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John F Kennedy Ex Poi Story Essay

John F Kennedy Ex Poi Story Essay

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Published by Selina Vance

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Published by: Selina Vance on Nov 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Life History of John F. KennedySelina VanceCourse Gen/101November 1st, 2010Robert Boyd
John F. Kennedy was the thirty- fifth president. Kennedy was the firstpresident to reach for the moon, ending the race between Russia and the UnitedStates. Some wondered if the moon race ever existed. ³Was it a true raceresulting from the cold war to land the first man on moon?´. Whatever the answer is to this question, The United States has clearly benefited from the moonlanding.John F. Kennedy was the thirty-fifth President of the United States.President Kennedy was considered by some to be the only president who had avision to reach for the moon. Kennedy also made the nation see itself with neweyes, and unfortunately, his assassination shocked the world.John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born in Brookline Massachusetts in May 29,1917, the second son of nine children. JFK was born into a family with a historyof political and public service. During his childhood Kennedy was sick, and spentmost of his time reading. As an adult, he enrolled at Princeton University, butshortly there after he had to withdraw himself because of his illness. Upon hisrecovery Kennedy entered Harvard University, where he in InternationalRelations. While in his senior year he traveled to Europe. During his time inEurope, John Kennedy was inspired after he read Winston Churchill¶s book,titled, ³While England Slept´, which chronicled Britain¶s lack of militarypreparation when threatened by Nazi Germany. John Kennedy, later wrote hissenior thesis titled, ³Why England slept´, in which he explored and examined thereasons for England¶s lack of military preparedness, was published in 1940.
 After graduating from Harvard, John enrolled at Stanford University. Afterwards, he tried to enlist in the U.S. Army, but was rejected because of aback injury. Determined to serve his country, Kennedy worked on strengtheninghis back with a regimen of exercises. Soon after, Kennedy enlisted in the U.S.Navy and was accepted. Kennedy served as an Intelligence Officer inWashington D.C. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, The United States entered World War II.Kennedy requested to be on active duty. Kennedy trained at sea among theMotor Torpedo boat squadron. After training, Kennedy went to South Pacific tofight the war against Japan.In March 1943, John Kennedy commanded a small patrol torpedo boat.Even thought the boat was fast, small and loaded with weapons and torpedoes, aJapanese Destroyer boat sliced his boat in half. Kennedy ordered his men toswim to a small island that was three miles away. He towed one of his men toshore in a heroic five-hour struggle. Several days later, with leadership andcourage he and his men were rescued. After returning to civilian life, Kennedydid newspaper work for several months covering the United NationsConferences, Potsdam Conferences and the British Elections from 1945 to 1946.Kennedy became a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives for the Massachusetts Eleventh Congressional District. Kennedy communicated withpeople in a direct informal style about the issues they were concerned with.Kennedy¶s brothers and his sisters supported him. Kennedy¶s brothers, Robertand Edward served as his campaign managers. Kennedy¶s mother and sisters

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