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Published by mcchronicle

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Published by: mcchronicle on Sep 30, 2010
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By: Betty Lou Denney/Hall
 When we think of vacationsmost of us think of relaxing inthe warm sun, good food andmost of all no work. Elmer andJulie Heitkamp chose a differ-ent vacation this year. At theirdaughter, Deb Crouch’s, sug-gestion, they went to Haiti forten days to work in a ChristianMission. Their two grandchil-dren, Bryant and Abby, alsowent for their third time. TheNorth Western Haiti ChristianMission has been in operationfor the last thirty years. They arean independent Christian Churchorganization dedicated to partnerwith indigenous churches to helpbring people of Haiti out of spiri-tual, physical and social pov-erty while demonstrating God’slove for all people. They do thisthrough various programs suchas primary schools, feeding proj-ects, orphanages, bible collegesand agricultural development.NWHC Mission is the largestemployer in the Zone and one of the largest ministries in Haiti.Elmer Heitkamp, a retiredcarpenter from the SaintAnthony area, was a real bless-ing. His ability to drive a skidloader sped up the project. Thenatives had been carrying stoneand gravel by hand. Elmer usedthe skid loader to move the pile.This earned him his nickname“Iron Man.” Elmer also madewindow shutters. The shuttersare used as functional doors tokeep out rain, not decoration.Fixing an air conditioner was arather easy job for Elmer whenhe discovered that they did nothave it plugged into the electriccircuit. Finding a cot betweentwo windows, Elmer was able tospend the night rather comfort-ably while he rested from thedays labors. The trip from Port –de – Paix, where they arrived, totheir destination of the NWHCMission at Saint Louis –du-Nord was not so pleasant. It wasa long, bumpy bus ride in theheat that took about 6 ½ hours.Julie, her daughter and grand-
children ew in by airplane.
Julie spent her time at the
Mission sweeping oors, clean
-ing and interacting with children-her favorite part. She spent oneday in the pharmacy sorting outand discarding “outdated” nee-dles. One day she took a breakand went on a three hour walkto see the largest tree in the area.Julie, her daughter and grandchil-dren spent the night outside in atent. The Heitkamps’s daughter,Deb, sponsors a child from themission. Abby and Bryant havealso started contributing to fostera child.The infants stay at the missiontill they are 4 years old. They arethen moved to the orphanageseveral hours away. Water isbrought into the orphanage asthere is no well at this time. Atone point they had to go for 3or 4 days without water. Juliecommented that a drill the lengthof a semi truck is on the way todrill a well.Food consisted of many ricedishes that included chicken.The food was very spicy andwas not a favorite of Julie’s.Elmer ate about half of her foodthat she couldn’t eat and lost
ve pounds. Julie didn’t lose
any weight. Coffee was servedbefore breakfast. One morningshe commented that they wereserved a plain white cake forbreakfast. Canned fruit and oat-meal were also on the menu forbreakfasts.They would like to thank theSaint Anthony Dinner Theatrecommittee for donating $200to the project. They purchasedand distributed 190 compositionbooks to the schools with about40 of the books being distrib-uted to the street people. Juliepurchased shoes from the SeniorCitizens garage sale to take forthe mission. She would like tothank the Senior Citizens for thediscount on the shoes.The leaders of the trip werethe Hippley’s from the Rockfordarea. They take a group everyother year to Haiti. They livedand worked at the mission forthree years. Mr. Hippley is apharmacist and worked in thepharmacy while they were there.Mrs. Hippley is a nurse andadded her expertise in the areaof nutrition and also worked inthe baby orphanage.Dr. Ed Hosbach, his daugh-ter Janel, Dr. Jim Schweitermanand his daughter also wentto Haiti in June with LindaTheiman’s group out of theSt. Henry Parish. Dr. Hosbachwas kind enough to grant usan interview. Dr. Hosbach saidthe reason for their trip was theexperience. Their trip consistedof playing and interacting withkids at Michael’s orphanage, St.Joesph’s Home for Boys andFather Andre’s orphanage. Onthe third day, they visited EsileHospital which is run by theMissionaries of the Poor. Whilethere Dr. Hosbach and Dr.Schweiterman changed somebandages and gave some com-fort care. Afternoons were spentat the Holy Cross Orphanage runby Sister Doreen.
The fth day of the trip
consisted of a visit to MarionLocal’s sister parish. The visit toa well dug in memory of JordenDiller (Marion Local teen whodied in a car crash) was a memo-rable event.From there they were on toPlaissance, where they stayed inFather Jose rectory. A village isbeing built to provide homes.The project is being directed byLinda Thieman’s brother Ben,with his “One Brick at a TimeProject”. The group helped carrywood for a construction projecton the sixth day of the trip. Tosee what the local life was like,they spent some time with alocal family. That evening thechurch had a dance for the kidsand a few of the local youth.On the seventh day, the youthin the group had an opportunityto sing at a mass in Plaissance.The eighth day was spentat Jacmel at the Trinity Houseorphanage. The boys are goingto start a bakery business.Minimal damage has been felthere but people still are afraidof being inside a building. Thegroup spent the last day of thetrip riding a Tap Tap to the air-port for their return trip home.When asked about thefood, Dr. Hosbach said they aterice dishes and a lot of fresh fruitsuch as pineapple, bananas andcoconuts.
