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20 - William Morgan Interview, Part i

20 - William Morgan Interview, Part i

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Published by skalpsolo

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Published by: skalpsolo on Oct 13, 2010
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William Cooper's Mystery Babylon: Part 20
William Morgan Interview, Part I(audio link: http://www.remnantradio.org/Archives/articles/William%20Cooper/Mystery%20Babylon/audio/mystery%20babylon%2020-22a.mp3)transcribed by frizshizzle/wakingup72 @ http://www.waronyou.com/forums**FINAL TRANSCRIPTION**=====================================================You're listening to the Hour of the Time. I'm your host, William Cooper.(opening music: old commercial for [i]Mr. Clean[/i])(William Cooper advertises for Swiss America Trading)(continuing commercial) ...Now, I'm going to put a little humor in here. I justtalked to Craig Smith at Swiss America trading, and he told me they're issuing three new bonds: the Bush bond with 0% interest, the Quayle bond with, of course,no maturity, and the Clinton bond with no principle. Now, that's funny, and wecan appreciate a little joke, but at the same time, there's a lot of truth in what I just told you. There is no confidence in this administration. No world leader has emerged and in Bill Clinton. The United States of America may be the onlysuperpower left on this earth to those who want to believe that, but as we're disarming, as we have taken our B-52 bombers off alert and are now scrapping them, as we are dismantling our Minutemen missiles, as we are paring down our military forces, no such...no such equivalent is taking place in Russia or any of thesatellites that used to make up the Soviet Union. So folks, you may buy all of this baloney about the United States being the last great superpower, but I'm telling you right now, we are not. And if we continue on the road that we are on, not only are we going have a financial collapse, but we are going to find ourselves a third-rate, third-world country very quickly. All you have to do is look around. Stop buying the propaganda, use your own brain, your own eyes and ears andtake a hard look at what's happening. And you don't have to be very smart at all to understand that we're going in the wrong direction.Now, what this means for you personally is everything that you worked for, you're going to lose. You're going to lose unless you take action now. Those who already taken action are already realizing an appreciation of their investments. Now, you'll have to understand that it's not a real appreciation, because as the price of gold and silver and coins have gone up, the value of the dollar has gonedown and will continue to go down. What you're doing when you make these investments is you're protecting your assets and believe me, in what is coming that isthe best that you can hope for at this time on your level.Call Swiss America trading right now: 1-800-289-2646. That's 1-800-289-2646. Talk to the experts there and let them show you how to protect yourself. While you're at it, mention my name, William Cooper, and they'll send you a free newsletter chock-full of information that you need to know. It doesn't cost you anythingto call and talk to them. They have many different investments; many that I haverecommended, some that I have not, some that I do not recommend, some that I don't know anything about. Call now; the time to act is now. Don't wait until it'stoo late. Don't wait until you lose everything. Call 1-800-289-2646. That's 1-800-289-2646. In the process of saving yourself and protecting your assets, you w
ill be saving this show, and freedom will for the world. Call now, 1-800-289-2646. You'll be glad that you did.(break music: [i]Fanfare For the Common Man[/i], written by Aaron Copeland)(speaking over music): Ladies and gentleman, you are living in the last days offreedom for the common man. So many people tell me that they are just one personand there is nothing that they can do. That everything is lost, and all they can do is wait and see what happens. This program tonight is designed specificallyto let you know that that is not true. There is a virtual army of people, individuals, acting independently on their own. CAJI members across this nation and around the world, who are affecting great change, and who are providing a flow ofinformation that we, through this program and through our newsletter and organization, feed to the world. These men and women are unknown, and prefer to stay that way. They are my heroes.