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Table Of Contents

1 Requirements
1.1 General Requirements
1.2 Memory Requirements
1.3 Performance
1.4 Portability
2 Concepts
2.1 Specification and Execution of Programs
2.1.1 Compiling and Linking
FIGURE 2.1 Hello.o Structure
FIGURE 2.2 libc.a Structure
FIGURE 2.3 Hello Structure
2.2 Loading and Execution of Programs
TABLE 2.1 Execution of a program
2.3 Preemptive Multitasking
2.3.1 Duplication of Hardware
FIGURE 2.4 Program Execution
FIGURE 2.5 Parallel execution of two programs
2.3.2 Task Switch
FIGURE 2.6 Clock
TABLE 2.2 Duplication of Hardware
FIGURE 2.7 Task Switch
FIGURE 2.8 Shared ROM and RAM
2.3.3 Task Control Blocks
FIGURE 2.9 Final Hardware Model for Preemptive Multitasking
FIGURE 2.10 Task Control Blocks and CurrentTask
2.3.4 De-Scheduling
TABLE 2.4 P() and V() properties
TABLE 2.5 Typical Initial Counter Values
2.5 Queues
2.5.1 Ring Buffers
2.5.4 Ring Buffer with Get and Put Semaphores
3 Kernel Implementation
3.1 Kernel Architecture
FIGURE 3.1 Kernel Architecture
3.2 Hardware Model
3.2.1 Processor
3.2.2 Memory Map
3.2.3 Peripherals
3.2.4 Interrupt Assignment
3.2.5 Data Bus Usage
FIGURE 3.2 Data Bus Contention
3.3 Task Switching
FIGURE 3.3 Modes and Interrupts vs. Time
FIGURE 3.4 Exception Stack Frame
3.4 Semaphores
3.4.1 Semaphore Constructors
3.4.2 Semaphore Destructor
3.4.3 Semaphore P()
3.4.4 Semaphore Poll()
3.4.5 Semaphore V()
3.5 Queues
3.5.1 Ring Buffer Constructor and Destructor
3.5.2 RingBuffer Member Functions
3.5.3 Queue Put and Get Functions
3.5.4 Queue Put and Get Without Disabling Interrupts
3.6 Interprocess Communication
FIGURE 3.7 Serial Router (Version C)
3.7.1 Channel Numbers
3.7.2 SerialIn and SerialOut Classes and Constructors/Destructors
3.7.3 Public SerialOut Member Functions
3.7.4 Public SerialIn Member Functions
3.8 Interrupt Processing
3.8.1 Hardware Initialization
3.8.2 Interrupt Service Routine
3.9 Memory Management
3.10 Miscellaneous Functions
3.10.1Miscellaneous Functions in Task.cc
3.10.2Miscellaneous Functions in os.cc
4 Bootstrap
4.1 Introduction
4.2 System Start-up
FIGURE 4.1 ??? .DATA and .TEXT during System Start-Up ???
4.3 Task Start-up
4.3.1 Task Parameters
4.3.2 Task Creation
4.3.3 Task Activation
4.3.4 Task Deletion
5 An Application
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Using the Monitor
FIGURE 5.1 Monitor Menu Structure
TABLE 1. Commands available in all menus
TABLE 2. Specific commands
5.3 A Monitor Session
5.4 Monitor Implementation
6 Development Environment
6.1 General
6.2 Terminology
6.3 Prerequisites
6.3.1 Scenario 1: UNIX or Linux Host
6.3.2 Scenario 2: DOS Host
6.3.3 Scenario 3: Other Host or Scenarios 1 and 2 Failed
6.4 Building the Cross-Environment
6.4.1 Building the GNU cross-binutils package
6.4.2 Building the GNU cross-gcc package
6.4.3 The libgcc.a library
6.5 The Target Environment
6.5.1 The Target Makefile
6.5.2 The skip_aout Utility
7 Miscellaneous
7.1 General
7.2 Porting to different Processors
7.2.1 Porting to MC68000 or MC68008 Processors
7.2.2 Porting to Other Processor families
7.3 Saving Registers in Interrupt Service Routines
7.4 Semaphores with time-out
FIGURE 7.1 Task State Machine
FIGURE 7.2 Task State Machine with new State S_BLKD
A Appendices
A.1 Startup Code (crt0.S)
A.2 Task.hh
A.3 Task.cc
A.4 os.hh
A.5 os.cc
A.6 Semaphore.hh
A.7 Queue.hh
A.8 Queue.cc
A.9 Message.hh
A.10 Channels.hh
A.11 SerialOut.hh
A.12 SerialOut.cc
A.13 SerialIn.hh
A.14 SerialIn.cc
A.15 TaskId.hh
A.16 duart.hh
A.17 System.config
A.18 ApplicationStart.cc
A.19 Monitor.hh
A.20 Monitor.cc
A.22 SRcat.cc
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DSP Realtime Operating Systems for Embedded Systems

DSP Realtime Operating Systems for Embedded Systems

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