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m1120320a in Sauron's Sinister Service

m1120320a in Sauron's Sinister Service

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Published by sunhawk88

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Published by: sunhawk88 on Dec 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Haradrim Taskmaster (Man) Points Value:60
AHaradrim Taskmaster wears armour andcarries a barbed whip (which counts as athrowing weapon with a Strength of 2 andrange of 2"/4cm).
 Special Rules 
Whips of the Masters.
Each time aTaskmaster, or an Evil Hero within 6"/14cmof him, attempts a Heroic action, roll a D6.On a score of 4+, there is no need toexpend a point of Might – the action isinstead free.
Not all Haradrim march willingly to war – a few need a little encouragement from the whips of their taskmasters.
Haradrim Taskmaster 4/-452232/1/1
o, here I am again with a wholepassel of new warriors and Heroesfor the Strategy Battle Game. Theprofiles on these next few pages cover allthe releases from last month and, if I dosay so myself, give some very interestingoptions indeed for Haradrim, Easterlingand Mordor forces.
The Haradrim Abrakhân Guard and theGolden King have already wheedled theirway into my War of The Ring army, but if Ihad to pick a particular pair of favouritesfor the skirmish game from the newarrivals, I’d have to go with the EasterlingDragon Knight and War Priest. Easterlingarmies have always drawn me like a fly tospiky amber, and these extra characters (inaddition to Amdûr,who you’ll rememberwas released earlier in the year) really helpwith both the diversity and combateffectiveness of an Easterling horde.Nevertheless, the Men aren’t having itall their own way here in the Studio. AdamTroke (our resident Hobbit-botherer) hasbeen eyeing the brutal Black Guard of Barad-dûr and I’ll be very surprised if a fewdon’telbow their way into his Cirith Ungolarmy.Similarly,Iknow that the twin evilsof Chris Peach and Nick Bayton are likelyto pounce on the two new Nazgûl to leadtheir own malevolent minions. This isunfortunate, ’cos I want the Betrayer for myHaradrim, so every time we play a gamewe’ll first have to play another game todecide who gets to use the Ringwraith inquestion. Madness, I tell you.Anyway,I’ve wittered on enough, youwant to see some rules, I’ll be bound…
Armies of the Free Peoples beware! The armies of Sauron seefresh reinforcements, as Mat Ward dons his best supervillaincape and stabbity knives, and goes in search of evil-doers.
Haradrim Taskmasters can be included in the following armies: Serpent Horde,Harad or Umbar.
The Golden King of Abrakhn (Man) Points Value:115
The Golden King and his bearers are represented by a single model with thecombined profile shown above – the component parts cannot be attacked orwounded separately. Once the Golden King is reduced to 0 Wounds (or isotherwise removed as a casualty) remove the entire model from play. Treat theGolden King’s control zone as being the area within 1" of either bearer’s base.
The Golden King carries a two-handed weapon. The Golden King’s throne alsocounts as a banner (although as it does not hinder the Golden King in any way,he does not suffer a -1 penalty for ‘carrying’it).
 Special Rules 
The Golden King does not suffer the -1 penalty for wielding a two-handed weapon.
Riches Beyond Renown.
The lure of money can do much to change a man’sallegiance. The Golden King can expend any number of Will points if anenemy Hero takes a Courage test within 12"/28cm. The enemy’s Courage isreduced by 1 for every point of Will the Golden King expends. Note that theGolden King can wait for the Courage test dice to be rolled before decidingwhether or not to expend his Will.
The Haradrim city of Abrakhân sits upon one of the great crossroads of Middle-earth. It is a bloated spider grown fat and wealthy upon a web of trade routes, and the Golden King who rules the city takes his due of the many caravans that ply the roads to and from Khand, Mordor and the corsair city of Umbar.Unlike other Haradrim Kings, Abrakhân’s ruler holds little hatred in his heart for the folk of Gondor, seeing more profit in his illicit trades with the fiefdoms than in open war.Nevertheless, the Golden King fears the Dark Lord as much as any of his peers, and so the Golden Army of Abrâkhan marches to the Pelennor in Sauron’s name.
The Golden King 4/-454442/6/2
Abrakhân Merchant Guard (Man) Points Value:8
Each Abrakhân Merchant Guard carries atwo-handed weapon. Though an AbrakhânMerchant Guard doesn’t wear armour, hismassive bulk affords additional protection,as included in the profile above.
 Special Rules 
Warriors of the Merchant Guard haveincredible skill with their massive blades anddo not suffer the -1 penalty for wielding a two-handed weapon.
The tradition of the Merchant Guard goes back to before the days of Jilaad, the original Golden King of Abrakhân. Though they are mercenaries, loyal only to their paymaster,the Golden King pays better than any other Haradrim Chieftain, and so commands the Merchant Guard’s complete obedience.
Abrakhan Guard
 Haradrim Hornblowers 
Any Haradrim Warriorcan be upgraded to aHornblower for 20points. Whilst you have atleast one Hornblower onthe battlefield, all of yourmodels have a +1 bonusto Courage.
The Golden King and the Abrakhân Merchant Guard can be included in aSerpent Horde or Harad army.
Easterling War Priest (Man) Points Value:60
AWar Priest carries a battle stave (which can be used as either a spear or a two-handedweapon) and wears heavy armour.
 Magical Powers 
Range 6"/14cm. Dice score to use: 3+. This works in the same way as the
spellmore commonly used by Orc-kind. It affects all Easterlings (yes, including Khamûl theEasterling) within range.
Range: Self or a friendly Hero within 6"/14cm. Dice score to use: 2+. The WarPriest channels his rage, causing a weapon to gleam dark red with molten power. Anyblows the chosen model strikes in combat this turn are resolved at Strength 6.
Easterlings worship Sauron with a fanatical passion that surpasses that of even the most ardent Orcs. It is the War Priests that lead this adulation on the battlefield, striking down the foe in the Dark Lord’s name, and claiming the wounded for sacrifice when the battle is done.
War Priest 3/-351241/3/1
Easterling Dragon Knight (Man) Points Value:60
ADragon Knight wields an array of swords (hand weapon). He wears heavy armour,and his parrying skill affords an extra ‘pip’of Defence as included in his profile above.
 Special Rules 
Shield of Blades.
Before he fights, a Dragon Knight can choose to whirl his blades in adefensive pattern. If he does so, he uses the rules for shielding in the ensuing combat.
Combat Stance.
Whenever a Dragon Knight is knocked down for any reason, roll aD6 – on a 4+ he keeps his footing and is not knocked down.
Dragon Knights are fighters, not leaders. They may not make Stand Fast! testsand other models cannot benefit from their Heroic actions.
Dragon Knights are the epitome of the Easterling warrior castes, whose lives of gruelling training and ceaseless war have honed their martial skills beyond the ken of ordinary men.Their swords flow like quicksilver, shifting from decapitating strike to flawless parry in the blink of an eye.
Dragon Knight 5/-463242/0/0
Easterling War Priests and Dragon Knights can be included in an Easterling army.

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