Haiti is the rst republic in
the world to have been led by aperson of African descent: Jean-Jaques Dessalines. Notably,it is Dessalines’ victory overRochambeau, in Veriecues,that forced Napoleon to aban-don his bid for the control of Louisana and eventually, the restof the “New World.” Therefore,weren’t it for Dessalines and histroop of freed slaves of Africanorigin, the United States of America would most likely notbe what they are today.Christopher Columbusstopped in Haiti before he reachedthe shores of North America,and he described it as heaven.The island, shared by Haiti andthe Dominican Republic, wascoveted by Britain, France andSpain for its location, rich soiland lush climate.As a French colony in the1700’s, Haiti produced richesof cocoa, cotton, sugar cane andcoffee with the labor of slavesimported from Africa. Afteryears of suffering, the slavesrose up in rebellion and in 1804declared independence from
France, establishing the rst
black republic in the westernhemisphere.During the nineteenth cen-tury, Haiti developed into twoworlds; a tiny minority of mulat-tos (light skinned blacks who arethe products of intermarriage)and the majority, who wereformer slaves. The elite mulat-tos mostly lived in towns andcontrolled the government, com-merce and military. The formerslaves lived in the countrysidefarming small plots of land. Therace and class tension of todayhas its roots in Haiti’s colonialpast and its early developmentas a republic.Eighty percent of the ruralpopulation continues to livebelow poverty level and morethan 70 percent of the preschoolchildren suffer malnutrition. At
the same time, government of
cials, army ofcers and business
owners live in luxurious hillsidevillas with fountains and swim-ming pools. In the early 1980’s,Haiti became known as thepoorest country in the westernhemisphere. The ever-deepeningimpoverishment of the Haitianmasses led to further discontentand uprisings. The United Statesfeared losing control of the situ-ation and stepped in, facilitatingJean Claude Duvalier’s depar-ture to France in 1986.The period following wasmarked by bloodshed and intensegrassroots organizing. Peasants,trade unions, church and humanrights groups, women and youthbrought about the victory of JeanBertrand Aristide as presidentin 1990.The Aristide governmentmade advances in public healthand education and frightenedmany of the traditional elite andthe military and U.S. supporters.This led to the September 30,1991, coup d’etat that oustedAristide. Three years of brutalmilitary dictatorship followed,in which popular leaders werepersecuted and more than 4,000people killed. Aristide returnedto Haiti as president on October14, 1994, bringing back hope.On January 12, 2010 theworst earthquake in the historyof Haiti occurred in Port-au-Prince. Extensive damage hap-pened in Jacmel and the coastallines — killing over 200,000people.
People helping people
Janel Hosbach, sixteen year old daughter of Dr. Ed Hosbachgives comfort to a child while visiting a hospital in Haiti.Fort Recovery’s Dr. EdHosbach with a child fromone of the orphanages hisgroup visited in June.
REYNOLDSBURG – TheOhio Department of Agriculture
conrmed cases of EasternEquine Encephalitis (EEE) intwo horses that died on a farmin Mercer County. This is therst incident of EEE in Ohiosince an outbreak in 1991 inWayne and Holmes counties.At this time, there are no knownhuman illnesses associated withthis conrmation.Eastern Equine Encephalitisis caused by a virus that caninfect birds, horses and humans.It is transmitted by mosquitoes,and outbreaks typically occur in late summer and early fallwhen mosquitoes are mostabundant. Infected horses couldexperience symptoms including paralysis, impaired vision,difculty swallowing, hangingtheir heads and grinding their 
An effective equine vaccineexists for EEE. Typically,infected horses with clinicalsymptoms die within three tove days after onset of clinicalsigns. There is no treatmentfor EEE aside from supportive
EEE infection is rare inhumans, but when it does avoid
Eastern Equine Encephalitisconrmed in Mercer county horses
A “Diabetes Expo” forpeople with Diabetes and theirfamilies will be held at MercerCounty Community Hospital,800 W. Main St. Coldwater,on Saturday, September 25th,from 7 to 11 a.m. The programis free and open to the public.According to Karen
Homan, Certifed Diabetes
