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Published by Jose F. Martinez

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Published by: Jose F. Martinez on Oct 25, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE IN:Montage - Various forms of ritualistic behavior blend withwar.--TRIBESMEN in Africa passionately involved in a localceremony.-- War torn regions of Africa; bodies in the streets.-- Muslims at Mecca run in a giant circle.-- A BOY, caught in the unyielding crossfire between Jewand Muslim, is killed.-- Countless gather to see the POPE.-- An AMERICAN SOLDIER uses a Humvee to push an abandonedcar. It explodes.-- Buddhists carry lighted incense to an alter. -- A KOREAN PATIENT with a prosthetic leg walks through ahospital for amputees.EXT. NATIVE AMERICAN RESERVATION - CAMP FIRE - NIGHTAn OLD FASHIONED MALE ELDER sits near the flame. He looksat two children. They engage in portable video games. HeCHUCKLES. An invisible spiritual entity watches from a highaltitude. CRACKLING from the fire draws a reaction from theelder and startles the entity. With concern, the elderLEANS in and sees cinder RISE to the night sky. It leadsthe man's eyes toward the entity. The elder looks directlyat it. This irritates the entity. It swoops down toward theman. The elder senses this and moves just before a stronggust of wind blasts into the fire. This causes cinder torise once again, but this time, in much greater numbers.The cinder float to the night sky. When they fade, thenight sky CHANGES to day.
EXT. CHIGACO - DAYINT. GREG's HOUSE - LIVINGROOM - DAYWell kept and virtually untouched. The television is tunedto a talk show.HostSo, you've had these powers all of your life?GuestYes.HostAnd these visions, they're constant?(working audience)On all-the-time?GuestYes--HostAll of the time?!GuestIt is constant.GREG enters through the front doorway. He carries abackpack. As he passes the sofa in front of the television,he PACKS it down onto the cushions. His feet POUND as heexits into the hallway.Host(V.O.)Interesting. When we return, aresearcher who claims to have anexplanation for all psychicphenomenon along with reasons forthinking twice about beleiving whatyou hear. Stick around.
A theme SONG leads to a commercial break.INT. GREG'S HOUSE - BEDROOM - DAYHeavily cluttered. The belongings of a physics student anda restaurant manager are scattered everywhere. Gregprepares for work. His digital clock suggests a night job.Next to it is a beer bottle.GregGet out of school, get ready for work...(takes bottle and observes itsremains)I don't have time for you, but I make it?Wouldn't you do the same for me?(rattles bottle next to ear)Didn't think so.He walks to a nearby trash canister and disposes of thebottle.INT. GREG'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - DAYGreg walks toward the front entrance. The talk show returnsfrom its commercial break.INSERT - GREG'S TELEVISION-- A glimpse of upcoming mainstream tricks of mentalismperformed by the talk show guest.Greg doubles back and uses the remote control to turn thetelevision off.EXT. GREG'S CAR - DAY

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