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Cbcpmonitor Vol14 n19

Cbcpmonitor Vol14 n19

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Published by cbcpmonitor
- Cardinal urges military, MILF to lay down arms
- AMRSP calls on Supreme Court to decide on Luisita case
- CBCP renews appeal for Pakistan flood victims
- Vatican to canonize Hijas de Jesus’ foundress
- AFP seeks closer collaboration with Church
- Make hostage investigation report public—bishop
- Cruz refuses to identify Aquino aides in jueteng payoffs
- Cardinal urges military, MILF to lay down arms
- AMRSP calls on Supreme Court to decide on Luisita case
- CBCP renews appeal for Pakistan flood victims
- Vatican to canonize Hijas de Jesus’ foundress
- AFP seeks closer collaboration with Church
- Make hostage investigation report public—bishop
- Cruz refuses to identify Aquino aides in jueteng payoffs

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Published by: cbcpmonitor on Sep 20, 2010
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 Vol. 14 No. 19
September 13 - 26, 2010
Php 20.
Cardinal urges military,MILF to lay down arms
Catholic seminarians hold candles asthey pray for victims of mining-relatedkillings in the country during a vigiloutside the Manila Hotel on Sept. 14where a three-day mining meet isbeing held. PHOTO BY DANNY PATA
Illustration by Bladimer Usi
‘Be a Sign andPromise of Unityand Communion’
Cruz refuses to identify  Aquino aides in juetengpayoffs
 RETIRED Archbishop Oscar Cruz, an anti-gambling crusader who claimed that two ofMalacañang’s most trusted aides are receiving jueteng payola, said he would refuse to answergovernment investigations even if he will besummoned.Cruz said President Benigno Aquino III has
all the powers if he has the interest to nd out
Make hostageinvestigation reportpublic—bishop
AS soon as it’s complete, a Catholic bishopis urging the government to make the inves-tigation report of the bloody hostage takingpublic.Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillosaid the result of the report should be revealedpublicly unlike what happened to the infa-mous Mayuga Report in 2006.
Jueteng / A6Hostage / A6Vatican / A6Luisita / A6AFP / A6Arms / A6
Pope calls new bishopsto a ‘service of love’ inimitation of Christ
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   F   I   L   E   P   H   O   T   O
CBCP renews appeal for
Pakistan food victims
AMRSP calls on Supreme Court to decide on Luisita case
 Vatican to canonize Hijas de Jesus’ foundress
 AFP seeks closer collaboration with Church
MananzanBlessed Candida de Jesus
The News Supplement of Couples for Christ
By Roy Lagarde
THE head of Manila’s RomanCatholic Church called on themilitary and the Moro IslamicLiberation Front to lay downtheir arms before resuming peace talks.
Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales said it isimperative for both parties to stop thearmed offensive when talking aboutpeace and development in SouthernPhilippines.
Continued ghting, he said, would
only complicate the situation insteadof promoting peace in the war-strickenMindanao.“The world has to unlearn the lan-guage of violence,” said Rosales overCatholic Church-run Radyo Veritas.“That’s enough.”
“The ghting has been going on forso long with no clear benet. If one side
wins today, the other will strike back.”Several prelates and peace-orientedgroups have already called on thegovernment and the MILF rebels who
have been ghting for an independent
Islamic state in Mindanao to return tothe negotiating table.Cardinal Rosales also said peace isimportant in uplifting the living condi-tions of Filipinos in the troubled region,whether Christians or Muslims.“Let us unite when peace is the issue,let us unite when cooperation is the is-sue. Let us unite when we are talkingabout progress for all, especially thepoor,” he said.THE Association of Major Re-ligious Superiors in the Philip-pines (AMRSP) has called on the
Supreme Court to issue a nal
resolution on the controversialcase of Hacienda Luisita.Sr. Mary John M. Mananzan,OSB and Fr. Quirico Pedregosa, Jr., OP, urged the Supreme Courtto give out a decision that willrender justice to the farmers andfarm workers of the haciendaowned by President BenignoAquino’s family.In a statement, the AMRSPleadership welcomed the Su-preme Court’s “setting in motionthe case” of the Hacienda Luisitatowards what they described as
a denitive resolution.
