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Tony Jeary Presskit

Tony Jeary Presskit

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Published by J A Heinlein
Tony Jeary - Heinlein Group http://bit.ly/agT3Af
Tony Jeary - Heinlein Group http://bit.ly/agT3Af

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: J A Heinlein on Jun 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tony Jeary,
conferencespeaker, strategic facilitator, andsuccess coach, is known as Mr.Presentation™. He is the author of over 30 titles and has spent over 20 years helping others operateat Mastery. Tony personallycoaches the very top tier of today’s
most inuential people, including
Senator Bob Dole, General NormanSchwarzkopf, and many CEOsand presidents from the world’slargest companies: Walmart, Sam’s,QualComm, Samsung, Firestone.Tony is the founder of Tony JearyHigh Performance Resources(TJHPR) and Tony Jeary International(TJI), which offer special sessions(success coaching, conferencespeaking, and strategic facilitation)as well as unique resources based on clarity, focus, andexecution. His methodology focuses on
Strategic Accelerationthrough Communication Mastery
.Tony consistently provides best practices, benchmarking ideas,and business resources to his clients from nearly 20,000 personalconnections. A high-energy style, combined with unparalleled op-timism, captures the attention of his audiences. His personal com-mitment is to equip his listeners in a matter of days – or even hours – with skills that would normally take years to master. Tony lives byhis motto:
Give Value; Do More Than Is Expected.” 
Conference Speaker
Tony’s keynotes, seminars and speeches are highly energiz-ing, entertaining, and educational. In his bestselling book,
Life Is A Series Of Presentations
, Tony teaches the 8 Pre-sentation Essentials that will accelerate success throughincreasing sales, driving brands, being more persuasive,and saving time through the use of proven processes.People present dozens of times daily, in person, on thephone (or by voicemail), through email, and of course,to groups. Tony knows that presentation effectivenessis critical to success. He can facilitate in a few hours whatoften takes people days and weeks to do.
Topics include:
Success Acceleration
Ten Essentials For Driving Execution
Finding 100 Extra Minutes A Day 
Life Is A Series Of Presentations
Success Coach
Many of Tony’s clients prefer one-on-one personal time to advancetheir level of expertise to gain clarity, strategic focus and to execute with mas-tery, whether crafting a message or improving overall presentation effective-ness. He will custom-design a half or full-day session around your objectivesand goals and use his vast array of business acumen and resources to showyou best practices, proven processes, and simple systems, all of which willaccelerate your success in his unique
Success Acceleration Studio
Strategic Facilitator
Either at your location, or Tony’s unique
Success Acceleration Studio
, Tony andhis team can help you or your group focus more effectively on strategic goalsand objectives, develop and deepen a resonant brand or market presence,clarify and understand your value proposition, and design your core messages.
There’s a reason why many CEOs of the world’s top companies y their cor 
-porate jets to Tony’s studio: He delivers proven results, quickly. His secret?
Facilitating Collective Intelligence with unmatched speed! 
What Tony Jeary can do for you
 You and your sta are truly a team o lie-changing individuals. I was blown awayby your efciency, organization and expertise! In my 18 years I have invested insales and marketing, I have never been exposed to a more results-oriented day.Chris Roberts, VP Marketing, MASTERGUARD, L.P.
… Tony bringsclarity and strategicocus to accelerateexecution andbottom line results,leveragingCommunicationMastery.
About Tony…
Tony Jeary develoed a owerful
Success Acceleration Process
that has transformed individualsand organizations across the globe. For more than two decades, he has heled others discovernew clarity for their vision, develo focus on their direction, and create owerful execution strategiesthat imact achievement and results.
Tony Jeary is a bestselling author, Strategic Acceleratorand coach to the world’s top CEO’s.
Tony was raised by entrereneurial arents who thrived on identifying and ursuing new oortuni-ties to serve others. Tony’s father taught him the owerful rincile that has driven Tony’s rofes-sional and ersonal life:
Always give more than expected”.
Exceeding exectations is the com-
mon thread that every Tony Jeary client experiences rst-hand. During his work coaching the world’s
to CEO’s, executives, and high-achievers, Tony has been able to study, observe and categorize thetraits, best ractices, and distinctions that lead to individual and organizational success.
Tony identied the distinctions that characterize and set apart high achieving individuals and com
-anies, and develoed his Success Acceleration process from those, roving that the foundational
characteristic of great performers is the mastery of their ability to communicate where people take
action. Tony labels this ability to resent
Communication Mastery™
and it is the basis for the Suc-cess Acceleration process.
Communication Mastery™
is rooted in the concet that every formof communication with clients, colleagues, and others in your universe is critical to success. Heevangelizes the ower of resentations related to achievement.
His best selling book,
Life is a Series of Presentations 
(Simon and Schuster) has not only beenread by eole all over the world, but studied, endorsed and transformed into courses, videos, and
CD programs. Tony Jeary has been described as a ‘gifted encourager’ who facilitates positive out
-come for others. His list of ersonal and rofessional relationshis aroaches 20,000. For two de-cades Tony has ersonally coached literally the worlds to CEO’s advising them and their organiza-
tions; companies such as Samsung, Firestone, Ford, Wal-Mart, Sam’s, New York Life, QualComm,and Daimler Chrysler.
I anyone ever asks me who I know to help themget a strategic handle on their situation and fndsolutions ast, I will simply say, “Tony Jeary.”
 Joel A. Barker,Futurist author, “Business o Paridigms”
Tony Jeary, is a real guy, with real history and has ersonal exerience with both success and failure.Tony made and lost several million dollars before he was 26. Today, as he ersonally ractices thedistinctions that characterize
Strategic Acceleration through Communication Mastery™
, failureis rare-both for Tony and his clients!
Today he is blessed to raise his family on his estate near Dallas where he spends the majority of hisprofessional time working with selected clients in his
Success Acceleration Studio
or authoring hisnewest titles on mastery.

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