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Creativity in Advertising Visit Us @ Management.umakant.info

Creativity in Advertising Visit Us @ Management.umakant.info

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Published by welcome2jungle

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Published by: welcome2jungle on Sep 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Words fall short to express my deep sense of gratitude towards the all, who have imparted their valuable time, energy and intellect towards the beautification of my project.

It gives me a great pleasure to present a project study on “CREATIVITY IN ADVERTISING”. This project is my effort to present in a nutshell information about the AD-WORLD mentioning about different aspects of the advertising world.

I present this project study to my college for BMS course which is affiliated to UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI as part of 5th semester. This project has been prepared under guidance of PROF. SWAPNA I also acknowledge this project to my college, our principal MS. ANCY JOSE, our BMS coordinator PROF. MONA BHATIA and my whole college staff.

Lastly, I would always be thankful to all my friends, colleagues and family members whose constructive criticism and unconditional help went long a way in the due course of this project.

“THE CAT IS ON THE MAT,” is not the story.
“THE CAT IS ON THE DOG’S MAT,” now that’s the story.

Advetising is both art and science. The science of advertising is the analyititcal part that we have been looking at up yo this point: setting goals, deciding strategy, choosing among different creativity styles. Some people call this step convergent thinking because the process is to distill lots of information into the core advertising strategy.

What is it that adds sparkle and life to a well-planned and implemented advertising
campaign? It’s th ‘ah’ factor: that brilliantly simple,but inspired creative edge.

In Advertising, the world is flat. Agencies are structure on a linear basis. Campaigns are creating in linear formats. There are all kinds of rails, fences, and obstacles to keep creative thinking linear. Advertising is a big business and ranks among the top industries in the world. The growth of the top advertising industry in any country is in direct relation, its creative senses and talents if the advertising professionals.

The word advertising is derived from the Latin word‘adverto’, that means,“To
turn towards”. Advertising leads to attention towards something i.e. the

advertising message, which is the purpose of advertising and the objective of the advertising Creative Advertising starts with proper creative planning. This includes the conceptualizing of basic ideas totheir final implementation. The ideas are visualize considering basic human motives.

Advertising is nothing but selling ideas. Creative thinking is the sound ground
where one can reap a rich harvest of ideas.

The creative part of advertising is what comes before the potential customers and it is here that the fate of the campaign and consequently of the product sold could be decided.


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