The Association said after thepresentation of oral argumentsof the contending parties aboutthe stock distribution optionscheme, they urged the sameCourt “to make use of the factsbased on the records of thecase.”“We denounce the stock distri-bution scheme and we supportthe farmers and farm workers’petition for the revocation ofthe SDO to pave the way foractual land distribution,” thegroup said.They pointed out that any at-tempt to resolve the issue thatdeviates from the actual landdistribution will not put the caseto rest but will only fuel anotherround of peasant unrest in thehacienda.The farmers’ transformationinto stockholders “will not givethem better lives than the actualland distribution,” the superiorsadded.They further explained thatthe farmers “suffered far toolong from the callous resistanceof the landowners to maintaintheir ownership of the land, indefiance of the essence of theagrarian reform law and ofthe moral demands of social justice.”The religious body said theirstand was based on their discern-ment “that the actual distribu-tion of land of Hacienda Luisita
is an issue of national signi
-cance and impact to Philippinesociety” because it is a dispute“that should not just be left to the
corporate ofcers and majority
stockholders of Hacienda LuisitaIncorporated to decide upon.”According to the group, toconsider the issue as “intra-cor-porate dispute” is simply wrongsince it is an issue of nationalinterest because “it is a test caseof the effective implementationof the agrarian reform law in the
THE Catholic Bishops’ of the Philip-pines humanitarian arm is seeking
urgent assistance for ood-stricken
Pakistan.In a statement, Caritas Filipinasmade a public appeal for solidarityand assistance for around 20 million
people affected by ooding.The ooding that began in late July
has claimed an estimated 2,000 livesand about 2 million people homeless.Caritas Internationalis and its af-
liate organizations have expressed
alarm over the food shortage and lackof potable water and medicine as thepotential for disease grows.Manila Auxiliary Bishop BroderickPabillo, Caritas Filipinas national direc-
tor, said the recent ooding unleashedthe worst killer oods in 80 years.
The United Nations fear the deathtoll could still rise as many affectedtowns and villages remain inacces-sible, while disease continue to spreadamong the survivors.Structural damages have exceededUS$4 billion, while wheat crop damagesare estimated to be over 500 Million US
dollars during weeks of ooding.
Anila Gil of Caritas Pakistan saidthe situation of people in evacuationcenters and in affected areas is “get-ting worse.”“In some areas the accessibility isnot easy because the water is still thereand in some areas the water is notgoing down,” Gil said in a telephoneinterview over Radyo Veritas.In Manila, Caritas Filipinas is cur-rently mobilizing aid from charitableinstitutions to provide the immediateneeds of the victims.“The immense destruction and suffer-ing faced by our brethren in Pakistan isan occasion for Christian love and com-passion to shine through,” said Pabillo.“We need your support so that wecan save more lives in Pakistan,” headded. “We need to get our aid tothem very quickly if we are to avoidhealth crisis.”Cash assistance, he said, may be de-posited at the PhilTrust Bank accountof CBCP Caritas Filipinas Foundation,
Inc. with account no. 00320-013778-3.
THE foundress of a congregation ofreligious women dedicated to theeducation of women and youth in thePhilippines will be canonized by PopeBenedict on October 17.Blessed Candida Maria de Jesus,foundress of Hijas de Jesus will be can-
onized together with ve others by Pope
Benedict in solemn rites at the Vatican.Spread in many countries across theworld, the Hijas de Jesus in the Philip-pines has communities and schools inManila, Paranaque, Cebu, Iloilo, Cami-guin and Davao.Blessed Candida was born Juana Josefa
Cipitria y Barriola on May 31, 1845, in the
Basque province of Guipuzcoa, Spain.Illiterate as a youth, Mother Candidaworked as a housemaid to help supporther family.But her poverty did not deter her toa life of piety and virtue, showing herboundless compassion for those moredestitute than herself.At 24, Blessed Candida received amessage from the Blessed Virgin toestablish a congregation for womenNEWLY-appointed Chiefof Staff of the Armed Forcesof the Philippines met withofficials of the CatholicBishops Conference of thePhilippines to discuss pos-sible areas of cooperationbetween the military andCatholic Church’s estab-lishments.Chief of Staff General Ri-cardo David and the CBCPPermanent Council led byits President and TandagBishop Nereo Odchimarthrashed out common areasof concern to foster closerworking relations betweenthe military and Catholichierarchy in a meeting heldSept 13.“We are now craftingour new security programand we would like toconsult with all possiblestakeholders, includingthe Catholic Church,”General David said in aninterview with the CBCP