Educator, this educationalevent will host a number of local and outside health careprofessionals discussing topicsrelated to Diabetes. MarleneBriggs, RN, CNN, CDE withKidney Services of WestCentral Ohio, will present“Doing Your Best to ProtectYour Kidneys” from 9:30 to10 and from 10:15 to 10:45while Dr. Mary Benjamin-Swonger, DPM, ACFAS of Grand Lake Podiatry, Inc willdiscuss “Diabetes and yourFeet.” from 8:45 to 9:15 andfrom 9:30 to 10.Also in attendance will bePamela Helmlinger with SleepCare, Inc, with a program titled“Sleep to Better Health” whichwill touch on sleep hygiene andhow sleep can impact bloodsugar control. She will bepresenting her program from8 to 8:30 and from 8:45 to9:15. Karen Homan, RD, LD,CDE, from Mercer Health, willdiscuss “Quick Cooking Ideasfor 1-2” from 10:15 to 10:45.Homan reports that thisExpo allows those withDiabetes to get informationabout diabetes and helpfultips for managing the disease.She says, “We will be offeringa number of free healthscreenings including bloodpressure, non-fasting glucoselevels, waist measurements,and foot examinations.”Lab tests will be offeredfrom 7am to 10am. The
Cholesterol Profle Test ($17
charge) requires a 12 hourfast prior to the test. Otherblood test offered includeHemoglobin A1C ($25) and a
Basic Metabolic Profle (4 to
6 hour fast preferred - $17).These are a few of the testsrecommended by the AmericanDiabetes Association on ayearly basis to help identifyany potential complicationsassociated with the disease. Flushots will also be offered ($30or free to Medicare Plan Bparticipants).A pharmacist will also beavailable for private counselingto help individuals betterunderstand their medications.Attendees are requested to bringin their medications if they areinterested in this service.The Expo will be held at theMercer County CommunityHospital, 800 W. Main St.,Coldwater. Persons wantingmore information should call419-586-9657.
Mercer Health Offers DiabetesExpo Saturday, September 25
By Joyce L. Alig, MercerCounty Historian
The old corner store, at thenortheast corner of State Route 49and Saint Anthony Road, at SaintAnthony of Padua held quite ahistory. The Lawrence KremerStore closed in 1956, after along history of service to ruralWashington Township citizens.The earliest history of theGeneral Store dates to the 1880’s.The General Store was not onlyowned by A. Wellman, but also
had the rst Padua Post Ofce,
which was established July 27,1882, and closed August 31, 1903.
This Padua U.S. Post Ofce was
named after the Church, SaintAnthony of Padua CatholicChurch, which took its name fromthe Church in Italy.
The rst Postmaster, JacobSchindler, held the ofce for
one month, from July 27, 1882until August 25, 1882, whenAnthony Wellman was appointedPostmaster. Anthony Wellmanowned the store, and thus hosted
the Padua Post Ofce in his store.
Anthony Wellman held the ofce
of U.S. Postmaster, until January30, 1890 when Barney Giere wasappointed on January 30, 1890.
Giere held the ofce for nearly
a year, until Henry Fortmanwas appointed as PostmasterNovember 20, 1890. HenryFortman had the Blacksmith Shopdirectly across State Route 49,to the west. Fortman held the
Ofce of Postmaster until Bernard
Schenking was appointed October
9, 1893, and the Post Ofce was
moved.When Bernard Schenking wasappointed Postmaster, he moved
the U.S. Post Ofce to his Shoe
Shop, (located just north of theFeed Mill), 5482 State Route49, from October 9, 1893 until
the Padua U.S. Post Ofce was
closed on August 31, 1903, whenRural Delivery (RFD) came tothe area.Joyce L. Alig, President of theMercer County Historical Society,written a new book: “Passport toHistory: Washington Township;Erastus, Macedon, Saint Anthonyof Padua, Wabash, and BethelCorners.” This books serves asa historical reference book to allWashington Township Citizens,as well as Mercer Countians, andall of the Tourists who requesthistorical research, and want tovisit this area. This 52 book willbe available Sunday afternoon,September 26, 1:00 – 4:00, atthe Mercer County HistoricalMuseum, 130 East Market, Celina(a block east of the Courthouse).
The interior view of LawrenceKremer’s Store, dated July 1956, just before the store closed. AfterChurch on Sunday morning,people would come to this store.The children would ask fora cold bottle of pop from thecooler. The old Counter, whereLawrence Kremer did businessin his store, is now in the homeof Lawrence’s grandson, RickKremer, son of Tom. Rick livesabout a mile south of Ansonia, onSt. Rt. 118. The original counter
was refnished, and makes an
attractive piece of furniture forRick and his family. In 1956,this old store closed when TomKremer built his new Groceryon the southeast corner of theintersection.
