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Published by Michael Sandoval

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Published by: Michael Sandoval on Oct 12, 2010
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: Eric Schultz [mailto:*******@dscc.org]
: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 11:32 AM
: Buck's 2005 Case All Over National BlogsDAILY KOS: CO-Sen: Buck didn't prosecute rape case because he believed victim had abortionhttp ://www .dailykos .com /storyonly /2010/10/11/909555/- CO -Sen :- Buck -didnt-prosecute -rape -case -because -he -believed -victim -had -abortionTHE WASHINGTON INDEPENDENT: Questions Raised About Ken Buck’s Record Prosecuting RapeCases in Coloradohttp ://washingtonindependent.com /100270/questions -raised -about-ken -bucks -record -prosecuting -rape - cases -in -coloradoTHE HUFFINGTON POST: Ken Buck Explained To Alleged Rape Victim Why He Wouldn't Take Her Case (AUDIO)http ://www .huffingtonpost.com /2010/10/12/ken -buck -refused -rape -victim -case -audio _ n _758890.html  WASHINGTON MONTHLY: Political Animalhttp ://www .washingtonmonthly .com /archives /individual/2010_10/026081.php COLORADO INDEPENDENT: Buck’s refusal to prosecute 2005 rape case reverberates in U.S. Senateracehttp ://coloradoindependent.com /63491/bucks -refusal-to -prosecute -2005- rape -case -reverberates -in -u -s - senate -raceDEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND: Ken Buck (R-CO) refused to take rape victim's casehttp ://www .democraticunderground .com /discuss /duboard .php ? az = view _ all& address =433 x 473809COLORADOPOLS: Buck's "Woman Problem" Takes Serious Turnhttp ://www .coloradopols .com /diary /14057/bucks -woman -problem -takes -serious -turnDAILY KOS: CO-Sen: Buck's growing problem with womenhttp ://www .dailykos .com /storyonly /2010/10/11/909470/- CO -Sen :- Bucks -growing -problem -with -womenPOLITICALWIRE: Rape Case Haunts Buckhttp ://politicalwire .com /archives /2010/10/11/rape
DAILY KOS: CO-Sen: Buck didn't prosecute rape case because he believed victim had abortion
by Jed LewisonOctober 12, 2010One of the reasons Colorado GOP Senate nominee Ken Buck declined to prosecute the rape of a 21-year-old college student in 2005 was that he believed she had previously had an abortion of a childfathered by the suspect. According to Buck, that abortion gave the victim motive to lie about the suspect"to get back at" him.Of course, Buck's theory made no sense -- given that an abortion would have been the victim's choice, itwould be the suspect who would have a revenge motive, not the victim. Moreover, Buck himself is anoutspoken foe of abortion, opposing it even of cases of rape and incest, giving Buck himself a plausiblemotive to want to punish this young woman.But perhaps the most obvious problem with Buck's theory is that he did not have enough facts to supportit. The only evidence that the victim had an abortion came from the suspect himself. The victim denied it,saying she had had a miscarriage. Yet Buck chose to believe the suspect. From Colorado Independent'stranscript (their story here and excerpts from the audio conversation here):BUCK: There are a lot of things that I have a knowledge of, that I would assume (name of possible suspect redacted) knows about and that they have to do with, perhaps, your motives for (unintelligible) and that is part of what our calculation has been in this.VICTIM: I’m interested to hear more about that, my motives, for what this has been.BUCK: You have, you have had HIS baby, and you had an abortion.VICTIM: That’s false, that’s just false.BUCK: Why don’t you clarify?VICTIM: I did have a miscarriage; we had talked about an abortion. That was actually year and ahalf ago. So ...BUCK: That would be something that you can cross-examine on, that would be “something thatmight be a motive for trying to get back at somebody.” And it would be a (unintelligible). And it’s part of what we have to take into account whether we can prove this case or not. And there are a lot of thingsthat, um, you know, for as why weren’t not prosecuting the case. We’ve got to weigh all that, and it notsomething that I feel comfortable with, but something I have to be.What makes this so infuriating isn't just that Buck partly based his decision to forego prosecution on hisunfounded belief that she had previous had an abortion of the suspect's child -- it's that he alsothreatened her with public humiliation if she hired a lawyer to compel prosecution.M#2 [An unidentified male who attended meeting with victim]: We’ve talked about a motion tocompel prosecution, and that’s the only other option. Ultimately that’s going to be [Name redacted]decision. But that’s really the only option.... Whether or not we’re going to do that, I don’t know. Incrediblyhigh burden .BUCK: Be aware of something, if this, if you file this motion, it will be very public, publicly coveredevent.The irony, of course, is that Buck was probably right about the case becoming "very public." But heprobably never imagined that he would be the one who was getting burned. If that happens, there will atleast be some measure of poetic justice in this case.