 Vol. 14 No. 19
September 13 - 26, 2010 
CBCP Monitor
The Russian Orthodox Church calls for same legal status as Catholics in Ireland
 World News
  w  w  w .  s  m  s   j  p  a  r   i  s   h .  c  o  m  w  w  w .  c  a   t   h  o   l   i  c  n  e  w  s  a  g  e  n  c  y .  c  o  m  w  w  w .  a  s   i  a  n  e  w  s .   i   t
ROME, Italy, Sept. 10, 2010—Respond-ing to Lybian leader Muammar Gad-dafi’s call for an Islamic Europe, amissionary priest has warned that thisfuture is possible if the continent contin-ues its denial of its Christian roots andits demographic decline. Returning toChristianity would also solve “the prob-lem of empty cradles,” he added.“The fact is that, as a people, we arebecoming ever more pagan and the
religious vacuum is inevitably lled by
other proposals and religious forces,”commented Fr. Piero Gheddo of the
Pontical Institute for Foreign Missions,
according to Zenit.He said that with the exception of theItalian episcopal conference’s Avveni-re, no newspaper has “seriously takeninto consideration how to respond tothis challenge of Islam, which sooneror later will conquer the majority inEurope.”“The challenge must be taken seri-ously,” continued Fr. Gheddo, who alsofounded the missionary news agencyAsia News. “Certainly from a demo-graphic point of view, as it is clear toeveryone that Italians are decreasingby 120,000 or 130,000 persons a yearbecause of abortion and broken families;while among the more than 200,000legal immigrants a year in Italy, morethan half are Muslims and Muslim fami-lies, which have a much higher level ofgrowth.”
Womb is mostdangerous placefor a child, warnsSpanish bishop
MADRID, Spain, Sept. 10, 2010—BishopDemetrio Fernandez of Cordoba in Spainsaid this week that with the increase inabortions, a mother’s womb “has becomethe most danger place for survival.”During a Mass celebrating Our Ladyof Fuensanta, Bishop Fernandez ex-pressed his concern for the ease withwhich women can obtain abortions,while “they are offered nothing to helpthem continue their pregnancy.”“Women have once again become
victims of a selsh society,” he added,
with “many feeling obliged to carry outthis act which they will regret for therest of their lives.” Bishop Fernandezsaid women must look to Mary, whosewomb “became a holy fountain of lifethat gave birth to Jesus, the savior Son.”The prelate also referred to the constantattacks on religious traditions “in an agein which pluralism is being fostered.”“They cannot hurt us Christians,”he said. “They may take our lives, butnever our faith.”
MOSCOW, Russia, Sept. 13,201—The Moscow Patriarchatehas asked Dublin to change thestatus of the Russian OrthodoxChurch in Ireland and make itsimilar to that of Catholics, nolonger as a “charitable organi-zation”, but a Church in everyrespect.The request, which affects
1,500 people, was made on 8
September during a meeting inMoscow between Irish PresidentMary McAleese and Patriarch
Kirill. It was the rst state visit
to the Russian Federation forMcAleese.“His Holiness raised the issueof granting the Russian Ortho-dox Church a similar status to
Christian church and school set on re in Punjabbecause of the ‘Burn-the-Qur‘an’ proposal
Christianity needed to fll Europe’sempty cradles, missionary priest says
WASHINGTON, D.C., Sept. 13, 2010—TheU.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USC-CB) announced on Monday that they arereleasing a new book on the Holy Father,intended to be “an unprecedented look into
the rst ve years of Benedict’s reign.”“Benedict XVI: Essays and Reections on
His Papacy,” will be released on Sept. 19 bythe USCCB along with Sheed & Ward, an im-
print of Rowman & Littleeld Publishers.
The new book provides a glimpse into thelife and work of the Holy Father and willfeature excerpts from his writings including
reections and quotes, more than 100 full-
color photographs and a resource section.The essays are divided into three parts: Part IPilgrim, Part II Pastor, and Part III Prophet.A press release on Sept. 13 stated thatUSCCB director of media relations Sr. MaryAnn Walsh edited the book, which alsofeatures forewords by King Abdullah II of Jordan and President Shimon Peres of Israel.The new publication also contains articles byVatican Secretary of State Cardinal TarcisioBertone, Cardinal Francis George, USCCBpresident, and John Thavis, Rome bureauchief for Catholic News Service.
