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Trend Watching 2010-07 Innovation Insanity

Trend Watching 2010-07 Innovation Insanity

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Published by Lorenzo Mendoza

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Published by: Lorenzo Mendoza on Jul 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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July - August 2010
| Each year, around this time, we take a look at the most promising ‘on trend’ innova-tions, as spotted by our sister company
. No surprise, that with the entire world now battlingit out in the consumer arena, the amount of talent, of creativity, of innovations, is staggering. Welcome toINNOVATION INSANITY ; -)We all agree that innovation is the only way to survive in an ever more global, competitive businessarena. We’re talking basically anything that will get consumers spending, and preferably the kind ofspending that involves sustainable goods, services and experiences. And since everyone from
Seth Godin
to the
Harvard Business Review
is providing you with excellent,inspiring insights and theory on innovation as a mindset, a process, a way of life, we'd like to contributeto the conversation with examples of actual B2C innovations. Tons of 'em. As we see it:
INNOVATION INSANITY | There will never be a shortage of smart new ventures, brands, goods and serv- ices that deliver on consumers’ wants and needs. In fact, with the entire world now engaged in creativedestruction, INNOVATION INSANITY is upon us. So yes, the dozens of innovations we’ve rounded up for this briefing, courtesy of our sister-site
 , are just the tip of the iceberg. Invent, improve, copy…or perish.
The link between INNOVATION INSANITY and consumer trends? As focused as we are on emerging con-sumer trends, we never tire of pointing out that trends are only good for one thing: inspiring you to inno-vate, to come up with new goods, services and experiences for (or even better, with) your customers.
trendwatching.com, independent and opinionated, is one of the world
s leading consumertrends firm, relying on a global network of hundreds of spotters. Our trends, examples andinsights are delivered to 160,000 business professionals in more than 180 countries.More information at www.trendwatching.com
Innovation: not just labs, not always earnest, not necessa rily expensive
Three more thoughts on innovation:Innovation is not necessarily about people in white coatsputtering about in R&D labs. In our current experienceeconomy, marketing innovation is equally important, andoften trumps technical innovation.Furthermore, as consumerswants
sometimes frivo-lous, new products and services can be, too. Really,innovation doesn’t have to be so earnest
the time.Thirdly, doing or starting something new doesn't have tocost the world. Many of the innovations featured in thisbriefing thrive on nimbleness and creativity, not hugebudgets.
Springwise New Business Ideas
is trendwatching.com’s sister  site. Do not miss out!
OK, enough preaching, let’s get to practicing: check out these67+ innovations, arranged by trends (STATUS STORIES,CROWD-EXPRESS, and more) and B2C industries. All sourced from trendwatching.com’s sister site
,which finds and publishes the best innovations from around theworld, with the help of 8,000+
. Seriously, if youdon't yet
to their weekly newsletter, you're missingout! Here goes:Our
Trend Briefing gave you a taste ofsome of the ways in which consumers are
now getting theirstatus fix.
are a few more innovative examples, related to
and status:
| Dubbed “Night School,” the
Seattle Sorrento Hotel's
 offers a collaboration with chef Michael Hebb and “an array ofintellectuals, artists, writers, filmmakers, mixologists, chefs andthe leading cultural institutions in the Northwest”. The Night School's Midnight Symposium series, for example, invites gueststo gather and discuss a particular reading, while the Drinking Les-sons series in the hotel's Hunt Club bar offers two-hour lessons inthe preparation and history of three distinct cocktails.
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Bars and Restaurants
| Spanish restaurant chain
Fresc Co
of-fers free English language lessons to its patrons. Fresc Co oper-ates 40 restaurants in 11 Spanish cities, focusing on fresh ingre-dients and Mediterranean dishes. Last February, two of its Barce-lona locations began offering two-hour sessions targeting profes-sional workers with a focus primarily on everyday language andwork situations.
More »Food & Beverage
| British brewer
Tom Wood's
recently launcheda mobile bottling operation for DIY brewers in the form of a well-equipped truck that can drive to virtually any UK location. Serv-ices include everything from pre-production bottle washingthrough a range of bottle capping options, labelling and finallyshrink-wrapping.
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last year, and with even morebrands and consumers adopting a
generous mindset, the innova-tions keep on coming:
Calfee Design
is helping entrepreneurs in the developingworld make locally sourced bamboo bicycles for domestic andinternational sale. Through the
initiative, Calfee setup two bike-building groups in Ghana who build frames usinglocally sourced bamboo before shipping them to the US. TheGhanaian entrepreneurs earn about USD 150 for every frame theybuild.
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