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(eBook) - Dr Jan Pajak - Advanced Magnetic Propulsion Systems - Part 3

(eBook) - Dr Jan Pajak - Advanced Magnetic Propulsion Systems - Part 3

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Published by cleverized

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Published by: cleverized on Jun 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Internet copy
(UFOs, Magnocraft, Free Energy Devices)Part 3The Evidence Confirming the Validityof the Theory of the MagnocraftbyDr Jan Pajak
Scientific MonographDunedin, New Zealand, 1990ISBN 0-9597698-9-7 © 1990 by Dr Jan Pajak
, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Master ofEngineering, Engineer (Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland).Title:"
 Advanced Magnetic Propulsion Systems
"(UFOs, Magnocraft, Free Energy Devices).Editorial data: Monograph, 1st New Zealand edition, ISBN 0-9597698-9-7,Dunedin, 1990.Copyright © 1990 by Dr Jan Pajak.Allrights reserved. Copying, transmission, or storing of this monographis subject to the following conditions:#1. A facsimile (copy) of this copyright page must also be includedwithany copy made of either part or all of this monograph, if this copyisto be used independently from other texts. In the case of incorporatinga copy of this monograph into another text, information on the author,title, and editorial data must also be included.#2. For all non-profitable purposes (e.g. studies, education,research, etc.) this monograph can be copied, transmitted, or storedwithout restrictions, providing that the copies are distributed (oraccessible) free of charge, or for the reimbursement of costs only.#3. There are no restrictions on the inclusion of brief quotationsfromthis monograph in a review, private studies, research, or criticism,providingthat in any such a quotation the authors contribution is fullyacknowledged(i.e. author, title, editorial data, and page number, of thismonograph are stated).#4. For purposes involving financial profit (e.g. reprinting injournals, books; presentation in TV programmes; etc.), no part of thismonograph may be reproduced in any form or by any means without priorpermission in writing from the author.National Library of New Zealand Copyright Deposit No.: PO # 00-017004.Publishedin Dunedin, New Zealand, 9 October 1990. A private edition bythe author.Dateof distribution (printing) of this copy: 27 November 2000. (Notethatin case of having access to several copies of this monograph, it isrecommended to read the copy which has the latest date ofdistribution/printing.)This monograph is available from Internet through addresses:<http://ufo.zakopane.top.pl>,<http://ufo.zakopane.top.pl/index2a.htm>,<www.ufo.hg.pl>.It can also be accessed through links from the followingWeb sites: <totalism.50megs.com>, <www.kki.net.pl/~ufo-album>,<http://www.hkpm.org.pl>.Contacts with the author of this monograph:- All correspondence should be addressed to:Dr Jan PajakP.O. Box 284Timaru 8615New Zealand.- E-mails: <jpajak@zfree.co.nz> or <jpajak@poczta.wp.pl>.
3CONTENTS of ISBN 0-9597698-9-7PageABOUT THE AUTHORA.INTRODUCTION A-1A1. The organization of this monograph A-1A2. Reference to resource publications A-1A3. This monograph formally proves that UFOs do exist A-2A4. How to read this monograph A-3A5. The history of this monograph A-4A6. The aims of this monograph A-5A7. Sponsorship for the building of theOscillatory Chamber is sought A-5A8. Constructive criticism as a motive force for thefurther development of the Theory of the Magnocraft A-7A9. Milestone Journal articles by the author A-7PART 1: THE PHILOSOPHICAL FOUNDATIONSB.THE PERIODIC PRINCIPLE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF PROPULSION SYSTEMS B-1B1. Everything in our environment, including the formulationof inventions, is governed by appropriate laws B-2B2. The basics of propulsion B-2B2.1. The working medium B-3B2.2. The primary requirement for buildinga controllable propulsion system B-4B3. The content of the Periodic Principle B-4B4. The first generation of the magnetic propulsion systems B-6B4.1. The Magnocraft B-7B4.1.1. The general design and componentsof the Magnocraft B-7B4.1.2. Flight control B-8B4.1.3. The specifications of the Magnocraft B-9B4.2. The second motor-propulsor pair in the firstgeneration of magnetic propulsion systems B-9B5. Three successive generations of magnetic propulsion systems B-10B5.1. How the "omnibus trend" should culminate in threeconventions of the Magnocraft's operation B-10B6. Second generation of magnetic propulsion systems,operating in the telekinetic (teleportative) convention B-12B6.1. Phenomenon utilized in the second generationof magnetic propulsion systems B-12B6.1.1. Action of the Telekinetic Effect explainedby the Concept of Dipolar Gravity B-13B6.1.2. Summary of the Telekinetic Effectactivated technologically B-16B6.2. Telekinetic power-stations (or "free energy devices") B-17B6.2.1. Periodic Table postulating the futurecompletion of telekinetic power-stations B-18B6.2.2. Review of the main types of telekineticpower-stations built so far B-20B6.2.3. Future directions in utilization of theTelekinetic Effect B-26B6.3. Teleportation Vehicle as the Magnocraftof the second generation B-28B7. Third generation of the Magnocraft (Time Vehicles) B-32C.EVEN IF ANTIGRAVITY EXISTED, MAGNETIC PROPULSION WOULD STILLREMAIN THE ONLY FEASIBLE ALTERNATIVE FOR SPACECRAFT

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