“Pope Benedict’s rst ve years reveal a
man who can walk calmly through troubledtimes as he seeks to heal wounds and bringpeople together,” Sr. Mary Ann Walsh noted.“He has faced the searing sexual abuse scan-dal with compassion and moved head-onto meet inter-religious challenges to buildunderstanding among diverse people.”“He has addressed the problems of contem-porary society and highlighted for the worldthe moral implications of environmentalismand the unequal distribution of the world’sresources,” she added. “He has urged thechurch to spread the Gospel both through wit-ness and prayer and through every modernmeans of communication. He is a leader withthe wisdom of years, and a graced theologianwho helps men and women to take their right-ful place in today’s world.”The USCCB announced that promotionswith Borders and Barnes & Noble will takeplace in late September and early Octoberand that the book will be available for pur-chase on Amazon.com or directly from theUSCCB.
USCCB to release new book on Pope Benedict
that of the Catholic Church inIreland.This is a very important goal,”stated Fr. Georgy Zavershinsky,head of communications forExternal Relations Departmentof the Church of the MoscowPatriarchate.The priest explained that theRussian Orthodox parishes inmany Western countries areregistered as charitable com-munities, similar to other smallcommunities or sects. BesidesIreland, this is also the case inBritain.Patriarch Kirill spoke of thesituation of Orthodox parishesin Ireland: “In general, in thetwentieth century there wereseveral waves of emigrationfrom the Soviet Union, and thepeople established themselvesin Western countries, includingIreland.When I talk of these people, Irefer not only to citizens of theRussian Federation, but also tothe Moscow Patriarchate andthe Church of Russia, Ukraine,Belarus and Moldova.Taken together, many of themnow live in Ireland where we
have ve parishes, and some are
very active (e.g., Dublin).The president promised tostart bilateral consultationsbetween ministers to discussthe issue and if necessary be-tween the premier of the two
Vatican Briefng
Vatican Library reopens anew
The Vatican Apostolic Library will be reopened again on Sept.20 after three years of renovation. Library’s prefect, Msgr. Ce-sare Pasini said it aims to be a cultural aid, to offer a glimpse ofthe “great truth about the world of God.” “We not only showscholars and the world what we have done ... but we remodelourselves on this fundamental spirit, on our mission, so thatwe don’t just make it a place to consult books,” he said.
Increased efforts by Catholics, Jews for peace sought
Benedict XVI, in a message to the chief rabbi of Rome, Dr.Riccardo Di Segni, is hoping for the promotion of justice andpeace in the world as Jews mark a string of holidays in Sep-tember including Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot.The pontiff also sought for improved relations between theCatholic and Jewish communities of the world.
Pope prods Brazil bishops to promote unity
The pontiff has called Brazilian bishops to push for dialogueamong Christians in their country, saying that unity is a giftfrom God. Benedict XVI said this on Sept. 10 upon addressingmembers of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil, on
the occasion of their ve-yearly “ad limina” visit to Rome. He
also called for a “healthy ecumenical dialogue in truth” withother Christians in the country.
Sweden’s frst Catholic University praised by pope
Benedict XVI praised Sweden’s first Catholic Universityrecognized since 1477 urging the institution to continue pur-suing divine and human wisdom. The Jesuit-run NewmanInstitute inaugurated the academic year on Sept. 4 in Uppsala.In his message, the pope hopes that this “center of Catholicexcellence” will be portrayed by “the illustrious tradition ofstudy, the impartial pursuit of knowledge in all realms and astrong commitment, both with divine as well as with humanreason.”
Pontiff thanks outgoing Japan ambassador
In a private audience with Benedict XVI on Sept. 2, outgoing Japanese ambassador to the Holy See, Kagefumi Ueno, gotpapal thanks for his help in developments in the Vatican’s re-lationships with the Asian nation. Ueno’s successor, HidekazuYamaguchi, will arrive in Rome at the end of this month.
Build society rooted in truth, Pope tells countrymen
Benedict XVI told his countrymen, through new Germanambassador to the Holy See, Walter Jurgen Schmid, the im-portance of God being personal and that “the constructionof a human society requires faithfulness to truth,” especiallyin the areas of marriage, biotechnology and news reporting.The pope made the call when he received letters of credencefrom Schmid Sept. 6.