(music ends)Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to have as my special guest today William Morgan, who is one of the members of the Citizens Agency for Joint Intelligence and has been for some time. Now, that's all that we can tell you about his identity.You will hear from him his own story, what he's been doing, how he's been doingit, what kind of information he has collected for our organization for the citizens of this country and of the world. And we're going to talk about...well, I guess you just have to call it "undercover operations". This men has been undercover for the Citizens Agency for Joint Intelligence, and I remember several episodes of the show before, sometime during the series that we call the Mystery Schools, which we've done, I believe, nineteen hours of broadcasting covering that subject. I told you that we had infiltrated the Lodge, the Mystery Schools, Mystery Babylon. In fact, we have not only infiltrated it once, but many times in thiscountry and in lodges around the world. So, the information that we're giving you on the Mystery Schools is not conjecture. It does not come from a bunch of people sitting around making up information. It comes from the books printed by the Ministry Schools themselves. It comes from our members who are actually in thelodge, and we check, double-check everything that they bring to us. Please welcome to the Hour of the Time, William Morgan.[William Morgan (WM)]: Thank you, Bill. You can call me Will, and I really appreciate that gracious and honorable introduction.[William Cooper (WC)]: Well, we're certainly appreciative of everything that you've done. Tell us, Will, how long have you been associated with the Mystery Schools?[WM]: For over two years now. I became a Mason in June of 1991.[WC]: And what happened? How did you ever even know about Freemasonry?[WM]: Um, at first before I was, uh, exposed to your information, I was under the impression, as most people are, that they were a philanthropic organization, dealing mostly with charity, or possibly even some way associated with unions. And, uh, as most CAJI members have come to know, that is entirely not the case.[WC]: Did you have friends who were Freemasons?[WM]: Yes, I worked with somebody who was a Freemason, and I've come to find outthat that is usually the most common way that a person is exposed to the craft.'The Craft,' as they call it.
[WC]: So, they call it "The Craft" amongst themselves. This is not something that the public is not normally aware [sic]. What does "The Craft" mean? What doesthat term mean?[WM]: Well, they consider themselves [i]Craftsmen[/i] because they are buildingsomething and, uh, there have been many organizations throughout history with the incredible similarities to the present, modern cult of Freemasonry that have called themselves [i]Builders[/i], [inaudible - common scenes?]. They have associated with themselves always with the erection of the structure, or the buildingof something that people just do not understand. We have come to understand thatwhat they are erecting is the New World Order, and they've been working on it for thousands and thousands of years.[WC]: That's, uh, correct. Now, did your friend, or friends, try to proselytizeyou or talked you into joining the Lodge?[WM]: No, not at all. I must admit, I did go to them, and I was not entirely aware of the nature of their organization, or of what was in store for me when I became a member, or [i]brother[/i] as they call it.[WC]: Now, if you had not joined CAJI, would you still be sort of in the dark about the true meaning of Freemasonry, or do the members really learn the truth about the organization during their period of time?[WM]: Had I joined CAJI, I would be as empty-headed and as trusting as sheeple,as most of the Freemasons in America and across the world are today. They are not taught what The Craft is about. They do not question authority at all. They, as a rule, and from my personal experience and observation, they obey the rules without question and to the letter.[WC]: Now, a lot of people out there are going to wonder, and I know that Freemasons are going to bring this up, that if you didn't learn what you now believe that you know about the Mystery Schools in the lodge, how do you know that what you've learned while you've became a CAJI member...how do you know that that is true?[WM]: Well, because I can verify for myself. I can get up and check the facts, and look and look again to verify what is going on about the Mystery Schools. Butfor what the Masons claim to be, they have absolutely no proof or evidence, oreven works of their own hand, to prove that they are actually involved in charity work.[WC]: Now, when you began to study, you were studying actually from two sources.You were studying the Mystery Religion in the lodge, actually, and you were studying what you were learning from the Citizens Agency for Joint Intelligence intrying to rectify the two, or bring the two together and make it fit. When did you finally decide that what you were learning in the lodge was really a deception?[WM]: The absolute clincher for me, what absolutely decided for me [to become?]a shadow of a doubt, and yes, I had my suspicions since I had very first becomea member...You don't take blood oaths kneeling before an altar swearing yourselfto secrecy for all time without being...without the group you're becoming a member of being suspect [sic].[WC]: But, you did take these blood oaths?[WM]: Yes sir, I took all of them and there were many.

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