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Sample of the Story of a Unstoppable Liar

Sample of the Story of a Unstoppable Liar

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Published by Teemioxo_Dakko_2955

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Published by: Teemioxo_Dakko_2955 on Mar 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Short Story of an Unstoppable Liar
Written By: Teemu Beren’s
Hi, I’m teemu, and this is my story it all started in my freshman year
of high school,
Like most teenager’s I was horrified to leave middle school, and I
mean it, usually when a kid walks into the first day of school theymeet up with their good friends from last year and just mingle andlive the high school Life , For me Neither of those happened , Iusalluly just kept my distance from everyone and made a couple
new friend’s Like one friend
I will never forget , I will not say thename but she was a friend anyone would be lucky to have , she wasstrong , fearless and really Funny , she held a gift only I knew withina couple people again I cannot say, ok now fast forward 3 months ,here I
was hanging with the wrong crowd but at the time I didn’t
give a damn I was just living my high school life , even being withthe wrong crowd I still felt you know somewhat popular, I felt like Ihad reached my social status and was becoming well known,November, 15th 2009My Popularity was at a whole time high, If you could say , I had a
posse, I had protection, and out of the ‘’bad group’’ of friends someactually weren’t so bad after all , that day on November , 15th ,
2009 , me just skipping one day changed the way all our friendshipsworked, it first started with once was one of my closest friends ,back then me and her where tight , two peas in a pod , I felt I couldtell her anything in the world and she would keep it safe for me , wewould go t
o each to each other’s house , she was like my sister in away , I still can’t forget all the times we had like just trying to go into
her attic it was hilarious, we both chickened out, we where the best
of friend’s In the beginning we seemed like we wouldn’t even be
good friends she told me before that I just looked so cocky and fullof myself, and one time in my life in high school I truly was, as
shameful as it was I told her when we first started hanging out , it’s
like I could be myself around her and just let loose , she was myfriend , my role model , my BFF .She used to skip and go work at the Dollar store across the streetfrom the school but she was kind enough to work for free, she
sometimes just did it to miss classes and that’s how we suddenly
became friends and it also ended our friendship…
On that day, I was like where the hell is ‘’Blank’’
Searching everywhere I knew the last place she would be the dollarstore!Running across the street , I felt like I had to skip the day and justme and
her could hang out, secretly I’ve always had a crush on her ,
and I think she already knew, but moving on,We both skipped that November day we went to the mall, lookedaround, then I decided it be fun if we went around Wal-Mart and just be random, Well our So called random Wal-Mart tripCompletely ruined our friend-ship we had together, I waspressuring her to take some fake glue on nails, and she did but Iguess it was the wrong day and the wrong time to have done that..Caught red handed, Like that!
I had to lie and said she did it all , and I did it, I felt horrible, no onewas charged or anything, but I was the one who Pretty much Madeher do it , And then just seeing her cry made me , want to killmyself,As my mom drove me home furious, I cried, th
inking to myself ‘’howcould I be such a horrible person’’
 And on That November day, I truly had just lost a Good Amazingfriend.
And I wish I could go back and stop it, but sadly Life isn’t like a time
machine.December, 1
, 2009Like any other person I loved December the loving feeling you getwhen counting down every single day for Christmas to come, Oh mygod it was amazing, it had been like 3 weeks since what happened,and pretty much my parents had lost all complete trust in me, butdeep down I know they knew I was a good person, Back toDecember the month I crave And I mean CRAVE,
like chocolate, Iloved December it brought back my child hood to me, the minute ithit December first I always Started watching all those Christmasrelated movies like a Christmas story , Rudolph the red nose
reindeer and of course the Unaccompanied Minor’s A favorite of 
mine and always will be, But still it felt like I had ruined The wholemood of Christmas, for not only myself but for the rest of my family,I felt ashamed of what I was doing and tried changing numeroustimes, Oh I had tried so much , it never worked I always went backto the Old Rebel Me.December, 25
, Christmas MorningHoly Crap, I was amazed to my eyes to see my parents could stilllove a child who had been in so much trouble in school and Public,This was truly Step One. Of my healing process
Realizing peopleLove Me.Christmas was amazing, we all woke up like at 7 am my mom so
pissed and tired but she still knew she had too it’s a mom’s
rule you know. I couldn’t believe some of the things I had receivedand I felt like I didn’t deserve anything at all, I tried to put a smile
on just to make my parents happy, but on the inside I was dyingwith Hatred with myself, And mom and dad if you are reading this isthe future I would like to note: I am Truly sorry for my past, I lostyour trust and I was a horrible Child at the time and I hope you canforgive me.Sincerely
TeemuAt the time I was dating a girl, who I felt was the one for me, shewas amazing and stunning she changed a lot to be with me, losing
friends was one of them, Before New year’s Started it was
December 31
, 2009 I woke to a phone ringing or my cell phoneringing it was from her, at 9 Am asking if I wanted to hang out todayI was like sure babe. Hung up and noticed its new years eve, so Iwanted to do whatever I could to please my girlfriend at the time,
Moving on , I spent part of the night with her, across town ,snuggling while her parents left , I always knew they never trustedme in anyway,11:00 Pm
‘My Cell Started Ringing’
My mother was the first thing I heard ‘’ where in the hell are you ‘’
At a friend’s I had to lie at that time to protect myself.
She yelled at me then 20 minutes later my cousin picked me up.Got home, it was a hell of a speech,But I will not ever reveal what happened that night with her , ever
and that’s a promise , sadly today me and her don’t date anymore,I don’t think were even friend’s either
But I will still remember always what me and her had together, andall the fights and crying that we both went through we still lovedeach other till the end, I was the one who broke up with her I lovedher Deeply but I wanted to protect her from getting hurt in the end,to what people were saying it was getting to me and her, I had just
ended Step One, Realizing people love me. Or now I realize I Don’tknow what Love is… and never will.
 January 10
, 2010The way It smelt haunted me and disgusted me it still does today,But under pressure, it kind of controls you completely, Secretly itwas the first day I had my first cigarette, For my entire life I alwaysthought I would never do something so disgusting in my entire lifeat all, but I guess peer pressure gets to you like that and in a snap of your fingers your addicted , and for every Puff I had I lost my self esteem a little bit by bit, And I felt disgusted with myself , my momalways told me it is not the person who makes you do things wrongbut it is yourself who chooses to do it, and she was right , my so
called friends didn’t put the cigarette in my mouth , I did but I trulythought it was always their fault when I’m the one to blame, but asthe cigarette’s kept coming I kept going … slowly killing myself with
something I despised my entire life, ughh, Peer Pressure is a Bitch!.
Don’t you think?
 February 12
, 2010I was gladly enough to say I had quit smoking as hard as it was I wascraving it the aroma of a smoke , I had to control myself withsomething else , I just reached step Number Two : Getting help.

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