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Words of Shree Anandamayi Ma

Words of Shree Anandamayi Ma

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Published by Ashutosh Kumar

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Published by: Ashutosh Kumar on Jul 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Head office
Published by:
Shree Shree Anandamayee Sangha.Head Office: Kankhal, Hardwar, 249408All rights reserved.Centenary edition May. 1995
Printed at:
Ratna Printing Works, Kamachha. Varanasi.
Words of Shree ShreeAnandamayi MA
This book contains a selection from Sri Anandamayi Ma’s replies to oralquestions, recorded at meetings of large and small groups. They havebeen arranged, not in chronological order but, as far as possible,according to subjects. The simpler ones have been put first. They dealwith meditation, the spiritual path and Self-realisation; with a greatvariety of problems - practical, philosophical, and metaphysical asencountered by seekers after Truth at various stages of their quest.In her replies SRI MA responds exactly to the inquirer’s capacity tounderstand, his specific disposition and line of approach. She throwslight on every question from many different standpoints. In fact, in herutterances we find united every creed and philosophy, every school of thought and method of 
-- yet she stands above and beyond them all.It has been said of her that she has the right word, a the right time, in theright manner, for every seeker after Truth, be he a believer in any faith oran agnostic, an intellectual or an artist, a scholar or an illiterate, abeginner or highly advanced on the path. Just as the earth provides foreach plant the substance necessary for its growth, even so does SriAnandamayi Ma guide every aspirant, according to his uniqueness andhis need at any particular moment. Her replies are not mind-made.She has often declared unequivocally that he does not talk to ‘another.’For her, everything is the One Supreme Being, who manifests in infinitediversity, yet at the same time is beyond expression and limitation,formless, immutable, inconceivable. In THAT there is no room fordistinctions, although on our level they do exist. Questions are askedfrom the standpoint of the individual, but the true answer lies beyond theego-mind where no separation, no divergence of opinion exists, and SRIMA gives it expression.
The recorder of the discussions, Brahmachari Kamal Bhattacharjee,well-known as ‘Kamalda’ to all devotees and visitors of the
Anandamayi Ashram, met SRI MA first n Dacca in 1926, andkept in touch with her ever since.In 1942 he joined the Ashram and he came one of its most devoted andprominent workers. Gifted with a keen intelligence and a great thirst forreal Knowledge, he conceived the intense desire to record SRI MA’sexact words, since he was convinced that they emerged spontaneouslyfrom depths to which ordinary human beings have no access. For hisown study and enlightenment, he took it upon himself to note down,whenever he got the opportunity, SRI MA’s words as he heard themuttered. Notwithstanding his numerous duties as the Joint Secretary of the Shree Shree Anandamayee Sangha, the manager of the BenaresAshram, etc., as soon as he got to know that SRI MA was replying toquestions, he would at once leave the work in hand, and hasten to thespot where the discussion took place.In the stillness of night he used to make fair copies of his records,pondering over the profound significance of what he had heard andwritten down. Often the dawn would remind him that he had spent thebest part of the night in this delightful mediation. In his eagerness topreserve SRI MA’s utterances in their original purity and with thegreatest possible precision, he soon developed a technique of his own.He might have missed a word here or there, but he never missed thepoint of what was being said. If, for some reason, he was prevented fromrecording a part of the conversation, he felt it as an acute personal loss.But on many such occasions, he would later, to his great delight, hearSRI MA explain the same point to someone else, thereby elucidating thepart of the conversation he had missed. Not only Kamalda, but manyothers who have come into contact with SRI MA, have found theirquestions answered by SRI MA before they were put to her.SRI MA sometimes says about her own person: "This body is like amusical instrument what you hear depends on how you play." Thewonder is that it responds even to silent playing To mention a strikingexample: one night at Purl, a discussion occurred on the seashore. To hisutter dismay, Kamalda was unable to note down anything, since therewas no light. Soon after, however, he found SRI MA covering the entiresubject matter in practically the same words, and was able to take downthe whole of it. It is one of the most inspiring talks (‘TWENTY.FIVE’ in

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