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CBS News Poll: Ohio Frustration, Pessimism and Job Worries (September 28, 2010)

CBS News Poll: Ohio Frustration, Pessimism and Job Worries (September 28, 2010)

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Published by cbsnews
(Source: CBS News)

CBS News/NYT Poll on Ohio voters, Sept. 28, 2010
(Source: CBS News)

CBS News/NYT Poll on Ohio voters, Sept. 28, 2010

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Published by: cbsnews on Sep 28, 2010
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 CBS NEWS/NEW YORK TIMES POLLFor release: September 28, 20106:30 PM EDT
THE STATE OF OHIO: Frustration, Pessimism and Job WorriesSeptember 23-27, 2010
Discontent with the direction in which their state is headed, disappointment withPresident Obama and widespread concern about employment define the current moodof those living in Ohio, a state that has been hard hit by job loss and the recession. 74%are dissatisfied or angry with how things are going in Ohio, and seven in 10 say the stateis on the wrong track.
The poll suggests some frustration with President Barack Obama. 58% say they aredisappointed with his presidency, and 48% say he has not brought much change toWashington D.C., a major promise of his presidential campaign. More specifically,majorities disapprove of his handling of the economy and job creation. Just 12% say hiseconomic policies have helped them.
The primary concern in Ohio is jobs. Two thirds say the state has lost jobs, and amajority thinks those jobs will never return to the state. 35% think the state is in apermanent decline. For about three in 10 Ohioans, the recession has caused personalfinancial challenges and job insecurity.
Republicans in Ohio are more enthusiastic than Democrats about voting this year, andare paying more attention to the campaigns.
Views of President Obama: Disappointment, Lack of Progress on Jobs
Most Ohio residents do not see the President as making progress on the issue that mattersmost to them – the economy and jobs. 61% say President Obama has not made progress fixingthe economy, while 54% say he does not have a clear plan for creating jobs.
President Obama has…
Yes NoMade progress fixing the economy 32% 61A clear plan for creating jobs 37% 54And few see any personal gains from the President’s economic programs; 66% say hisprograms have had no effect on them personally. 20% think they have been hurt by thosepolicies, while just 12% think they have been helped.
How Have Obama’s Economic Programs Affected You?
Total Reps Dems IndsHelped 12% 2% 22% 10%Hurt 20 33 9 20No effect 66 65 67 67
 Ohio residents are divided in their assessment of President Obama’s job performance – 43%approve of how the President is handling his job overall and 47% disapprove. But they are morenegative in their assessments of how the President is handling the economy and jobs. 55% ofOhioans disapprove of the way President Obama is handling the economy, and six in 10disapprove of how he’s handling job creation.
Obama’s Approval Ratings
The Economy Job CreationApprove 43% 38% 34%Disapprove 47 55 59In 2008 President Obama won the Ohio vote and the presidency with a campaign that stressedchanging the way Washington worked, but Ohio residents are divided as to whether or not hehas accomplished this. 49% of Ohio residents think he has changed Washington at leastsomewhat, but nearly as many – 48% - do not think he has changed Washington much or at all.
How Much Has Obama Changed Washington?
Total Reps Dems IndsA lot 9% 9% 12% 8%Some 40 24 60 35Not much/not at all 48 66 25 55And perhaps as a result, a majority of Ohioans – 58% - say they are at least somewhatdisappointed in the Obama presidency so far, including three in 10 who are very disappointed.Fewer, 40%, say they are satisfied. Nearly two in three independents are disappointed.
Feelings about the Obama Presidency
Total Reps Dems IndsVery satisfied 7% 1% 14% 4%Somewhat satisfied 33 9 56 29Somewhat disappointed 28 29 21 32Very disappointed 30 61 7 31People who are doing worse today than they were two years ago are especially critical of thePresident. Just 35% of them approve of the job he is doing overall, and only a quarter approvesof how he is handling the economy or job creation. 68% say they are disappointed in hispresidency.And while 52% of Ohioans think the President understands their needs and problems, 44%think he does not. There is a clear partisan divide on this issue: eight in 10 Democrats think heunderstands their needs and problems, while three in four Republicans do not.
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
With an unemployment rate of just over 10%, jobs are the foremost problem facing the state,and job insecurity is widespread. 70% of Ohioans volunteer it as the most important problem inOhio, far outdistancing any other problem mentioned.
Most Important Problem in Ohio
Jobs 70%Other economic issues 10Education 4Two in three Ohio residents say that the number of jobs in their community has decreased overthe last two years, and most think those jobs will never come back.
Over Last Two Years, Local Jobs Have:
Increased 6%Decreased 65Stayed the same 26
Local Jobs Lost Will…
Probably come back when economy improves 33%Probably never come back 56Job concern is personal in Ohio. Six in ten Ohioans are concerned that someone in theirhousehold will lose their job in the next year, including 35% who are very concerned.
Concerned About Job Loss in Household
Very concerned 35%Somewhat concerned 26Not concerned 38And expectations for the local job market in the next year are mixed. While half expect it to staythe same, 27% think it will improve, and 21% think it will get worse.The effects of the recession and job loss are reflected in Ohioans’ personal finances. While50% say they have just enough to get by (and 20% have more than enough), three in 10 don’thave enough to make ends meet.
Household Income is…
More than enough 20%Just enough to make ends meet 50Not enough to meet bills 2926% say the recession has caused a hardship for them, and 43% say they are now doing worsefinancially than they were two years ago.
Compared to Two Years Ago, Financial Situation is…
Better 15%Worse 43Same 41In this recession-battered population, there is some optimism. 58% think that the recession inOhio is a temporary downturn and eventually the Ohio economy will fully recover. However,35% thinks this is part of a long-term permanent decline and the Ohio economy will never fullyrecover.

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