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Published by JamesRink

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Published by: JamesRink on Aug 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Alien Mind
The Thought and Behaviorof Extraterrestrials
By George LoBuono 
Table of Contents
Signs of the Times 3A Critical Threshold 5How Aliens View the Universe 11When the Cosmic-scale Meets the Micro-scale 24How Aliens View Us 36Interactions Between Aliens 39Alien Communities and Hyper-dynamics 44Large-scale Disagreements 49A Universal Standard? 56A Mega-Population Problem Case 57Our Pending Merger with Andromeda 67A More Alien-like Model of Mind 80Hyperversals: a New Category of Aliens? 86Extending a Universe Cycle 100How to Locate Aliens and “See” their Electrogravity 103Within a Hyper-Advanced Alien Community 110Hyper-Advanced Alien Behavior 130A Most Singular Limitation 133A More Evolved Humility 139A Second Depth of Awareness 142Frustrated AliensImpulses 144Surviving the New Technologies 146Further Dangers of Electrogravity 150The Negative Cycle Mindscape 153Mega-Populations 155Eliminating the Troublemaker Gene 163Averting an Over-reaction to Aliens 169Crime in Alien Societies 175The Notion of Physicality 179A Hyper-advanced Problem Case 189An Advanced Alien Case Study 197A Test of Higher Mind 212Do Aliens Sleep? 215Are Aliens Religious? 216Ultimate Implications 219*How to Contend with Aliens During Direct Interactions 2222
References 237
Signs of the Times
"I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed byany power on Earth." --President Harry Truman, April 4, 1950 White House pressconference."For the next two or three days the saucers passed over the base daily. Sometimesthey appeared in groups of four, other times as many as sixteen. They could outmaneuverand outflank us seemingly at will. They moved at varying speeds--sometimes very fast,sometimes slow--and other times they would come to a
stop as we zoomed pastunderneath." --Astronaut Gordon Cooper, describing his first direct encounters withUFO's while serving as a military pilot in Germany.
 Leap of Faith
, GordonCooper’s autobiography, p. 91)“It was a four-foot human shaped figure with arms, bizarre-looking four-fingeredhands… and an oversized incandescent lightbulb-shaped head… pale gray skin…. Butthe eye sockets themselves were oversized and almond shaped and pointed down to itstiny nose, which didn’t protrude from the skull.” --Eisenhower White House NationalSecurity Council staff member Col. Philip J. Corso describing dead aliens he saw in glasscontainers en route from Roswell, NM to Wright Field in Ohio. From Corso’s 1997 book 
The Day After Roswell
, p. 32."These (gray aliens) were living, breathing creatures, just as mortal as you and I.They had feelings, they had families. They had a cultural society. The one thing theydidn't have was hate, hostility. They had anger, from what I observed--and I don't knowhow to explain it better than stating--it was an intellectual anger. They could not...comprehend how a species such as us, that had such great potential to do such wonderfuland marvelous things, could do such horrible and nightmarish things to one another."--Master Sgt. Clifford Stone, ret., who testified that he encountered "gray" aliens whileworking in a US Army unit that retrieved crashed extraterrestrial vehicles. (from Stone’scassette Insider: In His Own Words, Global View Communications 2001)."I suspect that we have, indeed, been contacted--perhaps even visited--byextraterrestrial beings, and the US government, in collusion with the other nationalpowers of the earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public."3

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