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Ferris Wheel Totaldoc

Ferris Wheel Totaldoc



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Published by Sydneysunshine

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Published by: Sydneysunshine on May 20, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sydney SunKappa3/19/08
High Dive UnitProblem:
Can we
Sydney SunKappa3/14/08Problem Statement
On the day of the CAT-nival, Andre Howard plans to jump off of the FarrellFerris Wheel. At the same time there is a cart of water that is traveling from theleft of the wheel to right. And, Andre
s objective is to jump off of the FF Wheeland land in to the cart of water. My job, is to figure out how long Andre should beon the FF wheel before be dives so that he
ll land exactly into the pool. Also, mycalculations need to be as correct as possible so that I can both assure Andrethat my calculations are correct and that Andre will be alive after the jump is doneand over with.I know and found out that the Farrell Ferris Wheel has a 50foot radius,which means that the wheel also has a 100-feet diameter (but we won
t be usingthat bit of information in this problem). The FF Wheel is on a 15 feet stand, whichmakes the distance from the center of the wheel to the ground 65 feet. I alsoknow that the FF wheel isn
t sporadic and that it turns at a constant speed,which, makes one complete turn in 40 seconds. The wheel also completes thisturn counter clockwise. The cart of water that Andre is jumping into is 240 feet tothe left of the FF wheel. The cart moves 15feet per second and has a water levelof 8 feet off of the ground. I also know that Andre is standing at the 3
o clockposition on the FF wheel.
I will need the final equation that we had already figured out which is—cos(9w)50=-240+15(w+
57+15(9w)/16. There are 2 ways that I can solve thisproblem. I can either use Guess and Check, or I can try to figure out anotherway.
Sydney Sun

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