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Published by Wayne Purdin

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Published by: Wayne Purdin on May 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Voice of The International Sun Imbibers' Society (ISIS)
Summer, 2008 (Vol. 2, Issue 3) FREEwww.angelfire.com/moon2/isisaz
The SOLution is Here 1Freedom 2008 at Big Sky 1The Spiritual Alchemists Circle 2Sun Yoga Course at NWU 2A Disciple of the Sun 3
 TheThe SOLutionSOLution
Laying the Foundation for a SolarCivilization
by Wayne H. Purdin & Jeanette Wallen
On June 22
, 2008 I published the first copiesof my audio book 
The SOLution: Laying the Foundation for a Solar Civilization
. I decidedto publish it in audio format because itcontains a crucial Solar Healing Meditationand instructions for advanced sungazingtechniques that are best absorbed by listeningwith eyes closed or focused on the sun. Andthe appendix on Songs, Prayers, Affirmationsand Mantras to the Sun can only beappreciated in audio. An audio book is muchless expensive to produce, so I am selling it(four CD with over five hours of recordings)for only $12, which includes shipping.Available from ISIS Press, 4142 W. Park ViewLane, Glendale, AZ 85310. Send check or money order with return address.The title of this book begs the question:What’s the problem? I could list a dozen or so problems that this book could solve: theworsening health crisis at home and abroad;the escalation of war and terrorism; the moral bankruptcy of large segments of society; thefailure of education to prepare students for realsuccess; the starvation of millions of people inthird world nations; the pandemic of obesity indeveloped nations; the oppression of billionsof people by totalitarian regimes; the lack of emotional harmony in families; the slavery of  people to the rat race in the vain pursuit of material happiness; the hypocrisy anddivisiveness of religion; the overcrowding of  prisons and the failure of capital punishmentas a deterrent; and the rise in chronicdepression resulting in increased incidence of suicide. But the underlying problem that is atthe root of all these problems is this: We havelost our connection with God. We feelseparated from God by space (we’re down hereand hes way up there) or by sin (God is perfect and we're miserable sinners). If we feelalone and worthless, if we don’t see that Godis in our hearts, we won’t treat ourselves withrespect. If we don’t see that God is in everyoneelse as well, we won’t treat them with respecteither.The problems we face are the same as thosefaced by people in every society in everyepoch of history. If we carefully scrutinize thehistorical record, we will see that social, political and religious institutions have not provided solutions to these problems, and, inmany cases, have worsened the problems.Throughout this dark pageant of wars,sectarian strife, plagues, famines, slavery,materialism, ignorance and perversions, wecan glimpse brief periods of peace andenlightenment. In every case, these brightinterludes have been brought about by theestablishment of a new religion, based on thesun of our system, Sol. Sol is an interestingword. Add a “u” for you, and you get soul, thesun of your being. Add an “o” for one, and youget solo, which means alone or all one. “Weare all one in the sun” is not just a fanciful New Age expression. It is the key to the NewAge and the SOLution to the problems of theOld Age. The continuing failure of religion,modern medicine, education, and governmentto solve problems will sooner or later lead people to consider trying the SOLution, andthe lost teachings of the great avatars andmasters, the suns of God, will once againenlighten people, this time on a global scale. Itis toward this effort that I have written this book.It's true that you can't judge a book by it'scover, although the cover design by world-famous graphic artist and long-time sungazer,Elan Sunstar is a good visual summary of what
The SOLution
is about. To give you a better idea of what it's about, I am copying the Tableof Contents:
IntroductionSolar Healing MeditationPart I -- Techniques & Science of the SOLution1. Why Absorb Sunlight?Let The Sun Shine InImbibe Sunshine for a Natural HighSungazing and EyesightNude SunbathingA Cure for Obesity2. Basic Techniques and ToolsHow to SungazeSungazing ToolsHow to SunbatheSun-charged Water Barefoot Walking on Sun-warmed SandGroundingPart II - Suns of God Who Gave us the SOLution1. The Mysteries of the Sun2. Serapis Bey3. Kuthumi4. Lanello5. Zarathustra6. Lord Ling7. El Morya8. Jesus9. Hilarion10. OmraamPart III -- How to Become a Sun of God1. Amrita, the Elixir of Immortality2. The Deathless Solar Body3. The Alchemy of Transfiguration4. Into the Heart of the SunAppendix A Spiritual Sungazing TechniquesAppendix B – Songs, Prayers, Affirmations andMantras to the SunAppendix C -- Testimonials
Ever since I began sungazing, I have longed tofind a community of spiritual sungazers. At theend of 2006, I found it in the Hearts Center.The Hearts Center focuses on making practicalthe teachings of the world’s mysticaltraditions, including the mysteries of the sun.It was founded by the ascended masters,Lanello and El Morya, who, as Akhenaton andAkbar the Great, established solar religions inthe past.