The old General Store at St. Anthony
& The rst Padua U.S. Post Ofce
See EQUINE, Page 10
Page 3
The infants stay at the mission until they are 4 years old.They are then moved to the orphanageseveral hours away.
the mercer county chronicle
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Spb 23, 2010
area obituaries
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Arlene M. FranckDecember 1, 1956 - September 15, 2010
A m. Fak, 53, 419 n h la,rkfd, o, dd Wdsda, Spb 15, 2010,a  sd.S was b  Db 1, 1956,  uc, idaa,   a Bad J. ad Ava (ess)hkap.S ad Jak l. Fak  Jaa 29, 1982, ad svvs  rkfd, o.S s as svvd b w spss, e Fak,cdwa, o, ad Saw Fak, ca, o; aspdag ad sps, ta ad Ja hs, Frv, o; w sss ad spss, ma ad caGassfd, F, idaa, ad ma ad tWa, u c, idaa, ad a ss, Wa S,Pad, idaa, ad sv sp gadd.
She was preceded in death by ve brothers, Jerry,
eg, Bad J., K ad Dad; ad sss, S mca, B G ad maAbs. S wkd as a nss Ad. S was as ab f Sa tsa ca c, rkfd,o, ad a b f  Aa ha Sad  Aa P lag f m c.Fa svs w d a Bka-BkaFa h, F rv, o, w Da J
Parker ofciating. Contributions may be directed to the
fa.o ds a b dd  www.bkabkaf..
Adella M. HessJanuary 22, 1916 - September 18, 2010
Ada m. hss, 94, Sah, o, dd a 11:15 a.. Sada, Spb 18,2010, a  Gads a Sah, Sa h, o.S was b  Jaa 22,1916,  cassa, o,  a h ad ma (Kp)Gvkap.S ad uba F. hss,cassa, o,  ma 8, 1946,ad  pdd   da ma 26, 2002. S ssvvd b a s ad sps: Dad ad Da hss,Sa h, o; a dag ad sps: Paa adhad Kg, F rv, o;  gadd;g ga-gadd; a b ad sps: ubaad A Gvkap, ca, o; a ss--aw ad sps: ra ad B hg, mza,o;  sss--aw: ea hss ad mahss, b f cdwa, o; ad Add hss, Sah, o. S was pdd  da b wsss: Aa Sz ad Ava Gvkap; bs: hb, Gg ad ls Gvkap; fvbs--aw: J hss, V hss, A hss, eBksd ad ed Sz; w sss--aw: maGvkap ad Ba Bksd; ad w ga-gadd.S was a b f Sa h ca cad s Aa rsa Sda,  Sa hAa lg Axa,  ca Kgs cassa. S ad wkd   afa a Sah Ss, Bka ad Gas cag cpa,Sa h, o, ad Bk ova cpa,cdwa, o.Fa svs w d Spb 22, 2010, aSa h ca c, Sa h, o, wF. t h ffag. Ba was a Sa hc, Sa h, o. o ds ab f a gkapf..
Norma O. NowMay 29, 1942 - September 14, 2010
na o. nw, 68, ca, o, dd a 1:25 a.. tsda, Spb 14, 2010, a  tp haa c Sa ra’s hspa, la, o.S was b  ma 29, 1942,  ca, o,   aJ rb ad c (S) nw.S s svvd b a ss ad sps: Vga l. ad rxG. Ws, ca, o; w sss: J c ad Wada l.c, b f ca, o; a ss--aw, Paa A. nw,cdwa, o; sva s ad pws ad sva ga-s ad ga pws.S was pdd  da b w bs, Dad nw, Danw ad a b--aw, rad c.S d af 26 as f rds ad rds, ca,o. S gadad  1960 f cdwa hg S. Swas a b f  Bav cap cggaa csac, ca, o.A a sv w b d a 2 p..  Sda, Spb26, 2010, a  Bav cap cggaa csa c,
Celina, Ohio, with Rev. Thomas Christen ofciating. Burial
w fw  Swap cg c, ca, o. Fdsa a   bf svs a    ca,o. t la-hgkap-Dzdz Fa h, ca,o, s adg aags. cds a b ad alhDfa.. ma bs a b ad  Bav cap cggaa csa c maFd.
Ty Alan PerryJanuary 20, 1966 - September 17, 2010
t Aa P, 44, rkfd, o, dd a 7:52 p..  Fda,Spb 17, 2010, a Gss ha ca Ss, Zasv,o.h was b  Jaa 20, 1966,  ca, o,  B Pad Pa cbag Sks, w svv  rkfd, o.h ad lsa Baa  nvb 11, 2000, w svvs rkfd, o. h s as svvd b  dag: ra P,a ; a s ad sps, B ad Aada P, rkfd,o;  sss ad spss; tsa ad Ga hdg, rkfd,o; Ag ad mk Sag, maa S, o; ad ta adDa Sasb, Sa mas, o; a ss, ta Sads, Vass,n caa; w sp bs: Jas ad Js ls, b f rkfd, o; sp s: Ja P, rkfd, o adlda D. S, Ws, o; fa--aw ad --aw,G ad S Baa, rkfd, o; w gadd: naaad ha P, rkfd, o.h wd s w s pa, B&r Bg,rkfd, o. h was a b f Faa od f eags#1292, ad Ss f t Aa lg Ps #508, b f rkfd, o.Fa svs a da, Spb 23, 2010, a 10:30a.. a Ka-rp Fa h, rkfd, o. Baw b  rvsd c, rkfd, o. cag w b  p   sv  tsda a Ka-rpFa h. “t’s ga vs  w s gf f f gda.” mas a b dd  ra’s edaFd  rkfd Swg P. cds a b s kap..
