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Horoscope Reading

Horoscope Reading

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Published by ashish
Horoscope reading, indian horoscope by the best indian astrologers.
Horoscope reading, indian horoscope by the best indian astrologers.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: ashish on Dec 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Namaste!Thank you for visiting this Vedic astrology website; the official internet address of '
TheHimalayan Ashram of Vedic Astrologers
', New Delhi, India. The best astrologers work here inunison to provide manually prepared horoscope predictions-readings which are sent by e mail.The finest Indian horoscope-astrology readings covering human life aspects of Health,Compatibility, Marriage, Love-Relationship, Progeny-Child, Job-Business-Wealth, Spirituality,Yagya, 2011 Horoscope, Numerology, Nameology, Birth Chart, Gemstone, Tarot andmore....can be availed online at this website.You may refer to the 'site map' for the complete list of horoscope readings. We hope that youfind this mystical experience with Vedic astrology rewarding and enriching. Good luck & God bless!
Life is a constant learning schooland the planetary placements atthe time of your birth reveal your current 'standing' in the cycle of evolution. This amazing Vedicastrology report deciphers thecosmic messages spoken only for you through your 'Birth Chart'.Destiny is 'pre framed' but not 'prewritten'....and hence 'you' yourself are the author. Faster a man learns(wisdom)...quicker hismisfortunes 'dissolve'. The reporttalks on your Personality, Career,Health, Relationships, Finances,Life Longevity, Remedialmeasures and more.... You mayalso ask 'three' complimentaryquestions with this horoscopereading.Personal Astrology ReportWealth & Career HoroscopeLove & Marriage HoroscopeYogas & their periods of activationCompatibility Horoscope-Matching‘Three Questions’ HoroscopeHealth Horoscope ‘Vedic Tarot ...by DhananjayaProgeny Horoscope 
(Spiritual Horoscope)The spiritual mission of the 'Soul'will be fulfilled if conditions existfor the 'Life Force' to flow freelyin the desired direction. The'Ascendant' (1st House), 5thHouse and 9th House form the'Spiritual Triangle' in an Indianhoroscope. The distributed energylevels within these houses hint atthe soul's spiritual heritage,evolution status and the futurecourse.You may also ask 'three'complimentary questions withthis horoscope reading.More...
This is an inverted triangle formed in an Indianhoroscope by the houses 3rd-11th-7th. Along with the'triangle of spirituality' it forms the mystical 'hexagon'signifying the polarization of matter & spirit, leadingto 'creation'. In astrology this close link betweenmaterial & spiritual forces clearly indicates that a balance between spirituality and materiality leads to a'perfect existence' and optimum productivity.You may also ask 'three' complimentary questionswith this horoscope reading.More...
Fore-knowledge will make you ateacher par excellence and adeserving parent. We invite youto the most rewarding counselingsession with the 'Planets'themselves. Get exposed to thegreatness of your child right at thestart and avoid a million pit falls.Ignorance is not bliss when itcomes to your most precious'jewel'. Topics of discussion inthis tremendous Vedic astrologyreading are personality traits,strengths to be reinforced,weaknesses to be overcome, planetary placements and the promise they hold, mentalcharacteristics, education &applying the learning, prospects
Minimize the risk of marriage/relationship failurethrough pre-wisdom bestowed by Vedic astrology. Awonderful report that conducts a step by stepcorrelative love-relationship analysis between twoindividuals. Mysteries of your partner revealed rightat the doorway, will spare you the unpleasantsurprises that may be in the offing in future. Bearmed with a 'Bazooka' before walking into arelationship..... a priceless gift from 'Vedicastrology'..... You also get to ask 'three'complimentary questions.More...
of education, career & areas of interest, power yogas and more.....You also get to ask 'three'complimentary questions.* Note: Not for children belowone year of age. More...
Powerful names make all thedifference between success andfailure and when the namematches the strengths in ahoroscope, it channels the power of the birth chart towards the day-to-day efforts. You decide the'name' of your child or businessand we decide the 'spelling'. A priceless Vedic astrology readingagain.More...
A corporate makeover utilizing the cosmicmathematics is 'Miraculous'. We encourage thecorporate world to experience this revolutionaryIndian astrology reading to achieve global leadership,enhanced image, dynamic progress, client satisfactionand maximum productivity. The corporate brandname of a company is decided based on Nameology,Numerology and an individual horoscopeanalysis. Along with the most energized names and product identification, we will also advise thecorporate color. We will also suggest the technicaldetails for printing the letter head of the company asto in which font and color it can be printed in for maximizing the efforts. We will suggest a suitable"Gem" which can improve the general luck factor of the directors/owners/ or proprietor.You also get to ask three complimentary questionswith this very unique Vedic astrology reading.More...
Get hold of the most detailed printed 'Vedic Birth ChartBooklet'. This 'Birth ChartBooklet' is the single mostnecessary tool for any Vedicastrology prediction and isrecommended for each member of a family including new bornchildren. Keep it handy at alltimes for you will need it eachtime you visit a Vedic astrologer 
Experience the healing powers of 'Mantra' or 'Sound'.Fire rituals or 'Yagya' conducted to please the cosmic powers following strict Vedic discipline are lifechanging. Works on the principle of diluting negative'karmic debt' through divine intervention. Seeminglydefies human logic but certainly establishes the presence of a higher power. Faith & noble intentionsare the only pre-requisites. Yagya is the strongestremedial arm of Vedic astrology. Before the 'problem'the 'solution' existed and we give you access to anunlimited cosmic energy reservoir, that can be used to

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