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Voortgangsrapportage Nog Tien Weken ENGELS

Voortgangsrapportage Nog Tien Weken ENGELS

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Published by Annemieke Jansen

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Published by: Annemieke Jansen on Sep 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Commissioner for Bonaire, SintEustatius and SabaH.G.J. KampKralendijk, August 3, 2010
Progress report Ten weeks to go
On December 7th 2009, I submitted my first progress report “Halverwege”(“Halfway”). With the date of October 10
2010 approaching on which thebeautiful islands of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba will become part of TheNetherlands, I am presenting you my second progress report “Nog tienweken” (Ten weeks to go).I hope that this progress report will show that in the offices of the Dutchcentral government on Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba great effort is put inby the “kwartiermakers” of the Ministries, the staff of the RSC and themembers of my staff. We are doing so with the conviction that the EuropeanNetherlands and “our” three Caribbean islands can be of added value foreach other.It is with great pleasure that I would like to express my appreciation for thegovernment officials and the civil servants of the three islands.Representatives of all the Dutch Departments are working on Bonaire, SintEustatius and Saba on a total of 96 projects, with the ambition to realizethose within a short period of time. This puts unprecedented pressure onthose who carry the political and public responsibility on the islands. Theircooperation and commitment are, after all, pivotal for the success of theseprojects. Nevertheless, we are constantly met in a constructive manner.
 Division of Tasks
In April 2010 proved possible to reach an agreement with the ExecutiveCouncil of Bonaire regarding the division of government tasks between theIsland Government and the Netherlands and regarding some other issues.This was reflected in a policy agreement. The agreements reached withBonaire concerning the division of tasks are in line with the agreements thatwere reached before with the Executive Councils of Sint Eustatius and Saba.
It was a good thing that the fall of the Cabinet in February 2010 did notcause delays in the effecting of the laws for the constitutional reform of theNetherlands Antilles. You were given consent by the Lower and UpperHouse (Tweede en Eerste Kamer) for the organic BES laws and theConsensus Kingdom Acts. After the summer recess still, several specificlaws will be handled by Parliament.Time is becoming of the essence since it is the intention that these laws enterinto force on January 1, 2011. This applies specifically to the fiscallegislation. Public island officials, entrepreneurs and individuals haveexpressed their concerns to me regarding the current lack of clarity in thefiscal field. Five months before the end of the year, it is unknown whichfiscal regulations will have to be taken into account in the new year. I sharethese concerns and hope that the required clarity can be given soon.
The set up of the Regional Service Center, the organization of the Dutchgovernment on Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, is in full swing. The RSCrenders services to Dutch departments in the fields of personnel, finance,ICT, facilities (including housing) and communication to the DutchDepartments. After all, considering the small scale of the three islands it isnot efficient to implement these tasks separately per Ministry.The point of departure is that all departments utilize the RSC and that thecosts will be passed on. Up till January 1
2011, the generic costs will be forthe account of the Ministry of The Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK).After that, costs will be passed on based on an allocation formula. Based ona product and service catalogue, the RSC will reach service level agreementswith the Departments.The RSC will be directed by BZK, while the other Ministries – associated ina council of principals – will have an advising role.
The RSC will become the employer of all Kingdom civil servants on theislands of Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius. In total this covers about 600full-time placements for which the Departments have prepared the so- calledorganization and staff establishment reports. The unions have assented tothese reports and the departments have been working on the furtherexecution.From the country Netherlands Antilles and the three islands about 400 civilservants will be transferring, who will be appointed as BES civil servants of the RSC as per October 10, 2010.A recruitment campaign has been started to fill the remaining (circa 200)vacant positions also as per transition date. The recruitment of new staff isespecially aimed at individuals who reside in the Netherlands Antilles orwere born here and currently live in the Netherlands. It has become evidentthat it’s not easy to find suitable candidates for the vacant positions, albeitbecause the build-up of the Dutch government should not be at the expenseof the staffing of the island governments.The bigger departmental units will get and/or keep their own housing on thethree islands. One can think of e.g. the tax authority, police, fire departmentand customs. Smaller departmental units will most likely be accommodatedin the RSC – offices. This will be the case particularly on Sint Eustatius andSaba. On Bonaire the RSC office space is too small to accommodate all staff members. With the rental of additional space, the required space has beenprovided for the current year. This summer still, the mid-term housing needsand requirements and how to best address these will be determined.On Sint Eustatius the RSC office capacity will be expanded to 18workstations. Since the current office is for temporary purposes, theGovernmental Buildings Agency (Rijksgebouwendienst) is looking into longterm options.On Saba recently, a new building has become available with a total of 15workstations, the Antique Inn. This characteristic building will – hopefully –still be festively inaugurated by you this month (August).
Within the RSC staff a communication team of 4 individuals has recentlystarted under management of a “kwartiermaker”. The “kwartiermaker” has

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