are high-level beings. If this is
understood, the focus will shift from material wealth to living a sweet life. Wealth is notthe real richness; the capacity to be un-clutched from the wealth is the real richness!When you can be un-clutched from material life, life will become so sweet.When you understand that you are a spiritual being, you will be able to watch the wholeof life as a big drama; you will be able to play your role joyfully without getting caught inany of the emotions; you will then understand that your real nature is neither spiritual nor material; it is beyond both! When you understand this, you fall into the middle path andyou become liberated! Moving towards understanding this is the goal of life itself. That iswhy I say, ‘Bliss is the path and the goal.’Be Blissful!
Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Samsara & Nirvana
Samsara is our ordinary worldly life and nirvana is liberation, moksha or bliss. Wecontinuously experience Samsara with the hope of ultimately experiencing and attainingnirvana.What we do everyday appears to be monotonous or troublesome only because we havekept nirvana out of these actions.We make samsara a ‘living aspect’ and nirvana the goal. But what we fail to understand isthat the path itself is the goal, not just the destination.If bliss can’t be attained while living, what use is it when we leave? Nirvana is the state of ultimate bliss and is the very nature of our being or soul. We seek  joy or bliss in all our actions simply because this is our inherent nature.Where we err is that instead of infusing bliss into samsara we expect bliss out of it. Weare always looking for returns when we are actually in a position to give. We are alwaysseeking for that ‘something’ which we are already. It is like a king asking a beggar for alms – for can he ever be satisfied?Samsara should always be experienced as an expression of nirvana or bliss, never assomething to be attained. Only then does a man live ‘life’ completely, and is awakened.If man is the coin on which samsara and nirvana are impressed upon, he can experience both in the same space any time. He experiences infinity beyond space and time. He canexplode in all directions of samsara by being true to his nature, of nirvana or bliss.
To experience nirvana or bliss amid samsara is the very essence of life. Such a persongoes about samsara in a completely detached manner, always overflowing with the very‘nature’ of his being: bliss.Having forgotten one's own nature, man seeks to attain something that he already is, wasand always will be. We are not human beings undergoing a spiritual experience, butspiritual beings with human experiences.Here is a simple Tibetan Buddhist meditation technique which will help you experiencethe very nature of your being which is ananda or bliss.
Mahamantra Meditation
Close your eyes throughout this exercise
Stage 1: 21 minutes
Sit and relax. Keep your head, neck and spine straight.Start humming with your mouth closed, but loud enough to be heard by the others near you. Try to (for as long as possible) create a vibration in your body. Feel like a hollowtube that is filled completely with the vibrations of humming.
Stage 2: 10 minutes
Be still; just be a witness.
Religion & spirituality
Religion and spirituality are the most misunderstood subjects today. When religion isawash with logic then much of what it retains will be washed away and, what remains,will be pure spirituality. Religion minus superstition is spirituality. Religion is but a tool.Spirituality is nothing but ‘Life Engineering’. It enables you to focus, not on materialthings, but on the sweetness of life, miracles of existence. You are part of a macrocosmicorchestra that is being conducted by Existential Energy. This keeps you liberated within,enabling you to perform – in the outer world – intelligently and effortlessly. It also keepsyou in tune with Existential Energy.Man has always been curious about creation, this beautiful universe. He has askedquestions about the creator. He concluded that there was a Life Force or Energy thatmade all this happen. He began to establish a connection with that Energy.The first people to do this were the Rishis. They found techniques for future generationsto realise this Energy. These different techniques snowballed into different religions.What has to be understood is that even though the formula of each rishi was different

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