The Hearts Center is a movement, an organicstream of souls who desire, through oneness of heart and purpose to work toward a golden ageof enlightenment and planetary freedom. Itwelcomes all seekers of truth, honoring their spiritual backgrounds and chosen path. HeartCenters have been established in many citiesthroughout the world. They are oases of lightand comfort where people of all cultures andtraditions share their gifts and talents inservice to life. The Heart Center sponsorsMeru University, a modern-day mystery schoolthat assists in the spiritual development of thesoul through courses, workshops and publications. The Hearts Center receives progressive revelation of love-wisdom fromascended masters, angels and cosmic beingsthrough the messenger David C. Lewis asworded dictations and darshans (question andanswer sessions).
David C. Lewis
Heartfriends throughout the world keep abreastof the latest dictations and Meru Universitycourses through the website atwww.heartscenter.org
, and come together for  pilgrimages to sacred sites and periodicconferences.There are 20 Hearts Centers in major cities inthe United States and the world. The PhoenixHeart Center 
Real alchemy is not the transmutation of leadinto gold, but the transformation of thealchemist’s leaden consciousness into therefined consciousness of love-wisdom throughmeditation, surya yoga, and the science of thespoken word.You are invited to attend the monthly meetingof the Spiritual Alchemists Circle every firstWednesday at the Phoenix Public Library,Century Branch, 1750 E. Highland Ave. from 7to 9 pm. The Library is located right acrossfrom the exit ramp of the Highland Ave exit of I51 North. If you're coming south on I51, exitat Indian School and go back north on I51 tothe Highland Ave. exit. At each meeting wediscuss one of a series of books that deal withthe practical techniques of spiritual alchemy.These books are the teachings of OmraamMikhael Aivanhov, French philosopher andspiritual master of Bulgarian origin (1900-1986). He gave over 5000 lectures, thetranscripts of which have been published as books, such as
Toward a Solar Civilization
.One of the most striking aspects of these booksis the incredible variety of ways in which he presents how we can better our lives and attain perfection. Dr. Larry Dossey said of him ” Amark of a great spiritual teacher is to conveywisdom of such luminous clarity that it seemsgenuinely simple, as if we might have knownit all along, as if it is innate in everyone. Sucha teacher is Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.”Omraam said that “The Age of Aquarius willsoon be upon us and the tremendous upheavalsaccompanying it will oblige human beings tounderstand the reality of the invisible worldand the laws that govern it. But the beauty,splendour and harmony of the new life thatwill emerge from these upheavals will be beyond anything imagined by man. All thosewho have been secretly working for thecoming of the Kingdom of God throughout theworld will join forces and work together, andthe bastions of ignorance, materialism anddespotism will crumble and collapse. And itwill be: nothing can prevent the coming of thenew era, the new Golden Age.”If you share this vision of a Golden Age andwant to know how to experience it firsthandnow in your own life, then come to the firstWednesday meetings of the SpiritualAlchemists Circle.
