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Night Girl

Night Girl

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Published by Chino Fernandez
Another short story (well, it's longer than most, actually) about a vampire girl.
Another short story (well, it's longer than most, actually) about a vampire girl.

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Published by: Chino Fernandez on Sep 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Carlos F. Fernandez III6000 words47 Matimpiin St., Pinyahan, Quezon City1100 Metro Manila, Philippines(632) 4341008techtor@edsamail.com.ph
NIGHT GIRLBy Chino FernandezA knife suddenly gleamed in front of Jemma. “Well, well, what do we havehere, boys? Pretty white bitch, this one,” said the gaunt, Hispanic facebehind it.Two men came from behind him and stood on either side of her, both ofimmense size and clad in dark sleeveless shirts and denim shorts like theone in front of her. Another one came behind her, blowing coldly on thewhite nape under her raven ponytail. “She isn’t ticklish. I think she’ll beeasy to handle.”“I think she’ll have fun,” said the one to her left, raising a hand.“Come here pretty bitch...”The gaunt man in front slapped the hand aside.“Hey! What you do that for, Brank?”“Who’s the boss, you big lunkhead? Never get ahead of your boss.”The man lowered his hand. “Sorry, boss.”“Good.” Brank turned to Jemma again with a grin. His knife was stilltrained at Jemma’s chin. His other hand made a teasing tug at the hem of
Chino Fernandez/Night Girl/ p. 2
her short A-line skirt. Then his face contorted into a frown. “Not afraid,eh, bitch? Trust me, you’re going to like it. We’re going to fuck you sillytill you scream you love it.” Brank’s hand shot up and took the girl’schin.All this time, Jemma’s face was set in stone. Now she turned up asinister smile.Brank’s eyebrow arched. “So you’re enthusiastic about it, huh? Well,that’s good. You can enjoy being fucked by us, you know.”“On the contrary...” said Jemma, the men’s expressions changing atthe deep and strangely echoing tone of her voice. “What I’ll be enjoyingwill be beating the crap out of you dickheads.”Her fists suddenly shot upward and punched the two big men besideher, sending them into the air and slamming into the walls of the alley oneither side. They fell to the ground unconscious. The man behind broughtout a knife but Jemma’s leg swung backwards and up and hit his crotch withone of her three-and-a-half inch Louis Vuitton pumps before he could move.As he fell to the ground clutching his groin, Jemma grabbed Brank’s handthat held the knife.The gangster’s eyes widened as his would-be victim’s visage altered.Her eyes glowed green and the folds of her facial skin deepened. “What...what the hell are you?”Jemma’s smile widened to show all her teeth. Her two canines seemedlonger than all the rest. “‘Your worst nightmare’ is too much of a cliche.I’ll just call myself the dark side of conscience.”She then took Brank by the collar and lifted him in the air, crushinghis back against the wall. “Have you been raping women for a hobby, Brank?Well, now that you’ve met me, I guess you will be inspired to find yourselfa new hobby.”
Chino Fernandez/Night Girl/ p. 3
Brank’s knife clattered to the ground. He was trembling withoutcontrol. “Please, don’t... please...”Jemma took one of his hands and sank her fangs into his wrist.**********“Late again, I see.”Jemma pranced from behind the pillar that she had been peeking fromto see if her supervisor was present or not, and if he was not, she couldsneak in without anyone noticing her. Unfortunately, he was there, andJemma never could figure out how he detected her without even looking up.She stepped forward, her hands clinging tightly on her purse that hungnervously in front of her.“Ah, ah... I’m sorry, Mr. Brackman. I really tried to make it...”Brackman glared at her. “Young miss, despite the fact that you arepart of the nightshift crew, you are working on a strict schedule. You arenot at liberty to be flexible with your time. Either you come at seven PMsharp or you will have to find yourself another job. Do I make myselfclear?”“Uh... yes sir.”“Remember that your performance and behavior represents that of thewhole company’s. If one cog is seen to be not working right in the machine,it will cause the entire machine not to work right. Thus, it will have tobe replaced. Now you wouldn’t want to be replaced, would you?”“Yes... I mean no, sir!”Mr. Brackman’s round face sternly nodded. “All right. Report to yourpost then. Either you shape up, girl, or we whittle you out.”Once his eyes affixed themselves on the papers below him, Jemmashuffled around his desk and into the corridor leading to her office.Jemma shared her completely cubicle with a fellow online

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