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Cockroach Essay

Cockroach Essay

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Published by Chelsea Cosner

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Published by: Chelsea Cosner on Oct 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chelsea Rachael Cosner Creative Writing Sample“Of Cockroaches and Men”They’re perfect. They’re sleek and mechanical, like a precision timepiece;indestructible triumphs of nature and evolution. Their beauty goes misunderstood bythose too caught up with clichés and personal prejudices to see their impeccablesophistication. It is their greatest competitor that shows them the least respect; strangecreatures that have managed to overtake the earth and create such strangely unnaturalcolonies. The creatures probe their sickly feelers ever forward, but make up for their gross dominance in the quaintness and foibles of their behaviors. It is fitting I suppose,that these two weirdly gorgeous creatures are locked into a continual struggle on a daily basis. One, simply trying to make a living and feed in the other’s cupboard, is met withserious objections and attempts to eliminate its entire species by the latter. In this ongoing battle between (have you guessed yet?) the cockroach and the human, which is thesuperior species and who will ultimately win dominance of the planet? And, whodeserves to win?The Dictoptyera clan and the human are not as different as one thinks. In the wayof lifestyle, cockroaches will live anywhere and eat anything. People will live in NorthDakota and eat at Taco Bell. So, in this respect, the nature of their lifestyles is not asdifferent as one might think. Both cockroaches and people simply yearn for those lazydays of eating junk food and watching the kids switch between eating and playing inmud. What’s so wrong with that? To achieve these dreams however, they must work.Cockroaches and people both strive to create lasting colonies with complex systems and
thousands of inhabitants. Like people, roaches follow the hive mentality and are pushedalong by the group. When you see a swarm of cockroaches scurry when a light is flickedon, it is no different than a party, broken up by the appearance of complaining neighborsor police. Cockroaches can even make group decisions and cooperate to acquire food. Itis not behavior that earns cockroaches such disdain, but a primal fear at seeing a species just like us, only much older and perfected with age. When it comes to lifestyle and theambition to get the best, cockroaches and people are a match. It hardly seems fair weattempt to exterminate them when they only want what we want.In the case of beauty, however, the scale is tipped far in advantage of thecockroach. If you ask an educated person what beauty is, they will say symmetry. Thesymmetry of the cockroach is unparalleled. Its lustrous body is a well-oiled machine thatmoves rapidly and smoothly, gliding across the floors with the impossibly fine sensoryhairs of its feet, designed to scale whatever obstacle they face. There is an ornatecomplexity and perfection of nature in these half robot, half animal looking creatures thatseem to be visual representations of the combination of the two subjects that cover all themechanisms for life and explain our planet: biology and physics. Humans, on the other hand, have bodies relatively new to this planet and not yet perfected by evolution. Wehave over extended limbs, that flail and go bad with age, poorly adapted for walking bipedaly instead of on hands and feet like most other primates. Soft, oddly shapen, prone bodies with unnatural tufts of hair and exposed breakable skin, make people not onlyeasy to injure, but bordering on grotesque when compared to other species.Cockroaches lack a fundamental element that must be conceded to humans. For all their ethereal beauty, cockroaches lack art. While all cockroaches are imparted with a

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