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David Mcleod Arrest War

David Mcleod Arrest War

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Published by Alan Horn
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arson murder by real estate agent hindsdale nh

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Alan Horn on Sep 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I havebeen an investigator withthe Major Crime Unitor the past 7 years, during which timeI have been involved in over 100 death investigations. I have been a full time certiiedNew HampshirePolice Officer for 18 years. I graduated trom the New HampshirePoliceRecruitAcademy and haveattended numerous advanced Police courses in Homicide investigation, to includeVernon Geberth's Practical Homicide Investigation School andAdvancedDeath Investigation School.I am a certified Police Polygraphist throughthe Pennsylvania StatePolice and North East Counterdrug PolygraphSchool. The actual basisor the issuance of the warrant is based upon information obtained from myown personal knowledge, observations,beliefs,and training and experience and the experience of other law enforcement officialsassigned to this investigation as outlined below.Inadditiontoreviewing police reports andotherinvestigative inf ormation in thecase,beginning in January 2010,I and other members of the New HampshireState PoliceColdCaseUnit have reinterviewedmost of the witnesses who were interviewed aspart of the original investigation. 1)I reviewed reports of Keene police and fireofficialswho responded to the scene oa ireon January14,1989.Fromthose reports I learned the following information: a) KeenePoliceDepartment received a call that there was a fire at 88 High Street in KeeneonFebruary14,1989. Keene police off icerswere the first responders on sceneat 2:27 a.m. Ptlm.Joseph Collins learned from residents on the street that people may still be in thehouse.He entered thehouse and searched apartment#8 but was overcomebysmok e and couldnot searchapartment # 4.The door to apt. #4 was openandOf r.Collins tried to enter the apartment but was overcome by smoke.He yelled"police oficer, is there anybody in here,"but got no response. b)Off icers outsideatthe sceneinformedfirefighters that theybelieved that all residentshad been safelyremoved fromthe building. However,asfire fighters entered thesecond floor toight the fire,they entered apartment #4 and located Carl Hilla (DOB 7 / 13 / 1939) and his wie Lori Hina(DOB 3/2/1962). In the apartment ire fighters also located Carl's 12-year-old daughter Sara lIina (DOB 1 / 26 / 1976)and CarlandLori's 4-month-old baby Lillian I-lina (DOB 9 / 19 / 1988). All four members of theamily were non-responsive.Lori I-Iinaand the two .childrenwere transported toCheshireMedical Center.After initial attempts to revive Lori,Sara,andLillian, all threevictims weredeclared dead at the hospital. Dr.Charles Schofield responded to 88 High Streetand pronounced Carl Hina dead atthe scene.
2) Allof the witness statementsand otherevidence in theeaseindicates thatthefire began in apartment#6, which is where Sandra Walkerlived andwas located on the second loor of 88 HighStreetdown the hall rom theHina family.Within minutes of the tire,residents and visitorsat 88 HighStreet were gathered outside the building. DonAbrams,a visitor at 88High Street, or one of the other residents,asked Walker "What happened?Did you fallasleep with a cigarette?"Walker responded,
guessso." 3)Sandra Walker, who is nowdeceased,was interviewedseveral times by investigators about the origin othe fire.At least two of these interviews werevideotaped. The following is asummary of eachof Walker'sinterviews: a)Walker was interviewed at approximately 10:00 a.m.on January14, 1989. The detective who interviewed her described her as"hung over"at the time of the interview.She stated that she had beendrinking heavily earlier in the night on January13,1989,and went home sometime prior tomidnight and went to sleep. She statcd shewoke uptofind her bed andwall to be engulfed in flames. When Walk er realized thatshe couldnot put out the firealerted hcr stepbrother Bruce Kennedy,whowas in the apartment next door,andlet the building through the ireeseape in her stepbrother's apartment.When Walerwas asked if a gas heater could have been the souree of the fire,she respondedthat she"assume[