Judy A. ReynoldsOctober 26, 1956 - September 14, 2010
Jd A. rds, 53, f f F rv, o, dd a10 p..  tsda, Spb 14, 2010, a ca Vag, B,idaa.S was b  ob 26, 1956,   a lws ad ma(Gss) rds.S s svvd b  sss ad spss: l ad cavhss, Gva, idaa; A ad ev m, F rv,o; ad ma ad Pa B, B, idaa; a ss: DWaks, B, idaa; a b ad sps: J ad crds, rkfd, o; a b: Wd rds, Frv, o, ad sva s ad pws.S was pdd  da b w bs: na ad Jssrds. S was a b f c f  lvg Gd, Jac, idaa.Fa svs w d  Sada, Spb 18, 2010, aBka-Bka Fa h, F rv, o, w
Paul Burry ofciating. Burial followed in Pleasant Hill Cemetery,
u c, idaa. cbs a b ad  Fa hspad Paav ca, 265 Ws Wa S, B, idaa. ods a b dd  www.bkabkaf.
Austin T. StockerMarch 29, 1989 - September 17, 2010
As t. Sk, 21, 1370Sa r 219, F rv,o, dd Fda, Spb 17,2010, f js ssad  aa-b ad  a Jac, idaa.h was b  ma 29, 1989, cdwa, o,  hadad Aada (e) Sk wsvv  F rv, o.h s svvd b a ss adsps, Ja ad cag la,F rv, o; a bad sps, la ad Bad ca, cdwa,o; Gadpas: h Kd, t ad Sa Bas,a f F rv, o ad B ad Ja e,caaga, tss; Ga-gadpas, r ead r Sk b f Pad, idaa; ad svas ad pws. h was pdd da bs gadpas rb Sk ad rad Kd adga-gadpas, Jad B hv. hwas a 2007 gada f F rv hg Sad pd as a as a Jr mafag, Frv, o. h was a b f Vas f Fg Was m’s Axa, F rv, o.Fa ass was d  Spb 22, 2010, aBka-Bka Fa h, F rv, o,
with the Rev. Hugh Kelly ofciating. Burial was held at
Spg h c, F rv, o. cbsa b dd   As Sk ma Fd, F rv c Fda. o dsa b dd  www.bkabkaf.
Donna M. StukenborgMarch 8, 1928 - September 15, 2010
Da m. Skbg, 82, ca, o, dd a 8:45a..  Wdsda, Spb 15, 2010, a  las f Sa h, rkfd, o. S was b  ma8, 1928,  Da, o,   a Wa ad Gvv(B) rgspg.S ad Wa c. Skbg  Spb 15,1951, ad  pdd   da  J 30, 2001.S s svvd b a dag ad sps: caad t ma, ca, o; a dag, SaBakb, ca, o; a s ad sps, J ad AgaSkbg, Da, idaa; 11 gadd ad 17ga-gadd.S was pdd  da b w bs, Adad Wa rgspg, ad a gaddag--aw,cs ma.S was a hak, ad asssd  sbad  fa fa. S as svd as a p wk f m c Bad f es f a as. Swas a b f iaa cp ca c,ca, o, ad s Aa-rsa S, ad was aadvs f  f J Js 4-h cb f 25 as.Fa svs w d  Spb 18, 2010,a iaa cp c, ca, o, w
Fr. Ken Schnipke ofciating. Burial was at Saint Marys
ca c, ca, o. mas a bdd   iaa cp edw Fd.cds a b s : dk.wa@vz.
