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Speak Reading Quizzes

Speak Reading Quizzes

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Published by Mrs. P
Teacher edition of the quizzes for Speak
Teacher edition of the quizzes for Speak

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Published by: Mrs. P on Jul 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Speak Reading Quizzes
Marking Period:
1.What is the setting of this story?Merryweather high2.Who is the PROTAGONIST, or main character, of this novel?Melinda Sordino3.How does our protagonist communicate with her parents? Notes on the fridge.4.What happens to the protagonist in the lunchroom?She is hit with mashed potatoes, gets in trouble with Mr. Neck 5.What assignment does Mr. Freeman (the art teacher) give his students?To take a piece of paper and they must figure out how to represent the item on the paper artistically.6.What ‘safe place’ does our protagonist find at school while escaping Mr. Neck?An abandoned Janitor’s closet.7.Why won’t Melinda’s friends talk to her anymore? Why is everyone so mad at her?She called the cops at a party at the end of summer.8.Who are “The Girls Who Have It All”?Cheerleaders.9.Describe Heather in 2 sentences:She is very organized and determined. She likes to set goals, belong to clubs, andmake friends.10.How does the protagonist react when her parents tell her she can’t go trick-or-treating?She pretends to be upset but really she doesn’t care because she didn’t haveanyone to go with anyway.11.What does the protagonist’s room say about her? How does your room express whoyou are?Her room shows that she’s a follower, she didn’t really decorate her room on her own and it doesn’t really express who she is. 2
part, opinion.12.Who are “The Martha’s”? What are they like?They are a group that Heather decides to join. They dress perfectly and docommunity service.13.Our protagonist mentions “IT” at the end of the chapter. Who or what do you think isIT? Why does IT make her so upset?Opinion.14.When our protagonist describes “The First Ten Lies They Tell You in High School,”why does she feel they are lies?Because she feels that none of it is actually true—she feels that no one cares abouther and she hates high school, so she won’t really remember this fondly yearsfrom now.15.PREDICT: What do you think will happen next in the novel?Opinion.
Marking Period:
1.Which author gets banned from Melinda’s library? She hangs a poster of this author in her janitor closet:Maya Angelou2.What does David Petrakis do in Mr. Neck’s class and why does it stun everyone?He challenges Mr. Neck, then protests the class and walks out.3.Explain, in a few sentences, what happens at Melinda’s house on Thanksgiving:Her mom forgets to thaw the turkey, then tries a few different ways to thaw it. Her mom has to go to work and her dad hacks it up with a hatchet, then tries to maketurkey soup. He finally gives up too and they order pizza.4.What does David Petrakis do in Mr. Neck’s class in order to document “potentialfuture violations”?Brings a tape recorder, then a camera, to document his teaching.5.What is the new mascot of Merryweather High?The Wombats.6.What is her favorite present that Melinda receives for Christmas from her parents?A sketchpad and charcoal pencils.7.Why does Melinda faint while dissecting frogs in biology class? What does it remindher of?It reminds her of her rape.8.Who or what causes Melinda to throw up after lunch?IT. Andy Evans, the one who raped her.9.Melinda is actually pretty decent at what sport?Basketball.10.What does Mr. Freeman do to his picture?He rips it apart with a chisel.11.Melinda could best be described as _____________, due to her negative outlook onlife.B.Pessimistic12.Melinda is the _____________________ or main character of the story.A.Protagonist13.Andy Evans could be considered the ______________________ because he isworking against the main character of the book.B.Antagonist14.The point of view from which the story is told is _____________________.A.First Person15.“She stood in front of the altar, shaking like a freshly caught trout,” is an example of a ____________________.B.Simile
Third Marking Period
1.Why does the author purposefully misspell some words, like “additood” (meaningattitude)?She’s trying for an authentic 9
grade voice, sometimes showing that Melinda issarcastic and mocking things.
2.Why does the author capitalize certain words or phrases, like My Lab Partner?The author capitalizes certain words or phrases for emphasis, to show thatsomething needs to stand out or is important.3.When Melinda cuts school, where does she go?The mall.4.What does Melinda compare the Mall to?a.Milk in the refrigerato b.God
c.Both A and B
d.None of the above5.How does the English class get punished for Rachel/Rachelle speaking up aboutsymbolism? What does Melinda learn about speaking up?They have to write an essay on symbolism. Melinda thinks that you get punishedif you speak up.6.What does Heather tell Melinda at lunch? How does Melinda react to this news?Heather doesn’t want to be her friend anymore because Melinda is depressed.Melinda is actually kind of upset.7.Who gives Melinda a card on Valentine’s Day?A.David PetrakisB.Andy Evans
C.No one8.While at the hospital, Melinda says, “There is nothing wrong with me. These arereally sick people, sick that you can see.” What does she mean by that statement?How might Melinda be ‘sick’?Because she is sick inside, in her head. She feels bad for being able to see their troubles and pain so obvious and out there.9.What happens between Andy and Melinda during In-School Suspension?Andy blows in her ear.10.What art movement started by Pablo Picasso helps Melinda to start drawing better trees?Cubism.11.What does the word “conundrum” mean?12.What does the word “wistful” mean?13.What does David invite Melinda to do? Why does she say no?Come to his house for pizza. She’s too scared to say yes, she’s afraid something badwill happen.14.We finally read about Melinda’s rape at the end of the marking period. Why do youthink the author waited so long to write about that night?So we would see how that one night has affected her, even months later. So thatwe could learn about Melinda first before learning about what happened.15.What do we learn about that night that we didn’t know before?That Melinda was a little drunk, that after she called the cops Rachel slapped her.
Speak Fourth Marking PeriodPages 141- 198

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