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DDB YP BrandConsistency 151007

DDB YP BrandConsistency 151007

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Published by vliff

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Published by: vliff on Jul 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The YellowPapers Series
 Brand consistencyredened
 Achieving constancy o purposeand the 70/30 rule
YellowPaper_BrandConsistency.ind1 115/10/07 15:11:52
The sooner brand ownersand managers change theirdenition o and approach toconsistency, the sooner theywill prot rom increasedrelevance, dierentiation,and infuence.
Next to dierentiation, consistencyhas been the second most importanttenet o branding. Most methodologiesor theories o brand creation andmanagement include consistency asa major component o the process.Brands are criticized or lauded based onthe uniorm and consistent experiencethey deliver. Yet, as branding hasbecome an increasingly respected andcritical corporate strategy and unction,we remain stuck with the originaldenition o brand consistency when ithas changed so dramatically in practice.This is a change largely prompted bythe customer who wants both reliabilityand customization.The world o brand communicationsand delivery has evolved rom centrallyproduced and enorced guidelinesdemanding 100% compliance. Thenew approach allows and respectsappropriate doses o reedom withinorm. The sooner brand owners andmanagers change their denition oand approach to consistency, thesooner they will prot rom increasedrelevance, dierentiation, and infuence.This is a mind-set requiring adaptationand change. As Ralph Waldo Emersonwrote: “A oolish consistency is thehobgoblin o little minds.”
 This paper makes the case or redeningbrand consistency and provides a newdenition and approach to enhance brandvalue. In short, it introduces the approachcalled Constancy o Purpose: an emergingbrand strategy that capitalizes on thebenets o ubiquity and uniormity whileencouraging fexibility to ensure relevanceand dierentiation without eroding long-termcredibility and trust.
Brand consistency redenedThe YellowPaper Series01
YellowPaper_BrandConsistency.ind2 215/10/07 15:11:52
The Research Is Consistent
During the month o September 2007,DDB posed a question on its website thatasked: “Is consistency in branding becomingany more or less important?” O the 217respondents to the question, 67% indicatedit is becoming more important with theremaining percentage indicating less(Figure 1). The DDB Business Communicationsblogalso explored consistency during the montho September and received the ollowingobservations:
Fig 1
Is consistency in branding becoming any more or less important?
Considered more importantConsidered less important
Results gathered rom217 respondents
“It is important to keep the company’score positioning and the values it standsup or.”“I see it as understanding andaddressing cultural and businesspractice dierences. What customersvalue and perceive as positive in oneplace may be perceived materiallydierent elsewhere. It is very importantthat businesses ensure that theirbrands can bridge these culturaldierences, i they are to have a greatergeographical reach, penetration, andnancial success.”“I am increasingly challenged on theconsistency part (o branding). So I amregularly and enthusiastically reshapingour oer to be more relevant.”
By Je Swystun,
Director o Global Communications,DDB Worldwide.Je is responsible or growing the infuenceand value o the DDB brand. He leads internaland external communications, knowledgemanagement and develops intellectual capital.Je has spoken at more than 80 conerences inover 25 countries. He is the editor and author o numerous books, papers and reports including“The Brand Marketers Report” and “The BrandGlossary”. Je’s work has appeared in over 250publications and on numerous televisionprograms including CNBC’s “Squawk Box”and “On the Money”.
Brand consistency redened The YellowPaper Series
“It seems that we should not disrupt thebasics like logo and colors but allow orcustomers experiencing the brand tocustomize according to their own wantsand needs.”“We have to remember that consistencyis directly related to reliability and criticalto longer-term brand success. Someconsumers like to depend on the samething every time. You can lose customersi you are not reliable.”What is gleaned rom this discussion and thesurvey question is that consistency is actuallybecoming more important in branding but ithas changed in denition and application.
YellowPaper_BrandConsistency.ind3 315/10/07 15:11:53

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