that she fellasleep with a cigarette. b)Latcr that same morning after the Fire Marshall investigatorThomas Norton rcached a preliminary conclusion thatthe fire appeared to have started on a couch at theoot of Waler's bed,the detecti ve called Walker and asked her if she had been smoking on the couch before she f ell asleep.Walker statedshe had been sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette before shewent to sleep and that there was anashtray on the floor in front othe couch. c) Del.McLellan interviewedWalk er again on January16,1989, to ask more detailed questions about her observations of the f ire.Walker stated that when she woke up she observedlames on her mattress andtheinside wall next to her bed. She said she did notsee anyother flames.Walkertried to put out the flames on her mattress but could not.Walker stated that the ashtray she used when smoking was onthe floor between the bed andthe couch so that she could reach itfrom eitherlocation. There was ashag rug on the floor inthe apartment.Walkeralso showed Det.McLellan a blister,whichshe said wasa burn,thesize oa small eraser onthe middle fingerof the right hand. d) OnJanuary19,1989,the police re-interviewed Walker inlight
o r
newinf ormation that David McLeod (DaB1/14 / 1956) mayhavebeen responsibl~ forsta11ingthe fire.Walertold thepolice thefollowing information during that interview: i) She went to a partyat EdBussieres in the late aternoon and hung
with thepeople there. Shehad afew drinksthere.She stayed until about 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. when she left tovisit LindaColburn. She had some Sarnbuca to drink at Colburn's andleft because Colburn told her togo homeand goto bed.
this point,Walker was"pretty buzzed." She hadhad more to drink than usual. This was between 11:00p.m.and 12:00 a.m. ii) She entered her apartment and unlocked thedoorwith her keybecause the apaliment was locked. Butwhen she got intotheapartment, she is not sure whether shelocked thedoor again.She would also leave the window bythe fire escape open because itwas difficult to regulate theheat in the apartment. Anyone could come up the ire escape and comeinto Wanda's apartment. iii) Walker got ready for bedright away.She assumes she sat down on the couch to tak eoff her pants becauseshe rememberedseeing her pants at the end of  the couch when she firstnoticed the lames af tershe woke up. She said that when she got home fromColburn'sshe "passed out" pretty quickly. iv) Walker told thepolice that she had no specific memoryof smoking or even lighting a cigarette in herapartmentwhen she came home from Linda Colburn's on January 13
She stated that she assumed that she was responsible for the firebecause the fire had started in her apartment, she had been drinking,and everyone was accusing her ostarting the fire. Duringthe videotaped interview,Walker showed the policea burn on her middle finger of her right hand.The burnis about hal-waydown the finger.Shehad no memory owhen or howshe got thatburn. v) She woke up and saw theflames but hasnoideawhatcaused herto wake up. Shetried to pattheflames out withher bare hands but theywere in all different spots.It causedthe flamesto get bigger as if she was fanning the flames. She jumped upand startedscreaming and pounded on the wall to the apartment nextto her.She ran to thebathroomto get water.When she turned around therewerelameseverywhere and sherealized thatshe couldn't put them out soshe left andwarned theother residents. vi) She went into the hallway and started screaming. Her stepbrother Bruce came out of an apartmentacross from theHina's apartment.She then fled from the building andwent toAurea Parker's apartmentacross the street. e)On January21,1989,Sandra Walker was interviewed a fourth time on video in thepresence of Fire Marshall investigator Tom Norton and AAG Peter Beeson. Using a diagram on a whiteboard, Walker narratedand marked her different actions and observations.Her account ofthe fireand her actions is largely consistent with her interviewon January 19, 1989. She didsay that her eyeswere not burningand the roomwasnotsmok e-filled when she stood up after first noticing the flames.Shewas not coughing or chok ing.She alsodid not feel any intenseheat when she stoodup. She noted thatthe smoke detector started to go off atersheopened herdoorand went into the hallway. 4) LindaColburn provided the police the following inormation:S~lndyWalk er had spent the eveningof January13th with Linda Colburn. Walker arrived at Colburn's apartment around 9:30 on January 13
WhenWalk erarrived,she had a"minor buzz on." (In a later interview Colburn said that Sandywas"drunk "when she arrived at

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