Sun Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and is at the heart of every religion andthe foundation of every civilization. Today, asthe sun of Aquarius dawns closer, Sun Yoga isrising in popularity in the form of sungazing.Science has proven that some Sun Yoga practitioners can live for months or even yearswithout eating food, and that tremendoushealing light is given by our physical sun andthe cosmic light rays it emits. Mental,emotional, spiritual and physicalimprovements have become common amongthose who take up Sun Yoga.Last fall I taught a four-week telecourse onSun Yoga through New Wisdom University(NWU). The fifteen students from all over thecountry had been practicing sun yoga fovarying amounts of time, from a few days to afew years, but all understood and appreciatedthe course material, which ranged from the basic instructions on sungazing, sunbathing,sun-charged water and barefoot walking to thescience behind sun yoga, the history andtheology of the mysteries of the sun, andadvanced sungazing techniques.I was fortunate to have two special guestspeakers during the course: Rich Blumenthal,an engineer from Sacramento, spoke about thehard science behind sungazing and sunbathingand how the unscientific opinions of people prevent them from enjoying their benefits and perpetuates solar phobia. Sister NatachaKolesar, director of the IDEAL Society inJaffrey, British Columbia, talked about themore spiritual aspects of Sun Yoga and theYoga of Nutrition. NWU will be offering the course again thisspring as an e-course. You will listen to theedited recordings of the first course andreceive the same free handouts: a 40-page e- book “Living on Sunlight,” which contains allyou need to start sun yoga safely andconfidently; “Seven Lives Touched by theSun,a ten page booklet of inspiringtestimonials of relief from a lifetime of depression, healing of broken hearts and bodies, and spiritual enlightenment; Sun YogaTools; and Advanced Sun Yoga Techniques. Atthe end of the course, students will be able tocall a teleconference number and ask me anyquestions they have. As an incentive, I amgiving away free a copy of my audio book tothose students who bring one or more friend or family member to the course. Tuition for thecourse is $55.To register go to www.newwisdomuniversity.com, then to"Registration and Bookstore," then to"Learning Programs."
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Omraam, like many great initiates and leaders,had a humble beginning. He was born prematurely on a very cold winter night in adrafty farmhouse in Serbtzi, Macedonia. Hismother had the village priest baptize himwithin a day because she feared he would not
live long. She named him Mikhael in honor of Archangel Michael. Now, the priest who baptized him had a reputation for being a tea-totaler, except for communion wine. But whenhe baptized Mikhael, the light that descendedwas so powerful that he felt like celebrating,and during the party afterwards, he got a littledrunk. He told people that he saw a vision of Mikhael's future and prophesied that he woulddo a great work for God. Now, if this were theonly prophecy about Mikhael, we coulddismiss it as the ramblings of an inebriated priest. But three other men, who were famousmystics, made prophecies about him. One was Nostradamus who wrote:To a humble family will a fair child be bornFrom a Balkan country will this Eagle fly,To dwell in the land of the Rooster,His name, the same as mine, the world willlong recall,His voice the peoples of the earth will hear,And following upheaval and disaster,A new age will begin.France has the rooster as its emblem, and thatis where Mikhael traveled to from Bulgaria, aBalkan country. Also the rooster is associatedwith the rising sun and vigilance, both of which are important concepts in his teachings.The eagle also represents the lofty sun - afitting symbol for Mikhael, who boldly soaredin the dimension of Spirit, close to the sourceof all light. The eagle is also the higher symbolfor the sign of Scorpio, which was Mikhael'sascendant.Another prophet was Rudolf Steiner who said,“I bring you a complicated language for theintellect, but after me will come Michael, whowill bring a simple language of images.” If you read any of Omraam's books you’ll findthat they’re full of imagery and easy tounderstand.And lastly, around the beginning of the 20
century, someone asked the TheosophistCharles Leadbeater who would bring theenergy of Archangel Michael to the Earth.Leadbeater replied “His name will be Michaeland he will arrive in France after the first thirdof the century is past.” Mikhael came toFrance in 1937.Mikhael's mother, Dolia Aivanhov, wasn'taware of these prophecies, but she knewintuitively that her son was special. That's whyshe consecrated him to God's service from themoment of conception, and just as Mary didfor Jesus, held the immaculate concept for himwhile he was in her womb. His mother never yelled at him or forced him to do anything.Instead, she patiently explained his options andwhat consequences they would bring and left itup to him to decide which course to take.Mikhael had a profound love and respect for his mother and for all women and saw in themhope for a better world through prenataleducation. He said “A mother can accomplishgreat miracles because she holds the key to theforces of life.His mother died in 1973 at theage of 97. His father was also an importantinfluence during his formative years, but hedied of pneumonia when Mikhael was