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The Future Paradigm: An Introduction

The Future Paradigm: An Introduction

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Published by: Jonathan Francois Douglas O'Haly on May 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Future Paradigm:An Introduction
Francois O'Haly 5/7/2010
Can u see the future? Consciousness is expanding in themind of the human. A huge paradigm shift is occurringright before our eyes. Given urgency of course by thepresent state of the environment. Environmental disasteris such a reality that very few would choose to argueotherwise. Those who would are dinosaurs. Even if youchoose to believe that global warming is not a manmade phenomenon. You can't ignore the multitude ofother problems that presently assault the planet. Andproblems will grow and multiply a lot faster than they willdo the opposite for the foreseeable future. Things areabout to get more and more messed up.The masses will not be quiet this time. In the end.Capitalism can not survive in its present form. We haveoutgrown it. How can you not blame capitalism for thedire situation that we increasingly face here on planetearth? Capitalism is the world's economic system. All ofus in one way or another provide for ourselves and ourfamilies through it. Our very beliefs, everything we think,even how we think has been forged in the fire ofcapitalism. None or very very few have completelythrown off its shackles. Capitalism of course is a morally
corrupt system being based on the values of greed andaccumulation. Corporations, the agents of capitalismare huge abstract entities that serve, the stockholder.They are global in scope and hence are not alwaysanswerable to government. Everywhere on the planetthey have used their money to alter laws, influencepoliticians and the public, and generally fool everyoneinto letting them rape the planet and its citizens. All in thename of profit.Indeed the most successful of all people have been thevery greedy, the most morally corrupt. George W. himself,one of the most villainous figures in human history, is nowmaking millions of dollars on tour as a public speaker. Itwould be nice to think that people pay to see him talkfor purely comedic reasons. But probably not. Maybe histotal lack of remorse helps spread into the minds of hisfellow capitalists a feeling of disassociation thus helpingthem sleep at night. Look at our present situation.Morally suspect people thrive in the Orwellian world ofcapitalism. The politician that can take away your rightsand watch your life crash completely into disasterwithout so much as a single afterthought. The oilexecutive who can corrupt local law officials and orderenvironmental demonstrators executed as we see inthird world countries. People with absolutely no regardfor the environment. These are the type of people whorun this world.People with good morals who would stand up and
speak out against corruption and wrong doing. They arenot needed. Of course these great people do exist andmuch of what is good in the world is thanks to theirtireless work but of course, these people don't control theworld economy. Money, the greatest power in the worldis controlled by the corrupt. At one time in human historypeople like this, corruptible, morally suspect people,were the bad seeds and were not wanted in the humantribe or village. Times have changed.Yes we increasingly see people and businesses withgood moral practices making their way successfully inthe world. But the vast majority of the world is stillcontrolled by the type of individual that has notcultivated good moral behavior. Yes most capitalists dotake proper behavior seriously in their dealings witheach other and their families. Many capitalists donate tocharity and are interested in doing some good in theworld in their own limited way. It is of course because ofignorance that capitalism marches forward unfettered.Capitalists view the world abstractly. They are primarilyinterested in increasing their personal fortunes andwould rather not think about what the companies thatthey hold their stocks in are really guilty of. My stocks aredoing good, great. If I'm not doing what I do thensomeone else will. There are enough people who wouldlove to wake up tomorrow and be an executive for BP,British Petroleum. Or a general in the US Army. We all theknow the power of ignorance and how easily thehuman being can lie to him or herself. People need to

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