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Memories A Ship and a War 1944-1945 Oct. 2010

Memories A Ship and a War 1944-1945 Oct. 2010

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Published by John Moynahan
Recollections aboard the USS Ammen during WWII from 1944-1945 in the Pacific Theatre by John Moynahan.
Recollections aboard the USS Ammen during WWII from 1944-1945 in the Pacific Theatre by John Moynahan.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: John Moynahan on Nov 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Memories ... A Ship and A War
1944 - 1945
 An account byJohn H. MoynahanLieutenant (SC) USNR 
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 Author¶s Note:This book was written while in Nagasaki Harbor, Japan, inSeptember 1945, shortly after the atomic bomb was dropped on August 8
. It is based on recollections and miscellaneous notes;diaries were forbidden during the war. I was 23 years old when thiswas written in long hand. It was not converted to type until 65 yearslater in August 2010 at which time it was further edited.
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Experiences count for much. They are the basis for futureunderstanding and comprehension. The backbone of memory isexperience ... the infusion made on the mind by the senses.A young man should dream of tomorrow, they say, and only tired oldmen dream of yesterday. But I shall be old some day and perhaps Ican look back on these chapters with some amusement. Possibly Ican bring back some of these experiences and sensations and for aminute or two be young again.I once read that memory is the material out of which we build thestructure of our lives and its pattern is the shape of our perception;its details are the directions that govern the senses. It is thedescription of the past and it casts its shadow on the future.Obviously, I am putting all this down to explain why I should writeanything about myself. Probably I am trying to convince myself thatI have other motives than to satisfy my ego. By the latter, I meanthat without fully realizing it I want to project myself onto paper ...to catch and hold a part of my life which will not be re-lived. It is anegotistical thing to do for it shows that my thoughts are pretty wellconcentrated on myself rather than on the things around me. I haveno ability as a writer, so my excuse is not to leave a story of myself to posterity. As a matter of fact I am not writing this for anyone butthe person I shall be years from now. Thinking that he will probablyenjoy, or even be embarrassed by the damn fool he was when hewas 22 or 23 years old.JANUARY 1944

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