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The Mormon Worker - Issue 3 - Nov 07

The Mormon Worker - Issue 3 - Nov 07

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Published by SyncOrSwim
■ Don’t Torture in My Name By Josh Madson
■ Racism, Violence, and the United States, Part 1: The Prison System By Spencer Kingman
■ Space Technology or Social Progress? By Bruce K. Gagnon
■ Don’t Torture in My Name By Josh Madson
■ Racism, Violence, and the United States, Part 1: The Prison System By Spencer Kingman
■ Space Technology or Social Progress? By Bruce K. Gagnon

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Published by: SyncOrSwim on Nov 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Don’t Torture in My Name
By Josh Madson
On September 13, 2003, Alyssa Peterson tragically endedher lie. The third emale soldier to die in Iraq since the
invasion, Alyssa was a devout Mormon who had served
a mission in the Netherlands. Shortly ater her religiousservice, Alyssa volunteered to serve in the military. She
was adept at learning languages and was sent to Arabic
training school. Alyssa later volunteered to go to Iraq inplace o another who did not want to go.It was about this time in a conerence room at the Pen-
tagon that Donald Rumseld, rustrated rom a lack o good
intel, ordered the military to “gitmo-ize the situation" inAbu Ghraib and Iraq. Results o which we have all seen inthe photos and videos that emerged rom Abu Ghraib. Itwas in this situation that AlyssaPeterson, then serving inTal-Aar, Iraq,ound hersel shortly beore her death. We
know that “Peterson objected to the interrogation tech-
“I Teach Them Correct Principles and They Govern Themselves” –
Issue 3September 2007
By Josh Madson
By Spencer Kingman
By Bruce K. Gagnon
By Gregory VanWagenen
By Abdullah Mulhimone
By Jason Brown
By Stephen Wellington
By William Van Wagenen
By Ron Madson
By Jason Brown
By Kristen Kinjo-Bushman
By Matthew Thomas
By Jack Dawkins
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The Mormon Worker 
niques used on prisoners. She reused to participate ater
only two nights working in the unit known as the cage.
Army spokespersons or her unit have reused to describethe interrogation techniques Alyssa objected to. They sayall records o those techniques have now been destroyed.
..." Ater a conrontation with superiors, she was put on
suicide watch and assigned to guard a gate. Alyssa “avoided
eating with her interrogation team and spent time read-
ing at her desk when she did not have other assignments.”Shortly thereater, Alyssa was ound dead in a eld withher service rife in the grass next to her.“The reactions to the suicide were that she was havinga dicult time separating her personal eelings rom herproessional duties. That was the consistent point in the
testimonies, that she objected to the interrogation tech-
niques, without describing what those techniques were.”
We may never know the specic reasons Alyssa ended her
lie because the government is yet to release her suicidenote. What we do know however is that Alyssa who hadspent 18 months o her lie preaching the gospel o JesusChrist to complete strangers, seeing them as children o God was later placed into a situation where she was asked
to treat human beings as objects and torture them. Perhaps
she elt as Kayla Williams, a ellow soldier who talkedto Alyssa one week beore her death and also protested
the techniques used at Tal-Aar, when she stated the realproblem with such techniques is that it, “made me ques-tion my humanity and the humanity o all Americans. Itwas dicult and to this day, I can no longer think I am a
A Note to Our Readers
The Mormon Worker is an independent newspaper/jour-nal devoted to Mormonism and radical politics. It is pub-lished by members o the LDS Church. The paper is mod-eled ater the legendary Catholic Worker which has beenin publication or over seventy years.The primary objective o The Mormon Worker is to mean-ingully connect core ideas o Mormon theology with ahost o political, economic, ecological, philosophical, andsocial topics.Although most contributors o The Mormon Worker aremembers o the LDS church, some are not, and we acceptsubmissions rom people o varying secular and religiousbackgrounds.The opinions in The Mormon Worker are not the ocialview o The Church o Jesus Christ o Latter-day Saints.In solidarity,The Mormon Worker
140 West Oak CircleWoodland Hills, UT 84653Subscribe to our print edition:www.themormonworker.orgthemormonworker@gmail.comhttp://themormonworker.wordpress.com
Don't Torture in My Name
The Mormon Worker 
really good person and will do the right thing in the rightsituation.”
In perhaps an even stranger irony, these techniques she
was asked to perorm were in part reverse engineered bytwo Mormons known in the CIA as the “Mormon maa.” James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen were part o a classied
group known as SERE that trained US soldiers to withstandinterrogation techniques. Mitchell and Jes-sen were handpicked to reverse engineercommunist interrogation techniques and
teach them to CIA interrogators. These
techniques included waterboarding, stresspositions, sleep deprivation, and others. It
was with the capture o Abu Zubaydah in
March o 2002 that Mitchell and Jesse had
their rst chance to use their “enhanced”interrogation techniques.
Zubaydah was a mess when he was
captured. Unable to eat, drink, sit, or con-
trol his bowels, the FBI began the pro-
cess o nursing his wounds. At one point,Zubaydah turned septic and nearly died.
While Zubaydah was being treated hu-
manely by the FBI, he revealed one key intelligence detail:the identity o Khaled Sheikh Mohammed. Shortly therea-ter, the CIA interrogation team arrived and began the tech-
niques designed by Mitchell and Jessen. Ronald Suskind
reported that they strapped Abu Zubaydah to a water-board,
threatened him with certain death, withheld medication,
bombarded him with noise and lights, and deprived him o 
sleep. At one point, the CIA had even began constructionon a con to bury Zubaydah alive. It is no surprise thatDr. R. Scott Shumate, then chie operational psychologistor the C.I.A.’s counterterrorism center, packed his bagsand let in disgust ater witnessing Mitchell and Jessen’stechniques.
Under these conditions, Zubaydahbegan to “speak o plots o every vari-
ety–against shopping malls, banks, super-
markets, water systems, nuclear plants,
apartment buildings, the Brooklyn Bridge,
the Statue o Liberty.” Never mind that
Zubaydah was in act mentally ill and not
the pivotal gure they believed him tobe. Zubaydah’s diary he kept or more
than a decade had three separate voices:
a boy, a young man and a middle-aged
alter ego. Dan Coleman, the FBI’s top al-
Qaeda analyst, stated, “This guy is insane,
certiable, split personality,” and reer-
ring to the CIA stated, “They all knew hewas crazy.” Newsweek reported that oneFBI agent “was so oended he threatened to arrest the CIA
interrogators.”More revealing is the testimony o John Kiriakou, theCIA interrogator o Zubaydah, who when asked whether
he had legal authority or his actions in an ABC news
interview stated, “Absolutely. Absolutely. I remember - I
“T             ...   b  . N, ’ , -b ,    ,    ,  b .”
Aldous Huxley
Don't Torture in My Name

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