Pontiff invites all to emulate example of Capuchin friar
A Spanish Capuchin friar who was known across the city of
Granada, Spain for his simplicity was beatied on Sept. 12.
Pope Benedict XVI invited the faithful to follow his exampleand to love all people, “without exception.” Brother Leopold
de Alpandeire, born Francisco Sánchez Márquez, was beatiedat an aireld near Granada with an estimated 60,000 people
in attendance.countries. Today the RussianOrthodox Church in Irelandhas about 1,500 faithful, out ofa total population of 4,150,000inhabitants.
The words of Kirill conrm
the policy initiated by the suc-cessor of Alexius II towards astrong promotion and strength-ening of the presence of the Rus-sian Orthodox Church abroad,from China to the Caribbean,throughout south-east Asia andEurope. Of note, however, thatin Russia the Catholic Church isnot recognized among the fourofficial religions (Orthodox,Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist)which enjoy a privileged status.
NEW DELHI, India, Sept. 13,2010—Muslim extremists set
re to a Church and to a Chris
-tian school in Punjab in reac-tion to the proposed Qur‘anburning by Rev. Terry Jones, aUS clergyman, in order to com-memorate 9/11, an action helater abandoned but still causedprotests among Muslims andanti-Christian violence.In India, the latter have takena distinctly political and separat-ist tone. The resulting incidentswith police left 11 people dead.The Christian Society Mission
School was set on re this morn
-ing in Tangmarg, near Gulmarg.Rumours had already spreadthat it might be targeted but theauthorities ignored them. When
re ghters tried to the wood-
made church, they were stoppedby a mob. The entire buildingburnt to the ground but studentswere not hurt.However, this was not theonly act of violence. Demonstra-tors also stormed a governmentbuilding and clashed with police.Seven people were killed, includ-
ing a police ofcer. Four more
people died in earlier protests.
“The [church] re was fuelled
by both rumors of an allegedburning of the Qur‘an and thepolitical situation” in the state,Msgr. Peter Celestine, bishop of Jammu-Srinagar, told AsiaNews.“Witnesses said that hundreds ofpeople were on streets yesterdaynight.” From there, they “bargedinto the school building andset it ablaze. Curfew has beenimposed.”Anti-government Islamic pro-tests are commonplace in thestate. At least 70 demonstratorshave been killed by police in thepast three months. The ‘Burn-the-Qur‘an’ issue was just a pretext tovent anti-government feelings.“The proposal to burn theQur‘an’, even though it wasabandoned, created a very tensesituation. Fear and anxiety arewidespread. Christians consti-tute only 0.0014 per cent of thepopulation. So far, we have hadcordial relations with our Mus-lim brothers and the authorities,but this initiative is cause forconcern,” the bishop said.In Punjab last night, an angrycrowd burnt a church and vari-ous cars parked in Loha Bazar inthe city of Malerkotla, SangrurDistrict, a predominantly Mus-lim area, because of Rev. Jones’proposal. The authorities haveimposed a curfew until 6 pmfearing more violence.The Global Council of IndianChristians (GCIC) condemnedthe church burning. For its presi-dent Sajan K. George, “World’sleaders and media” must “showthe same kind of outspoken con-demnation when radical actions,on an equal or larger scale [thanthe abandoned plan to burn theQur‘an], are committed againstpeace-loving Christians. Weplead with the Federal Homeminister of India and the [stateand federal] governments toshow their magnanimity” andcondemn “the mindless violenceagainst Christians in Punjab.”