Helen M. VagedesJanuary 3, 1938 - September 18, 2010
h m. Vagds, 72, 401S oak S, cdwa, o,dd a 12:39 a..  Sada,Spb 18, 2010, a oSa uvs mda c,cbs, o.S was b  Jaa 3,1938,  Sa P, o,  a Ags ad ma (md)J.S ad laV Vagds Sa P, o,  ob13, 1956, ad  svvs cdwa.S s svvd b  dags ad spss: maad Ga lz, nw B, o; na ad Dgnw, Sa A, txas; ad J ad B Ba,Sdad, massass; ad a s ad sps: makad Ksa Vagds, naps, ia: g gadd:Jas ad (Ba), Jad, e ad (mga), maa, Ga,ea, caa ad Af; sx bs ad spss: lkad B J, Vsas, o; Js ad B J,F rv, o; mak ad ta J, Sa P,o; As ad B J, osgd, o; Ags adB J, Sa h, o; lad ad B J,rkfd, o; w bs: Pa J, Pa, oad Z J, Sa h, o; a ss ad sps: Jaad J S, F rv, o; a ss: Addhss, Sa h, o. h -aws: la Vagds,Pa, o ad rs A ad Ds Gaa, Scaa.S was pdd  da b  sss: es K,ma nbdg ad la Baga; a b: ca J; wsss--aw: ra J ad ra S ad f bs--aw: Vg, A, A ad Pa Vagds.S was a d D f rgs eda a
Holy Trinity, the rst female communion distributor in
 Ads f ca ad sad  cdwaPs f  P f  sss  S Aa.S was a b f h t ca c,cdwa, o, Sa A’s rsa Aa Sda f c, Pasa c f  Ads f ca,cdwa Kwas, cdwa Aa lg Axa,ad was v av  Gs Ss f Aa.Fa svs w d Spb 22, 2010, ah t ca c, cdwa, o, w
Father Richard Walling ofciating. Burial followed at SaintElizabeth Cemetery, Coldwater, Ohio. In lieu of owers the
fa qss as b dd   h VagdsS ta ma Fd a www.vsa..cds a b f a gkapf..
Richard C. WuebkerFebruary 18, 1922 - September 15, 2010
rad c. Wbk, 88, F la, o, dd Wdsda, Spb 15, 2010, a  Vsas ha cac, Vsas, o.h was b  Fba 18, 1922,  ms, o,  a h F. ad D (W) Wbk.h ad Ava B. Ds  J 2, 1945,  cdwa,o, ad s pdd   da  Ags 5, 2010.h s svvd b w ss ad spss, la ad magWbk, F la, o, ad Dgas ad DWbk, Fad Pak, Fda; f gadd adspss, Jff ad Da Wbk ad Aa ad Saa Wbka f Vsas, o, Ba ad ea Wbk, uw,o, ad Sa ad Ss Wbk, Jaks, Gga;sv ga-gadd;  bs ad spss, Jspad D Wbk, ad Sa ad ra Wbk, adlad ad Va Wbk, a f ms, o; wsss, maa Pa, mcav, o, ad maaFkap, ca, o, ad  ss--aw, rDs, cdwa, o.h was pdd  da b a spfa, Bad Pa; s ad sps, rad ad Paa Wbk;  ga-gads, Ga Wbk;  ss, lada Ql; ad bs--aw; J Pa, ls Fkap adtas Ql.h was gagd  fag, ad as was a a fSag ip ad n Sa ip ad dv kag ad k. h was a b f Sa maca c, F la, o, Sa Ags Kgsf cbs  #2158, a pas b f Sb cAq cb ad Fa Ba c.mass f csa Ba was d Spb 20, 2010, aSa ma c, F la, o, w rv. SvSp psdg. Ba was a Sa ma c, Fla, o. G Fa h, F la, o,add aags. mas a b ad  Wshsp ca. cdsa b s  www.gfa..
Marvin E. PearsonFebruary 23, 1933 - September 20, 2010
mav e. Pas, 77, 946 Ps rad, Frv, o, dd a 1:52 p..  mda,Spb 20, 2010, a Gd Saaa hspa,Da, o. h was b  Fba 23, 1933, Ja c, idaa,   a es i. ad eda l.(ha) Pas.h ad Pgg lgg  J 20, 1953, ad ssvvs  F rv, o.h s svvd b  s, Davd Pas, cbs,o;  dags ad spss: t ad BPsg, Sa mas, o, maa ad rb ta,casp, Wg, rda ad rad Ga, nwB, o;  bs ad spss: Daad A Pas, Pad, idaa, J ad JaPas, Gv, o, J ad ha Pas,F rv, o; 10 gadd; 11 gagadd; a s--aw, nk Jsa, ca,o. h was pdd  da b a dag, DbaJsa. h was pd as a k dv f SaA Fd m, Sa A, o ad as afa. h was a b f rs h c c,rs h, o. h gadad f F rvhg S  1951 ad svd   uS macps dg  Ka Wa.Fa svs a da, Spb 23, 2010, a10:30 a.. a Bka-Bka Fa h, Frv, o, w rv. D Bd ad rv. AdwAdks ffag. Ba w b  Sd c,rs h, o. cag w b   p  sv  tsda a Bka-Bka Fah, F rv, o. cbs a b s  rs h c c. o dsa b dd  www.bkabkaf..
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            
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            
 
        
      
    
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“50 years at the CountyMuseum, in preparation forthe 100
Anniversary TimeCapsule in 2059”
September 26, Sundayafternoon, 1:00 – 4:00, theHistorical Society will beaccepting the last of the letters,to add to the contents of theTime Capsule, celebrating 50years at the Mercer CountyHistorical Museum.