onlyseven.Other people who helped shape his character were his grandmother and a wise old man, alsonamed Mikhael, who would tell stories.Mikhael said of him He would tell mefantastic tales of battles between the forces of good and evil, the powers of light anddarkness, white magicians and sorcerers... andgood always triumphed over evil in the end.Ever since, I have felt that by means of thesetales this old man and my grandmother gaveme an impetus towards the good and the light,and gave my heart a yearning to see thetriumph of light over darkness.” Mikhaelrealized that the moral lessons he imbibedthrough these stories were more character forming than anything he later learned from books. “Childhood,” he noted, “determines thewhole of one's life.”During his adolescence, Mikhael devotedhimself to spiritual practices involvingmeditation, yoga, breathing exercises andlight. One day when he was 15 he was doingthe surya yoga practice of sungazing when hewas suddenly plunged into a mysticalexperience of God as a most beautiful being of light. Later, he commented: “It was so beautiful that I was beside myself. To see sucha being, with all those colors, all that light! Hewas almost invisible in the extraordinaryluminosity that surrounded him. I foundmyself flooded with light. I was in a state of  bliss, of ecstasy so immense, so powerful, thatI no longer knew where I was. It was adelirious joy; it was heaven; it was theuniverse! Ever since then I have felt that if God were not all beauty I could not believe inhim. It is beauty that remains in my mind asthe one essential: neither power, nor knowledge, nor wealth, nor glory. Only beauty!”This was a turning point in his life, for herealized that in order to regain that experiencehe would have to give up his selexperimentation and learn from an enlightenedmaster. This transcendent sun gazingexperience was the beginning of a new life; hisquest for perfection was now channeled in amore definite direction. When the student isready, the teacher appears, and he soon found aspiritual Master, Peter Deunov. One of the firstthings Mikhael asked Deunov was how best toconnect with God during meditation. Deunovtold him “Work with light, for light is theexpression of divine splendor. You mustconcentrate on light, immerse yourself in lightand rejoice in light. It is by means of light thatwe can communicate with God.”Deunov was a remarkable man. He came toAmerica in 1888 and received a doctorate inTheology from Boston University in 1893.During that time, he came in contact with theRosicrucians and discovered that the 10
century Bogomil movement in Bulgaria was aform of esoteric Christianity from which themodern-day Rosicrucians emerged. Hereturned to Bulgaria and was offered aministry, but rejected it in favor of spendingfour years in seclusion doing spiritual work.On March 7, 1897, The Holy Spirit descendedon Deunov. After this Deunov became knownas the Master Beinsa Douno, which means
TheOne Who Brings in the Good through theWord 
. Mikhael also experienced a similainitiation when he traveled to India in 1960and became known as the master Omraam. In1918, Deunov established the School of theUniversal White Brotherhood. The Whitereferred to the white spiritual light that imbuedthe auras of its members. Some of the spiritualexercises of this school were prayer, music,deep breathing, greeting the sunrise, and paneurhythmy (dance).For twenty years Mikhael studied undeDeunov. At the same time he
studied at theUniversity of Sophia, concentrating onpsychology, philosophy and thenatural sciences. During the 1930s,he held a professorship at auniversity and subsequently becamea college principal
. In 1937, Deunovseeing the rise of fascist and communistregimes, decided to export his teachings toWestern Europe. Out of 40,000 disciples, hechose Mikhael to take his teachings to France.So on July 22, 1937, during the UniversalExposition, Mikhael arrived in Paris with onlya handful of French disciples to help him.For ten years he worked hard to spreadDeunov's teachings and in 1947, he created theFrench chapter of the Universal WhiteBrotherhood. After Deunov died in 1944,Bulgaria was taken over by the Soviet Union,Deunov's estate in Sophia became part of theSoviet embassy and the Universal WhiteBrotherhood of Bulgaria was infiltrated byCommunists who turned it into a politicalgroup. They sent 47 members to Paris to dothe same with Mikhael's group, but he firmlyresisted. In order to get Mikhael out of theway, the communists used a hypnotist by thename of Cherenzi Lind to discredit him. Lindhypnotized several young ladies into believingMikhael had raped them. Based on their falsetestimony, he was arrested, held in prison for several months and convicted on July 3, 1948after a hasty trial. An appeal was filed but hewas sentenced to four years in prison. He wasreleased after two years because of hisimpeccable behavior. His fellow inmatesappreciated the spiritual help they receivedfrom his example and the advice he had giventhem, and called him their “angel.” In 1962 hiscase was reopened and his name cleared.In the summer of 1953, the first convention of the Brotherhood was held at the Bonfin near Frejus. It was attended by all those who, inspite of the difficulties of the past five years,remained true to Brother Michael. The Bonfinis still the international headquarters of theUniversal White Brotherhood and people fromall over the world attend conferences there inthe summers

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