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 Vol. 14 No. 19
September 13 - 26, 2010 
CBCP Monitor
News Features
  w  w  w .  c  a   t   h  o   l   i  c  n  e  w  s  a  g  e  n  c  y .  c  o  m  w  w  w .  c  a   t   h  o   l   i  c  n  e  w  s  a  g  e  n  c  y .  c  o  m
Pope calls new bishops to a ‘serviceof love’ in imitation of Christ
VATICAN City, Sept. 11, 2010—In ad-vance of Pope Benedict XVI’s trip to the
U.K., the head of the Pontical Council
for Christian Unity has acknowledged“difficulties” in Catholic-Anglicanrelations. However, he said the papalvisit will “strongly affirm the closebonds” between the two church bod-ies. He pointed to Cardinal Newmanas a guide.Speaking in a Thursday statement,Archbishop Kurt Koch said that al-though the September 16-19 visit is the
rst state visit of a Pope to Great Britain,
it recalls Pope John Paul II’s pastoral
visit in 1982. Pope Benedict’s prede
-cessor prayed with the Archbishop ofCanterbury and issued a joint declara-tion inaugurating the second phase of
ofcial dialogue between the Anglican
Communion and the Catholic Church.“Since that time, relations betweenAnglicans and Catholics have beencharacterized by growing warmth andfriendship,” the archbishop commented.He noted that many local communitiesnow share in prayer and practical ini-tiatives and that there are “regular andsuccessful meetings” between Catholicand Anglican bishops.Catholic-Anglican relations possess a
“realistic acknowledgment of difcul
-ties,” he remarked.“The tragic divisions of the Reformationwill resonate particularly when the Popeis in Westminster Hall, where St. ThomasMore was tried for his loyalty to the See ofRome,” Archbishop Koch predicted.Disputes within the Anglican Com-
munion have also created “difculties,”
which in part have been responsiblefor Pope Benedict’s offer of the Angli-can Ordinariate. In the archbishop’sview, these issues must be seen “in thebroader context of the common witnessof Roman Catholics and Anglicans.”This witness will be “most profound-ly symbolized” when Pope Benedictand the Archbishop of Canterburymeet at Lambeth Palace and then kneeltogether in prayer in Westminster Ab-bey before the shrine of St. Edward theConfessor.According to the archbishop, the
beatication of Cardinal Newman is
a “positive moment” for ecumenicalrelations. While Cardinal Newmanconverted to “the fullness of faith” inthe Catholic Church, he was alwaysgrateful to the Church of England asthe instrument of God’s providence inhis life. Newman also acknowledged
the “profound” inuence of Anglican
theologians and clergymen.
The pontical council president cited
as “wholly relevant” the close of Car-
Papal visit to UK will afrm bonds with Anglicans, Vatican ofcial says
Environmentalists urge Aquinoto repeal mining policy
VATICAN City, Sept. 8, 2010—Con
-tinuing his focus on the contribution ofwomen to the Church, Pope BenedictXVI turned a second time to the medi-eval nun St. Hildegard of Bingen, whoselife demonstrates that “women make aspecial contribution to theology.”The Pope gave his general audiencecatechesis this morning in the Paul VIHall, dedicating his teaching to a subject
he began last week with a reection
on St. Hildegard of Bingen, a twelfth-century German Benedictine religious.Speaking on the mystical visionsthat the saint had throughout her life,the Holy Father commented that “theywere rich in theological content.” “Theyreferred to the main events of the his-tory of salvation and use a mainly po-etic and symbolic language,” he noted.“For example, in her best known workentitled ‘Scivias’ (Know the Ways) shesummarized the events of the history
of salvation in thirty-ve visions, from
the creation of the world to the end oftime.”“In the central part of her work shedevelops the theme of the mysticalmarriage between God and humankindwhich came about in the Incarnation,”the Holy Father added.MANILA, Sept. 9, 2010—A Catholicpriest criticized a lawmaker for continu-ing to evade a dialogue with the affectedcommunities on the proposed economiczone in Aurora.Casiguran parish priest Joefran Tala-ban was reacting to a recent consulta-tion on the project but again withoutthe presence of those who are opposedto it.Talaban said Rep. Sonny Angara“broke his word” that he would dia-logue with various stakeholders of theAurora Pacific Economic Zone andFreeport (Apeco) on August 19.The scheduled consultation was
rst discussed during a dialogue with
Angara on June 21 and attended bylocal community leaders of Task ForceApeco at the Institute of Social Orderin Ateneo.Multisectoral representatives, includ-ing Infanta Bishop Rolando Tirona andFr. Edu Gariguez of the National Secre-tariat for Social Action of the CatholicBishops’ Conference of the Philippines,witnessed the event.“None of those opposed to the Apecoand the participants in that dialoguewere invited. APECO lawyers only metwith their allies when they came to Au-rora, not with the affected communitiesand their leaders, even after they prom-ised that they would conduct a multi-MANILA, Sept. 5, 2010—Anti-miningadvocates called on President BenignoAquino to repeal the government’smining policy saying that large-scalemining has not brought the country anyeconomic gain.Alyansa Tigil Mina, an alliance ofvarious organizations opposed to min-
