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PDF Intelligence Operations 1

PDF Intelligence Operations 1



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Published by Franke Schein
Franke, Franke Schein, Schein, Alaska, Militia, Patriot, tea Party, Resistance, War Fighting, Revolution, FEMA, NWO, Leaderless Resistance,
Franke, Franke Schein, Schein, Alaska, Militia, Patriot, tea Party, Resistance, War Fighting, Revolution, FEMA, NWO, Leaderless Resistance,

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Published by: Franke Schein on Jun 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How To Keep Out Of Trouble
By Franke Schein
June 2010The people that make up the patriot and militia movements are probably some of the most security conscious folks in the world
andrightly so when one considers the recent arrest of the Hutaree Militia a few months ago.
Hutaree got themselves taken down because they didn’t subscribe to a few fundamental security rules.
Never discuss anything sensitive or critical without knowing exactly who you are talking to. If you are part of a patriot group, then you must always assume that everything that you say, and everything that you do 
is being recorded or watched by somebody else. Even if  that person is your very best friend inside of the group, you never really know their true feelings, or if they are really a member of your group or working for somebody else. It would be foolish to think otherwise.
Suspect anyone that offers you something that nobody else has access to. Some of the more typical traps might be an offer to provide  you with the components to build a silencer, or a drop-in full auto sear for your rifle. Either of these should send immediate alarms bells,and make you suspicious of the offer, and the person offering it to you. Ask yourself how this person acquired the component, and why they are offering it to you.
Remember that if you are part of a Patriot or Militia group, your personal information has already been disclosed and investigated by various investigative agencies. Make no mistake about that. They already know who you are, where you live, and everything else that  you feel is sacred about your life 
—has been scrutinized by somebody, somewhere. It’s a fact of life, and most government documen 
ts will tell you just what their plans are, and how (to a point) that they gather intelligence information.
Anyone that approaches you and starts asking your opinion on race relations, how you feel about immigration, if you think that gays should be allowed in the military 
those are also indicators that somebody is trying to gauge your inner-sentiments. They are attempting to see if you have the ability to play the race card. If you do, it will be used against you at some later time. Keep your personal feelings to  yourself  
at all times! 
Your E-mails and telephone calls have been watched the moment that you surfaced inside one of the patriot groups. If you cruise all the patriot sites, if you have ever posted any videos, or posted at any of the Patriot forums 
then rest assured that you are no longer un- der the radar. That is a proven fact. The DHS has implemented a devious plan to locate and identify every patriot in the U.S. utilizing the various FUSION CENTERS as one of the intelligence gather- ing apparatus.
So, with all of the information that is floating around out there, what can you really do about it?Nothing
 —Absolutely Nothing. If wouldn’t matter if you ever said anything that contradicts the socialists in office. It wouldn’t 
matter to them if you owned a firearm, or not. What matters is the simple fact that DHS, NSA, FBI, CTTF, and other agencies have presidential authority to do whatever they want, spy on anyone that they want to, and gather personal information on everybody in the UnitedStates. It has been going on since 1983 (TIA) Total Information Awareness program that was the brainchild of Admiral Poindexter. You remember him
The Rear Admiral that was involved withOliver North and the Iran-
Contra incidents. This is the guy that proposed the electronic system that we call “Big Brother”— 
and it has been actively spying on every person in the country for over
twenty years. There’s nothing that you can do about it. (Period)
What you can do is keep everything above board….
Don’t put yourself in the position of having to worry about what you say to somebody else. That doesn’t mean that you should
 fear anyone asking you personal questions, or that you should refrain from providing honest straight forward answers. It does means that you should never discuss plots and schemes that might come back to haunt 
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