ThePassport to History book aboutWashington Township will beavailable to the public.Yes, the Mercer CountyHistorical Society, Inc., is aliveand well.
In fact, the HistoricalSociety is preparing to enter the51
year of Preserving MercerCounty History and Educatingthe Public about that history.
The Society is putting togetherthe contents of the TimeCapsule, to let Mercer CountyCitizens in 2059, know whatthe Society was about, in itsrst 50 years.The book, “MercerCounty, Ohio’s Oldest FamilyBusinesses & Mercer CountyHistorical Society, Inc.,Providing Economic & CulturalDevelopment, Our Past, OurPresent, and Our Future,” willbe placed in the 2059 TimeCapsule.
This book provideshistory of the oldest FamilyBusinesses.
This book alsoprovides history of the last 50years of the Mercer CountyHistorical Society, in caringfor the County Museum, andin hosting programs, tours,writing books, helping localGovernment Elected Ofcials,and serving the public.
Ittells not only how the MercerCounty Historical Society andMuseum were founded by theMercer County Commissioners,but also how the CountyCommissioners purchased theRiley Home for the MercerCounty Historical Society, andappointed the Museum Director,who served from 1975-2004, atwhich time County Fundingwas discontinued for a MuseumDirector.
Information will be placedin the 2059 Time Capsulewhich will illustrate how TheMercer County HistoricalSociety Members care aboutpreserving Mercer County’shistory.
The Historical Societyvolunteers open the CountyMuseum, for special events.
Icontinue to write local historybooks, weekly local historynewspaper articles, answerletters and email about requestsfor information or servicesof the Historical Society, andgive Guided Museum Tours byappointment.
Brochures and photographsof public programs, heldthese past 50 years, will beplaced in the Time Capsule.
The Society hosted UniversityHistory Professors to speakabout Mercer County and OhioHistory.
The Society hostedexhibits of Prehistoric IndianArtifacts for 30 years, AntiqueTractors for 27 years, NewIdea Company History exhibitsfor 10 years, and exhibits of Stamps, Post Cards, Sports,1776-1976 U.S. Bicentennial,1923-1998 Courthouse75
Anniversary, 1803-2003Ohio Bicentennial, and 150
Anniversary celebrations of Mercer County Communities,and many other historicalexhibits.Since 1973, the MercerCounty Historical Societyhas published over two dozenlocal history books, whichwill be on exhibit Sunday, tobe placed in the 2059 TimeCapsule.
Also available willbe the Washington Townshipbook, which includes historicalresources about WashingtonTownship citizens and theirfamilies, businesses, churchesand a few old photographs,and historical research sourcesfor Bethel Corners, Erastus,Macedon, Saint Anthony of Padua and Wabash City.
Thisve dollar history book is areference book for every citizenand tourist to do researchon history of WashingtonTownship.Letters written this pastyear, by local citizens, aboutMercer County’s history, andthe Museum, will be placed inthe 2059 Time Capsule.
If youhave something about historyof the Mercer County HistoricalSociety or Museum, to beplaced in this Time Capsule,bring it Sunday afternoon,September 26.
Please sign yourname and address in the Guestbook, which will be placed inthe 2059 Time Capsule.[The Mercer CountyHistorical Society PresidentJoyce Alig, may be contactedat 3054 Burk-St. Henry Road,Saint Henry, OH 45883,
or 419-678-2614.]
The 1978 MercerCounty History Book, willbe among the two dozenlocal history books placedin the 2059 Centennial TimeCapsule, at the September26 Open House at theMercer County HistoricalMuseum. The WashingtonTownship Book will also beavailable that afternoon.
I did some research on the Internet looking for a sampleballot to check if they will list the incumbents for the election.As far as I could nd they will not list them on the ballot.But, I did nd that you will be able to print out a copy of theballot before going to the poles to vote. I would suggest thatyou all do that so you don’t forget just how you want to vote.Remember all those bills suggested and passed by those peoplein Congress so you don’t forget.Speaking of the election I was talking with some friends andsome seem to think they don’t have the foggiest idea of whomto vote for in the ofce of the Governor. One person said itseems like the lesser of two evils. Another said she didn’t thinkshe would vote for either of the candidates. She didn’t thinkeither would be good for the State of Ohio. I think I am goingto have to research that election for Governor very carefully.I have to “practice what I preach”. I certainly don’t want tomess up this coming election. I would imagine there are lotsof candidates out there running for re-election that are plentyworried about the upcoming election. It seems there are severalDemocrats that are “abandoning ship” and losing all connec-tions with the President. It would seem to me that would bea wise thing to do since his approval rating continues to dropin the polls. I guess we will all have to wait and see just whatdoes happen.That’s My Opinion.....What’s Yours??
lll llllll l llll
For safety, washhands properly, often
After attending asession at a nutritionsite over the summer,my 6-year-old daughtertold me I was washingmy hands wrong andproceeded to show methe “right” way to do it.Is it really necessary tobe so elaborate whenwashing your hands?