ing, in a press brieng, claimed that not
only it failed to deliver, but the destruc-tive nature of mining has also brought
conicts in affected communities and
destroyed the nation’s ecological bal-ance. Jaybee Garganera, ATM Nationalcoordinator said Aquino should now
fulll his promise of leading the people
to “tuwid na daan” (righteous road) byputting a stop to large scale mining.“If PNoy is really serious in leadingthe way to his ‘tuwid na daan’, then heshould immediately revoke ExecutiveOrder 270-A, and stop the misplacedpriority of the previous administrationin aggressively promoting large-scalemining,” he said.Former President Gloria Arroyosigned the EO in April 20, 2004, amidststrong opposition from local communi-ties, NGOs, indigenous peoples and theCatholic Church.The revitalization of the mining in-dustry has brought numerous cases ofhuman rights abuses amid complaintsof encroachment of ancestral domainsand wanton destruction of environ-ment.“At a time where climate change andnatural disasters endanger the lives andlivelihoods of rural poor, an extractive
Holy Father highlights specialcontribution’ women make to theology
“Even in this brief outline,” he contin-ued, “we see how theology can receivea special contribution from women,because they are capable of speakingof God and of the mysteries of the faithwith their specific intelligence andsensitivity.”The Pope then exhorted all women“who undertake this service to do sowith a profound ecclesial spirit, nour-
ishing their reections with prayer andlooking to the great riches − still partlyunexplored − of the medieval mystical
tradition, especially as represented bysuch shining examples as Hildegard ofBingen.”She was also interested in “medi-cine and the natural sciences, as wellas music,” the Pope noted. “For her,all of creation was a symphony of theHoly Spirit, Who is in Himself joy andcontentment.”“Hildegard’s popularity led manypeople to consult her,” the Holy Fatherrecalled. “Monastic communities, bothmale and female, as well as bishopsand abbots all sought her guidance.And many of her answers remain valid,even for us.”“With the spiritual authority shepossessed, in the last years of her lifesectoral dialogue,” said Talaban.Rep. Angara and Senator Edgardo
Angara authored the RA 10083, which
expands the former Aurora SpecialEconomic Zone (Aseza) coverage from500 to 12, 923 hectares.Aurora Governor Bella Angara-Castillo endorsed the project amidcontentions of affected residents that it
conscates private properties without
due process while violating other na-tional laws on local government, agrar-
ian reform, sheries, and indigenous
peoples’ rights.Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima saidthat the government is losing 3 billionpesos a year per economic zone and thatthere is a need to review the establish-ment of ecozones in the country.CBCP-Nassa chairman and ManilaAuxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillohad earlier joined the call of the Auroraclergy to President Benigno AquinoIII to suspend the operation of Apeco,which is being primed as the third big-gest in the country.“We trust in the sincerity if this gov-ernment to effect promised changesand we hope it starts with upholdingthe wellbeing of the poor and mar-ginalized over the designs of the cor-rupt and powerful politicians behindquestionable legislations,” said Pabillo.
and destructive industry such as large-scale mining should not be a priority ofthe PNoy administration,” the groupstated in a letter addressed to Aquino.ATM pointed out that mining in thecountry is “clouded with transparencyand accountability issues.”“A serious tragedy on the claim of‘responsible mining’ is the cloak ofcorporate concealment that preventcommunities, and even local govern-ment units, to make an informed deci-sion whether to allow mining or not,”claimed Garganera.Since mining companies often invoketrade confidentiality, keeping theircontracts and documents to themselves,Garganera said they are able to go aheadwith their projects despite oppositionand lack of consent from affected com-munities.Giovanni Reyes, Secretary General ofthe Kalipunan ng Katutubong Samahansa Pilipinas (KASAPI) also said govern-
ment ofcials often conspired with min
-ing companies in deceiving them.“Our biggest sadness is that not onlyare our ancestral lands being destroyedby mining that we do not accept, we arevictims twice over, as the mining com-
panies and some government ofcials
have conspired to hoodwink us, byfabricating our free, prior and informedconsent (FPIC),” he said.Garganera said they will continue tomake their voices heard until the miningpolicy is repealed.“This is the only way we know tomake the President listen to his ‘boss-es’,” he said.
