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desain penelitian kualitatif

desain penelitian kualitatif



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Published by: ذوالحمدي نسوتيون الفقر on Dec 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pancasila philosophy functionsDescribes the function of philosophy Pancasila should be in the know the meaning of thesciences and what should be in dikat and united by the philosophy that the life of the country.understanding the function of philosophy in general, can be summed up as follows:a. Memeberikan answers to questions which are fundamental or basic in the life of the country. b. Search for truth that is the substance of the nature of the state, the idea of a country or destination country.c.Berusaha place and become tools of various science related to the life of the country.A. Any questions which are fundamental in the life benegara it?the answer is about every aspect that is closely related to kehidupanmasyarak nation and relatingto the survival of the country concerned.therefore fungsu philosophy Pancasila as the national life, should provide fundamental answersabout the nature of civic life. fundamental in the life of nation and state, the political compositionof the state or political system, form of the state, the composition of the economy and the basicsof science. all of the above should be able to be explained by philosophy. in this case studyPancasila that in terms of its function has been able to memebrikan answer. all the above wasalready stated in our terms trending state.B. Pancasila philosophy should be able to provide and seek the truth that the nature of thesubstance of neighbor countries, the idea of state and destination countries. in this case, Pancasilahas provided direction on the basis of the state. in our country is five basis in which each silanyaassociated with the other precepts. five precepts is a unified whole, and not sharing and notterpisahkan.saling provide direction and foundation to the precepts of Pancasila as the statelainya.kerenanya. for example we see the first precepts: belief in one God, giving light andguidance on the four precepts underneath. and so on if we're talking about the function of Pancasila as the basic pemebri who answered the question "the nature of statehood".Destination country will always be found in each respective state constitutions. thereforenot always the same and there is even a tendency perbedaadn a long way between destinations inone country to another. as an example of destination countries in Western Europe, of course,
very different from the destination countries in eastern europe. Indonesia as well as destinationcountries will not be the same for the purpose of our close neighboring countries Malaysia andSingapore. Therefore philosophy should state that serves the answers about the country. for us isfundamentally Indonesia Pancasila and the goal is at once became the founding basis of thiscountry.C. Philosophy of Pancasila as the nation should be able to give perangka and unifier of thevarious sciences that developed in Indonesia. function of philosophy will be obvious, if thecountry's already running order of civic life. as an example of the liberal western world, we findthat the development of liberalism in all aspects of human life. as well as in communistcountries, we find the development of science itself communist and every science must be the philosophy underlying his country. For us to be able to answer Pancasila Pancasila philosophyfunctions as a unifying device and science. for that very permasalahanya located above theshoulders of the scientists and the controlling power of the state. These two poles must establishthemselves as one and one-way basis. on the one hand, scientists must explore and develop theunderlying science itself and aims to enable the Pancasila as the unifying philosophy of science.on the other side of state authorities or governments should be careful and always wise precisionin providing guidance and direction of development of science in national life. perli we examinethis, because the state can not be integral to the development of science. ynag science is alwaysin the review and was developed by scientists to be in tune and in line with the policy and political powers that are running. in this case the scientists and the holders of power control mustrealize that science is the backbone of the country's progress go round. not mistake the wrongdirection and guidance, so that the development of science away from the basic philosophy of thestate or country. ynag science aimed at human welfare must always be under the control of thestate philosophy. do not just like a basic philosophy that states that a static substance, he isdynamic and he adlah g
Ditulis oleh jeperisdi/pada 5 Februari, 2009Oleh : Prof. Sukardi MS. PhD.Setelah membaca desain penelitian kualitatif-naturalistik ini para pembaca diharapkan memilikikompetensi seperti berikut.1. Memahami variasi desain penelitian naturalistik 2. Menguasai faktor-faktor dalam desain penelitian3. Menerapkan prinsip-prinsip desain penelitian4. Membuat desain penelitian yang sesuai dengan keadaan di lapangan.Pokok BahasanPerencanaan penelitian secara definitif dapat diartikan sebagai gambaran secara mendalam tentang proses penelitian yang hendak dilakukan peneliti guna memecahkan permasalahan. Desain penelitian merupakan bagian dari perencanaan penelitian yang menunjukkan usaha peneliti dalam melihat apakah penelitianyang direncanakan telah memiliki validitas internal dan validitas eksternal yang komprehensif.Pada penelitian kualitatif, bentuk desain penelitian dimungkinkan bervariasi karena sesuai dengan bentuk alami penelitian kualitatif itu sendiri yang mempunyai sifat emergent dimana phenomena muncul sesuaidengan prinsip alami yaitu pehenomena apa adanya sesuai dengan yang dijumpai oleh seorang penelitidalam proses penelitian dilapangan.Penelitian kualitatif dapat dipandang juga sebagai penelitian partisipatif yang desain penelitiannyamemiliki sifat fleksibel atau dimungkinkan untuk diubah guna menyesuaikan dari rencana yang telahdibuat, dengan gejala yang ada pada tempat penelitian yang sebenarnya. Oleh karena seorang peneliti belum mengetahui tentang responden dan apa yang akan ditanyakan kepada mereka, maka merekadiperbolehkan melakukan perubahan. Sedangkan posisi perencanaan sebelum peneliti terjun dilapanganadalah untuk meyakinkan bahwa mereka mengetahuai kegiatan minimal apa yang perlu dilakukan dilapangan. Tidak diketahuinya macam pertanyaan apakah yang perlu disampaikan ke responden adalahsesuai dengan apa yang dikatakan oleh Taylor dan Bogdan (1984:16) bahwa until we enter the field, wedo not know what questions to ask or how to ask them.Dalam penelitian kualitatif, bacaan yang luas dan up to date merupakan syarat mutlak yang perludilakukan oleh seorang peneliti guna mendalami teori yang relevan dengan permasalahan yang hendak dipecahkan. Oleh karena itu agar memperoleh desain penelitian yang baik, para paneliti hendaknya perlumemperhatikan beberapa butir penting seperti berikut yaitu: a) Peneliti hendaknya menaruh minatterhadap tema atau topik yang pada umumnya masih bersifat umum, b) Masalah diidentifikasi, dandianalisis untuk menarik pertanyaan pokok atau yang berkaitan dengan fokus permasalahan, c) Penelitisejak awal hendaknya juga sudah mengetahui key persons yaitu orang ±orang yang mempunyai informasi,dan audience yaitu orang-orang atau lembaga yang dapat menggunakan hasil-hasil penelitian, d) Penelitihendaknya mengetahui metode yang hendak digunakan agar dapat memilih metode yang sesuai dan dapatmemecahkan masalah.Unsur-unsur dalam desain Penelitian kualitatif Walaupun desain penelitian kualitatif dikatakan sebagai desain yang fleksibel, secara empiris, desain penelitian kualitatif pada umumnya mengandung unsur-unsur penting seperti berikut.1. Menentukan fokus penelitian. Pada unsur ini peneliti berusaha menguraikan latar belakang permasalahan yang hendak dipecahkan, mengindentifikasi phenomena yang menunjukkan realitas permasalahan dan kemudian menentukan fokus penilitan yang memiliki fungsi sebagai guide atau pedoman peneliti ketika melakukan eksplorasi data.

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