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That's What You Get Chapter 3

That's What You Get Chapter 3



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Published by Kelly
Chapter three! Please read. Enjoy!
Chapter three! Please read. Enjoy!

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Published by: Kelly on Jul 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 I arrived at school with minutes until the warning bell. I looked around the parking lot andquickly spotted Angela's car. I started walking over to her when she turned and saw me her eyeswidened and quickly walked towards me.When she got close enough to me she grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the bathrooms.Unknowingly she grabbed a bruise on my arm which caused me to hiss and pull back in pain.Angela immediately let go and turned back to me. "What's wrong Bella? I'm sorry did I hurtyou?" She asked me rushed almost not understanding what she said.I gave her a weak smile and shook my head. She gingerly took my hand this time and continued pulling me to the bathroom. When we arrived she questioned me. "What the hell happened toyou Bella? You have a huge bruise on your face and some on your neck." My eyes widened in panic that she could notice. That means that other people noticed too and I was in trouble."Oh my god Angela you can see them?" I asked her. She nodded slowly "Bella you didn't cover them very well and you can see right through your makeup and answer me Bella what the hellhappened to you?" She practically shouted at me.I shook my head and felt the tears well up in my eyes. I took a deep breath and faced Alice. "OhAnge." I said before I started crying. I slid down the door and sat on the floor with my head inmy hands."Oh Bella," she said, "What happened Hun?" I just started crying harder when I tried to tell her.She held me and stroked my hair while I composed myself enough to tell her what happened. Icouldn't look at her all when I was explaining what happened.By the time I finished the story I looked up at Angela and saw the fury and sadness in her eyes.She started muttering something under her breath that I couldn't hear. She stood me up andhugged me tightly. "Come on Bella let's try to fix your makeup so your bruises aren't sonoticeable."This is why I loved Angela; if you told her something bad she just did her best to make you feel better. She quickly reapplied my makeup and was just putting away her makeup as the late bellrang.We gathered our stuff and headed towards the main office to get late passes. Angela left me atthe door as she went up and whispered something into Mrs. Cope's ear. I whipped my headtowards them when I heard Mrs. Cope gasp. I could only imagine what Angela must have toldher as she passed me and walked through the office door with passes.
She silently gave me my pass, hugged me, and walked towards our classes. When I arrived inEnglish I tried to put on the sorriest face I could make. The teacher saw me and nodded her headat me to go to my seat while she continued her lecture on Shakespeare.Even though English was my favorite class I couldn't concentrate on anything. The night beforelast just kept creeping back into my mind as hard as I tried to concentrate on the book in front of me. I sighed a breath of relief when the bell rang for the next period. I walked out the classroomdoor and took a deep breath.I stumbled through the hallway trying to avoid bumping into people. Being surrounded by somany people scared me for some reason. It was as if they were all against me and purposelytrying to hurt me. I thanked the heavens that there was only two more periods left until lunch. Ihad been hearing all morning that there were five new students in school. I kept my eyes openfor them in the halls on the way to history.I felt so much pain physical and emotional. I walked into my classroom and instantly headedtowards one of the seats in the back. I sat next to a semi-muscular guy with blonde hair. He musthave been one of the new students I heard about.I sat down and began drawing on my note book randomly until the bell rang. I felt somethingland in front of my hand so I looked up and saw a note. I looked around the room trying to figureout who it was from. I opened it up and read:
Why did you run out of my house like that yesterday Baby? I was just getting ready for round two. I guess I was just too much for you but I know you loved it. How bouts we meet up againand have some fun? ;) And if you tell anyone about our little exchange I'll make sure you personally pay for it.
 I practically puked right there in my mouth after reading Mike's note. I was gaping at the noteand it must have been really noticeable because the new student next to me turned and looked atme with this pained expression.I turned away from him and hid behind my hair making a curtain between us. About half waythrough the class while we were grouped off doing work the new student turned toward me andstarted talking."Hello my name is Jasper. Are you okay? You seem disturbed." I jumped at the suddenmovement towards me and acted like it never happened. "Um yeah," I said quickly making up anexcuse in my mind, "I was just thinking about something, oh and my name is Bella." I told himgiving him a slight smile.

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