THE WASHINGTON INDEPENDENT: Questions Raised About Ken Buck’s Record ProsecutingRape Cases in Colorado
By Jesse ZwickOctober 11, 2010Five years ago, Colorado’s GOP Senate candidate Ken Buck refused to prosecute a rape case whileacting as Weld County District Attorney, reports our sister site the Colorado Independent, and with threeweeks before the election, all the lurid details are getting dredged up once again:The alleged assault occurred five years ago. A man entered the alleged victim’s apartment andhad sex with her while she was drunk, she says. As she passed in and out of consciousness, she saysshe told him “no” and tried to push him away. If he had been a stranger, the case may have played outdifferently, but he was a former lover, and she had invited him over.Those circumstances seem to have made all the difference to Buck. [...]He said the facts in the case didn’t warrant prosecution. “A jury could very well conclude that thisis a case of buyer’s remorse,” he told the Greeley Tribune in March 2006. He went on to publicly call thefacts in the case “pitiful.”If he had handled it with a little more sensitivity, the victim, who does not want her name used,says it is possible she may have accepted the decision and moved on. But Buck’s words — as much ashis refusal to prosecute — still burn in her ears.“That comment made me feel horrible,” she told the Colorado Independent last week. “Theoffender admitted he did it, but Ken Buck said I was to blame. Had he (Buck) not attacked me, I mighthave let it go. But he put the blame on me, and I was furious. I still am furious,” she said.Buck is leading by a small margin in his race against Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), but his support isalready seriously lagging among female voters on account of his views on abortion and birth control, notto mention various additional off-color remarks:Buck’s problems connecting with women voters in the Senate race likely began with his supportfor Amendment 62, the Personhood Amendment, which would make even some common forms of birthcontrol illegal. He also said people should vote for him in the primary instead of former Lt. Gov. JaneNorton because he doesn’t wear high heels.The latest news about Buck’s record prosecuting rape cases as district attorney has the potential to sinkhis support among women (and men, for that matter) still further. 
THE HUFFINGTON POST: Ken Buck Explained To Alleged Rape Victim Why He Wouldn't Take Her Case (AUDIO)
Sam SteinOctober 11, 2010 A five-year-old rape case that was never prosecuted is suddenly causing major ripples in the ColoradoSenate race and headaches for Republican candidate Ken Buck.Three weeks from Election Day, stories have suddenly emerged about Buck's refusal to follow up on rapeallegations involving a University of North Colorado student during his stint as Weld County DistrictAttorney. He declined to file criminal charges against the alleged victim's attacker on the belief that notenough evidence existed to win the case, a conclusion that is not entirely rare with such delicate cases.Renewed criticism, however, has erupted over Buck's handling of the case in light of some of his newly-resurfaced remarks, including a conversation he had with the victim and his suggestion that a jury wouldview the rape charges as merely her "buyer's remorse." Buck's campaign told Politico on Monday that the entire topic was a non-story driven by a partisanorganization. "Reputable news organizations should not be an echo chamber for Progress Now [the

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