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2010 IT Conference Program

2010 IT Conference Program

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Published by Laurel Papworth

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Published by: Laurel Papworth on Nov 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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local government
inormation technology
novotelpacic bay resortcofs harbournswnovember 16-19, 2010
To register go to http://it2010.cofsharbour.nsw.gov.au
I you require any urther inormation please contact:Michelle Aubert, Conerence Manager Cofs Harbour City Council,Locked Bag 155, Cofs Harbour NSW 2450 Phone: 02 6648 4458 Fax: 02 6648 4199Email: it2010@chcc.nsw.gov.au http://it2010.cofsharbour.nsw.gov.au/Printed on recycled paper.Proudly brought to you by
Kurt Fearnley
Born without the lower portion o his spine, in the small western NSW town o Carcoar, Kurt Fearnley took upwheelchair racing when he was 14. From pushing his everyday wheelchair as ast as he could down the grass track atschool athletics carnivals, to pushing his chair the last ve kilometres on a fat tyre at the Athens Paralympics to wingold in the toughest marathon in paralympic history, his determination and never-say-die attitude has rewardedhim with the highest accolades in disability sport.In his highly competitive class, Kurt has not nished o the podium in over 20 marathons he’s competed in since2000. 2006 saw Kurt crowned as three time world champion culminating in Kurt being named as a nalist or theprestigious Laureus Awards or Most Outstanding International Athlete with Disability.In 2007 Kurt won the Sportscover Sportsperson o the Year with a Disability or the second consecutive year atthe Australian Sport Awards. Kurt had an outstanding 2007, winning the 1,500m event held at the IAAF WorldChampionships in Osaka as well as 10 out o the 11 marathons he contested including New York, Paris, Chicago, LosAngeles and Sydney, setting six new course records along the way.Kurt represents a number o organisations and is an ambassador o the Day o Dierence Foundation and International Day o People witha Disability, and a board member o Australian Volunteers International. As a qualied Physical Education teacher, he travels throughoutNSW teaching high-school children in small and large communities. Kurt’s exploits both in and out o sport recently saw him recognised asthe 2009 New South Wales Young Australian o the Year -
Kurt Fearnley appears by arrangement with Claxton Speakers International.
Dominic Thurbon
Dominic Thurbon is Managing Director o the Centre For Skills Development, a world top-10 speaker, and or someyears was Head o Research or global generational trends and business strategy consultancy Peter Sheahan Pty Ltd.Ater graduating rom the University o Sydney, Dominic joined Peter Sheahan while continuing his honours thesisin political science. In this role, Dominic led the research on Peter’s new business book Flip: How Counterintuitive Thinking Is Changing Everything, which has now been published in the US, UK and throughout Asia and examinesthe orces o change currently reshaping the business environment. With Peter, Dominic worked through thismaterial with clients around the world including News Corporation, Google, GlaxoSmithKline, and the AustralianBroadcasting Corporation.In his role as Managing Director o the Centre For Skills Development, an organisation that he co-ounded, Dominicworks with partner organisations to address important social issues in areas such as health, education and skillsshortages. He is currently ocusing on projects to do with helping companies embrace the potential o Web 2.0 andadopt to new technologies.Dominic is also a recognized speaker with a proven track record o perormance at the highest level. In 2006 at the World DebatingChampionships in Dublin, Dominic was ranked the 7th best speaker in the world, and this year was a Grand Finalist at the WorldChampionships in Thailand. He speaks on subjects such as generation change and new business strategy internationally at businessconerences in Europe, Australia and New Zealand -
Dominic Thurbon appears by arrangement with Claxton Speakers International.
Let’s ace it, lie is getting aster and aster and shows no signs o slowing down. Business is more competitive nowthan any other time in history! The result o this is a workorce that is having serious issues around sustaining theirperormance. The all out is that people are losing the ability to ocus, be creative and develop clear strategies.Dr Adam Fraser is one o Australia’s leading educators, researchers and thought leaders in the area o humanperormance. Combining years o work with elite level athletes, the armed orces and business proessionals o alllevels Dr Adam Fraser has perected The Art o Flow. This philosophy is a real time solution to stress and burn out that doesn’t involve having to take time out or addinganother task to your already ull to do list! At the heart o fow we nd the key to getting more done or a longerperiod o time, whilst reducing stress levels, preventing burnout and keeping our teams engaged
Dr Adam Fraser appears by arrangement with Claxton Speakers International.
Dr Adam Fraser
Laurel has been named Head o Industry, Social Media (Marketing Magazine) and her blog LaurelPapworth.com hasmade her the #5 blogger in Australia (B&T Magazine) and in the Top 150 Media/Marketing blogs in the world (AdAgeUSA). She has been creating and managing online communities or over 20 years, including IRC, Usenet, UltimaOnline orums and inworld game moderator management. Laurel has taught social media marketing courses since2005 and consults on blog, Facebook, and Twitter courses to business and Government around the world, as well askeynoting at international conerences on social media.Laurel has a popular iTunes podcast called Social Media Business on revenue and monetization in social networksand has written and published extensively on social media including a number o books.Her clients include Westpac, Singapore Government, Middle East Broadcasting (Saudi Arabia), Channel Ten, and PR andMarketing Agencies in Australia and Asia.Laurel teaches one day social media marketing courses at the University o Sydney Centre or Continuing Education, andtwo day courses at the Australian Film Television and Radio School.
Laurel Papworth

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