It’s good to know your daugh-ter strives to be a good student o personal hygiene. While it’s not clearrom your question exactly how sheis telling you to wash your hands, herbasic message is on target — mostpeople don’t spend enough time orattention when handwashing to do aneective job. I we did it right, publichealth authorities say, we could makemajor strides in reducing the numbero illnesses caused by inectiousdisease and ood-borne pathogens. Inact, Ohio State University research,reported back in 2001, determinedthat proper handwashing is the bestway to prevent ood-borne disease.The frst thing to consider is time.Experts say it takes at least 20 secondsto wash hands properly. That may not sound like it’s very long, but time yoursel next time — you’ll probably be surprised. The Centers or DiseaseControl and Prevention recommendssinging the “Happy Birthday” song —twice — while you’re washing yourhands to reach 20 seconds.The second thing to consider issurace area. Don’t just concentrateon the palm-side area o your hands— be sure to use soap on the backso your hands (up to the wrists),between the fngers and under yourfngernails.Using soap is a given, or at least itshould be. The best thing about soapis that it makes your hands slippery,which allows dirt and microbes towash away under the running water.Anti-bacterial soaps aren’t necessary,and, in act, may in the long run beharmul because i used too oten,they could allow bacteria to becomeresistant to the anti-microbial prop-erties in the soap.Thankully, a recently releasedstudy by the American Society orMicrobiology and the AmericanCleaning Institute suggests thatpeople are washing their hands moreoten. Researchers observed thebehavior o 6,076 adults in public re-strooms and reported that 85 percentwashed their hands ater going to thebathroom — up rom 77 percent in2007. But the question remains onwhether people are doing it right.A basic tutorial illustrating properhandwashing techniques is availableonline at Ohio State University’s newood saety website at http://ood-saety.osu.edu (click “For Consum-ers” and “Keep Your Hands Clean.”)Also, the CDC oers guidelines at its“Clean Hands Save Lives” website athttp://www.cdc.gov/cleanhands.
Chow Line is a service o Ohio State University Extension and the OhioAgricultural Research and Develop-ment Center. Send questions to Chow Line, c/o Martha Filipic, 2021 Coey Road, Columbus, OH, 43210-1044, or  flipic.3@caes.osu.edu.
October 3, 2010 from11:30 - 4 p.m.Hosted by: Kustoms of America and BearcreekFarms. Live DJ and door
For information call:Jim 260-417-6065 or Bob419-763-1260. www.bearcreekfarms.com
Bearcreek Farms classic car cruise-in
10 YEARS AGO (2000)
The St. Henry Board of Education has set October 15as ground breaking date for thenew High School and remod-eling of the elementary andmiddle schools.Irvin E. Monroe, 90, diedat Hospice of Dayton onSeptember 15. He had beenmarried to Irma Menchhoferwho died in 1986 and is sur-vived by two sons and onedaughter. He was a retiredfarmer from WashingtonTownship and was a memberof St. Paul’s Lutheran Churchof rural Coldwater.Henry Forsthoff and thelate Marilyn Forsthoff of St.Henry announce the engage-ment of their daughter, DiannaKay Forsthoff to Joseph JamesHoman, son of Donald andMarilyn Homan of Coldwater.They will be married on October21 in St. Henry Church.Last week’s high schoolfootball results: Celina 30, Bath6; Coldwater 36, Fort Recovery8; Marion Local 16, St. Henry0; Parkway 26, Minster 13.Jessica Westgerdes, FortRecovery FFA Chapter,will compete in the NationalFFA Job Interview CareerDevelopment Demonstrationin Louisville, Kentucky at the73rd National FFA Conventionon October 25 and 26.
25 YEARS AGO (1985)
Coldwater’s New Ideaplant is continuing its efforts toobtain outside contract work tomaintain its employment level.Ford’s Bronco II will have itsbed lengthened at New Ideabeginning October 7, whichwill sustain 35 to 40 people.The company also has a letterof intent to build hay equipmentfor Case IH, the new owner of International Harvester.Patrick Rindler, 20, of NewWeston, was killed in a motor-cycle accident September 12on Sharpsburg Road. He wasthe son of the late Gary Rindlerand Carol (Francis) Rindler andhad three brothers and one sis-ter.The Southwest Board of Education (Fort RecoverySchools) voted unanimouslyto approve the nal draft of the Tri-Star Career Compactagreement at their September11 meeting.In high school football,Coldwater lost to Versailles28-20; St. Henry defeatedLehman 28-0; Marion Localshut out Bethel 13-0; Parkwaydefeated Lima Perry 8-7 andCelina beat Lima Shawnee22-15.

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