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Plight of Souls in Heaven_Hawkins

Plight of Souls in Heaven_Hawkins

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Published by S. Bala Dahiya
the creation of the universe was a result of the inevitable laws of physics
the creation of the universe was a result of the inevitable laws of physics

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Published by: S. Bala Dahiya on Sep 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Plight of Souls in Heavenv/s
God did not create the universe: Stephen Hawking
Copy of FIR stolen from the rooms of heaven is hereby forwarded to Mr Prabhu Chawla for seedhi baat with the concerned in case of any failure don’t feel guilty conscious as souls never mind such behaviors residence of planet earth.
London: British physicist Stephen Hawking has said thecreation of the universe was a result of the inevitablelaws of physics and it did not need God's help.In his latest book titled "The Grand Design", Hawkingwrites: "Because there is a law such as gravity, theuniverse can and will create itself from nothing.Spontaneous creation is the reason there is somethingrather than nothing, why the universe exists, why weexist."By IANS -http://www.siliconindia.com/shownews/God_did_not_create_the_universe_Stephen_Hawking-nid-71284.html
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Sir,During our stay on planet earth few emotional black mailers, most of themreligious and political leaders had assured us in their sayings that who so eversacrifices his/her life for the sake of his respective religion sentiments etc. orboundaries of his respective country is called a Martyr. Such noble souls receiveso many noble prizes and ultimately submerge with Almighty God in Heaven.Sir we did the same in the following historical opportunities1947, 1962, 1965, 1971, 1984 riots, 9/11, 26/11, Malegaon blasts.Since then we are badly tired of finding out theirs designed heaven ourdreamland.In those days they used to lift their finger towards the beautiful looking skyfrom our fixed planet earth, as location of heaven, but we are confused to seefrom here that our planet is revolving on its axis and around the sun…………astold by Galileo in 1609 and as accepted by Pope in 1992.
Sir, definitely, we have been cheated. They have forced us to replace ourheaven for hell(never tasted a single drop of water since our departure).So altogether we have decided to disclose the names of the culprits (Mastermind) behind 26/11 and other historical eventsRead them as under1. Blind believers who believe god is one.While Pope him self confirmed the death of god (concept) of bible who soever forced Rama of Ramayan to take birth in Ayodhya and hurt Allah of Kuran inBabri Masjid is the culprit Mandir and masjid still in ICU.Blind belivers who belive in their sayings that god is one but neverwitnessed going to Huj and vice versa unitedly ofcourse2. The culprit is who so ever playing dirty politics on J&K, Jihad, Vande Matram,1984 riots by injecting fear factor of god deep in our sub conscious mind.3. The culprit is the innocent, who is still trying to find out the truth in centuries oldeditions of Bible despite of the confession of Pope from Galileo in 1992.4. The culprit is who so ever is waiting for His 10
incarnation despite witnsingmass killing, by himself, just to finish a singles Ravna and Duryodhna in his 8
 and 9
incarnation respectively.5. The culprit is the common sense of the common man who believe in theirssayings that no body has ever seen god bu agrees as Lord Rama and lordKrishna as his 8
and 9
incarnation respectively.6. The culprit is who so ever believes that descending from heavens, on the reqestof ved vyas, Ganesha son of lord shiva composed all the four Vedas in dwaparyug those were already well known to ravna of treta yug just 432000 yearsearlier…. Were simply rewritten in the language Sanskrit 300 BC( see origin oflanguage).7. The culprit is who so ever converted 27 nakshtras (phases of moon(a rockcaptured by earths gravitational power as early as 3.75 billion years ago…..NASA) into 27 daughters of daksh Prajapati, a son of lord brahma, and arranedtheirs marriage with moon, forgetting that the common man has already winesedsati, again a daughter of dakhs marrying lord shiva creating the confusion ofrelation between Lord shiva brahma and planet moon….. poor nework8. The culprit is who so ever has honored Obama(Don of weapon sellingcompanies) with noble peace prize.9. The culprits are the hit songs like…………watan ki aabru khatre mein, Mera rangde basanti chola, hai………as our planet earth was not as blood spotted duringthe tenure dinasour lived on it.10. I can’t challenge your right o telecast Dharma in the year 2009 International Yearof Astronomy (dedicated to Galileo by U.N.O.) but at the same time no one canchallenge my RTI to ask whether the God of Bible bears any separate identitythan the god of Gita, Kuran and Guru Granth Sahib.There was hardly any compulsion for any POPE to feel any sorry from anydead man who died as early as 400 years ago. There was hardly any need for

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