Priest slams lawmakerfor evading dialogue on Aurora ecozone
dinal Newman’s “Apologia Pro VitaSua” in which he said that Catholicsin England must have the attitude of“assisting and sustaining” the Churchof England and must work together topreach Christian principles and doc-trines.Cardinal Newman was guidedby “the unchanging witness of theChurch” and not subject to “fashion orconvenience.”“His example encourages Christiansof all traditions to be involved todaywith courage, integrity and faithfulnessto the Gospel in building a society thatwelcomes, nourishes and promotes allits members ... Cardinal Newman rep-resents the great tradition of faith, intel-lectual rigour, and imagination that arethe inheritance of all the British people,”Archbishop Koch concluded, expressinghope that the deeper aspects of the papalvisit will not be obscured in coverage ofthe visit.
VATICAN City, Sept. 11, 2010—addressing a gathering of newbishops on Saturday, Pope Bene-dict XVI said the life of thebishop should be “a service oflove” and a “continual oblationto God.” He told the prelates toimitate Christ in poverty and hu-
mility and to nd strength and
wisdom in the Holy Spirit.The Holy Father met with102 new bishops from missionterritories in 40 countries onSaturday morning in the SwissHall of the Apostolic Palace atCastel Gandolfo, L’OsservatoreRomano reports.The prelates, all of whom havebeen appointed in the last year,are taking part in a seminarpromoted by the Congregationfor the Evangelization of Peoplesto assist them as they begin theirnew ministry.Welcoming their visit to Rometo deepen their knowledge oftheir responsibilities as bishopsand to renew their professionof faith at the tomb of St. Peter,Pope Benedict XVI told the par-ticipants that “the Church placesnot (a) few hopes” in them.He went on to remind them ofsome of their duties to the faith-ful, noting that these are made
more difcult by challenges such
as poverty and persecution. “Toyou,” he said, “awaits the taskof feeding their hope, of sharingin their difficulties, inspiringyourselves in the charity ofChrist which consists of atten-tion, tenderness, compassion, (aspirit of) welcoming, availabilityand interest in the problems ofthe people for whom you aredisposed to give your lives.”In each task, Benedict XVIemphasized, the bishops aresustained by the Holy Spirit,through which they were “con-
gured” to Christ in their ordi
-nations. “In fact,” he added, “theepiscopal ministry is understoodonly starting with Christ, thesource of the single and supremepriesthood, of which the bishopis made participant.”Calling the bishops to imitateChrist the “humble and poor”servant, he said they can remainever close to Him through fre-quent contemplation in prayerand adoration. “The life of thebishop,” he explained, “shouldbe a continual oblation to Godfor the salvation of his Church,and especially for the salvationfor the souls that are entrustedto him.”In this pastoral attitude ofgiving lies the bishop’s “true dig-nity,” the Pope added, explain-ing that it derives from makinghimself the servant of all “to thepoint of giving his own life.”“The episcopate, in fact—asthe priesthood—must not bemisunderstood according tomundane categories. It is a ser-vice of love,” he said.“The bishop is called to servethe Church with the style of Godmade man, becoming ever morefully a servant of the Lord and aservant of humanity.”Referring to their “primaryduty” of announcing the Wordof God while also administeringthe sacraments, the Pope saidthat to be convincing in theirministry, they must “believe andlive what they announce andcelebrate.”Concluding his remarks bynoting that their wisdom andstrength to witness to salvationand peace comes from the powerof the Holy Spirit, Pope Benedicttold the new bishops “He willguide the paths of your episcopalministry.”
Hildegard began to travel,” the Poperecounted. “She was considered to bea messenger sent by God, in particu-lar calling monastic communities andclergy to a life in conformity with theirvocation. Hildegard especially opposedthe German Cathar movement.”
“The Cathars − their name liter
ally means ‘pure’ − supported radical
reform of the Church, principally tocombat clerical abuses,” he explained.
“She reprimanded them ercely, ac
-cusing them of wanting to subvert thevery nature of the Church and remind-ing them that the true renewal of theecclesial community is not obtained bychanging structures so much as by asincere spirit of penance and a fruitful journey of conversion.”“This is a message we must neverforget,” the Holy Father empha-sized.In his concluding remarks, the Pontiffsaid: “Let us always invoke the HolySpirit that He may bring saintly andcourageous women to the Church, likeSt. Hildegard of Bingen, who using thegifts received from God, may make their
precious and specic contribution to the
spiritual growth of our communities.”
Pope Benedict XVIArchbishop Kurt Koch

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