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5 Ways To Diss A Twilighter

5 Ways To Diss A Twilighter

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Published by HarryPotterHedgehog
A Gaia Online forum, complete with extra comments. Twilighters are goin' down.(:
A Gaia Online forum, complete with extra comments. Twilighters are goin' down.(:

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: HarryPotterHedgehog on Nov 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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They·re everywhere. Forums about how Twilight is better than Harry Potter. Oh, the opinions I must fix«Backing up: I actually do Google ´reasons why Twilight is better than Harry Potterµ Why? Because I·m bored, Ihate Twilight, I hate the way many of the fans act, and I love Harry Potter. I think those are reasons enough,personally.Point number two: It·s becoming increasingly difficult to find post about how T>HP, because I often find them inreverse. HP>T.I found a lovely post, however, on Gaia Online. What a confused soul. Scratch that, it isn·t lovely. This personactually really pissed me off with their ignorance.At the end of my third rant so far, I·ll post some comments by other people on their opinions. Should be fun!Without further ado, I present to you:5 Ways To Prove a Twilighter Wrong1)
the main female character is so much more relatable. i mean, the main female character in harrypotter is hermione: she's a mudblood witch who's still at the top of her class. but how could she beif she's a mudblood? her family had no magical history so how could she know anything aboutmagic going into hogwarts? if she didn't know anything about magic before hand then how couldshe possibly be good at it? plothole.
Seeing as Harry Potter is geared towards both guys
girls, it shouldn·t matter who the main female character is.Hermione is not the main character, she·s one of the main supporting characters, but the series is about
. Shedidn·t know anything about magic before going into Hogwarts, but she studied really hard and continues to study hard,which if you·ll notice, usually works out well for people. It isn·t a plot hole, and the way I see it, you just tried to make itlook like you knew about the series by informing everyone that Hermione is Muggle-born, but you obviously didn·t knowanything about it.
twilight is much more realistic. come on, an infant baby surviving a mass murder? that wouldnever happen. and if there was a giant magical castle in the middle of nowhere in scotland, don'tyou think it would stick out like a sore thumb? i personally think there really could be vampiresdisguising themselves as humans, i mean who would know for sure? that's right, you wouldn't.
gain, if you bothered to read the books, you·d know that Lily Potter gave her son her life as protection. You·d alsoknow that Hogwarts is concealed by enchantments.
nd the Cullens didn·t do a very good job at disguisingthemselves, seeing as they had abnormal eye and skin color, as well as acting very oddly.
nd a baby being birthed offof dead sperm? That would never happen.*[Oddly enough, I keep coming back to Edward·s demented sperm. Maybe because I find it so hard to believe that hereally is a male«]
twilight is so much easier to understand. i can read it without having to use a dictionary. DURHURRJKR SHOULD STOP RAPING HER THESAURUS. seriously, how does she expect people to know wordslike "lumos" or "expelliarmus" without looking them up? they're all based on ancient greek. no onespeaks that.
I·m pretty sure Stephenie Meyer is the thesaurus-rapist. It·s actually a miracle I can understand what you·re saying,seeing how your grammar is just as bad as the rest of the Twihards. Excerpt from Twilight:´I·d never seen him so completely freed of that carefully cultivated façadeµ
´He sat sinuously, with deliberately unhurried movement, till our faces were on the same level, just a foot apartµNow. JK Rowling does use a lot of descriptive words, which is generally suggested for third-person fantasy writing. Onthe other hand, Stephenie Meyer is writing this flowery crap in first person. Nobody under 3000 years old talks like thisanymore. No one knows what words like ´lumosµ or ´expelliarmusµ mean because they aren·t being used as words, or over-used adjectives and adverbs. They are
, nonsense words. You wouldn·t find lumos or expelliarmus in adictionary either, you idiot.
there's no love or emotion in harry potter. it's all just fighting and chaos all the time. when youread twilight you can feel the things bella is feeling. you feel her pain when edward leaves herand you can feel her fierce love for her daughter. you feel no love in harry potter, they charactersare too focused on intellect instead of feelings. and the relationships all come out of nowhere. ronand hermione?! where the ******** did that come from?? there was no previous evidence for theirrelationship; rowling only did it for closure of the series.
n. Idiot. Didn·t read the books, ¶nuff said, there is plenty of emotion and love in HP. There·s really only 5major fight scenes throughout the entire book:GOF: The GraveyardOOTP: MinistryHBP: When Dumbledore diesTDH: The flight to Tonk·s parent·s houseTDH: The Battle at HogwartsOf course we could feel her pain; she only monologued about this freakin· hole in her chest for 20 pages or so. Shefocused on her love of her daughter for about half a page, then Edward kissed her and Renesmee is ignored for the rest of the book. Ron and Hermione was a very delicately done relationship, and it wasn·t done for closure, asthe book could·ve proceeded either way. References of them having a relationship is mentioned as early as thethird book.
twilight is like a modern day romeo and juliet. i haven't read the play but i've seen the movies andthere are so many similarities. is harry potter based off of classic literature? no. if it has no basisthen how can the idea be good?
Why does a book have to be based off of a classic for it to be good?
nd it really isn·t like Romeo and Juliet, becausetheir families don·t hate each other. Harry Potter isn·t based off of classic literature, it
classic literature. Old, no. But intwenty years, people aren·t going to be squealing over Edward. Will they be discussing Harry Potter? Probably. It·smade it almost 15 years in this world, and still going strong.
Well, that·s all for now. I·d like to give this person a good slap. Someone said on this forum ´No one gives as*** about Twilightµ, here·s what the author said«
uhh obviously i love twilight and everyone who has an ounce of intelligense does tooµReally? An ounce of intelligense? You·re a smarty, aren·t you?More quotes! I·ll stop commenting >.< Unless, of course, it·s pro-Twilight. I·ll smash it like my five-year-oldsister breaks ornaments at Christmas.
´Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face ofadversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.µ

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wowww u must really hate twilight

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