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Published by Dave

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Published by: Dave on Nov 03, 2007
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Sep/Oct 2007 • Vol. 2, No. 4 • Issue No. 10
Fall is Best Planting Opportunity ~ 2Fall Allergies Need Healthy Spine ~ 4Skin Care Scare Tactics ~ 10Help Your Health Classes ~ 13Digital Paraspinal Thermography ~ 14Elderberry Juice Saved My Life! ~ 15Breast Cancer and Thermography ~ 16Chiropractic vs. Massage? ~ 18Next Generation in Dentistry ~19Bioelectrical Impedance ~ 20A Healthier Look at Thyroid ~ 23No-Needle Face Lift/Anti-Aging ~ 24A Good Night’s Sleep ~ 26Cholesterol? Or Your Thyroid? ~ 27Feeding New Babies From Russia ~ 28Herb Talk ~ Black Widow Bite! ~ 29Fall Organic Advice from Alan ~ 30Good Salt ~ Bad Salt ~ 33Testimonial ~ 21-Day Detox ~ 34Dealing with Gluten Disorders ~ 35
HealthierChoices forCity & CountryLife
Natural Living Alternatives in North Texa
Health AroundHealth AroundHealth AroundHealth AroundHealth AroundYYYYYour Corour Corour Corour Corour CornernernernernerHealth AroundHealth AroundHealth AroundHealth AroundHealth AroundYYYYYour Corour Corour Corour Corour Cornernernernerner
Water Returns to North Texas!The HAYC Backyard
Glutenous Maximus
How Modern-Day Wheat Gluten is Ruining
Health! ~ pg. 6
Texoma Landscapes & Garden Center • Denison • 903-465-5456 
Tim & Melody
by Jonathan Castr
any think that spring is the best time to plant and don’trealize the benefits of fall gardening. The best windowof opportunity is at our doorstep.Some of these benefits include a longer timeline for establishingnew plants (plants have a better chance to thrive), the advantage of fall and winter rainy seasons, and the cooler/milder temperatures.This is a great time to find better prices at the nurseries (everyoneloves saving money) with less crowded conditions. You have a betterchance of getting one-on-one attention. Not to mention, it is a greattime to be outside enjoying the wonderful fall weather!Some more benefits of fall are that your plants endure less stress,and less evapotransperation (moisture loss of flora). In the fall, thereare fewer pests and insects to devour new foliage, so less chemicaland pesticide use. This is a time of greater root growth, so thatwhen the stress of the Texas summer comes, life can be sustained.Trees have a better chance of survivability when planted in falland winter. Trees are our greatest asset and are the highest valuefor one’s landscape.It is time to put the pre-emergent out RIGHT NOW! This preventsbroadleaf weeds and other seeds from germinating. With all thewater this past spring, we have an incredible amount of seeds lyingdormant just waiting for the right conditions to be germinated. Corngluten meal is a pre-emergent and rye grass makes a great top cover.(Note: Do not do both corn gluten and rye together. The corn glutenwill keep your rye seed from germinating.) 
Now Is the Time to Prepare
This is the time to start thinking about the type of the outdoorliving space that you would like to have. Even though you mayhave not all the hardscape (patio, pool, outdoor kitchen, gazebo)installed, now is the time to start bed preparation. Pick your plantmaterial according to the site of the bed. Take into consideration if 
Timing is Everything: Fall ~ The Best Window of Opportunity! 
The work of organic landscaper Jonathan Castro ~ bridge too! 
Excellent in Medicine,Compassionate in Caring 
Internal Medicine specialist with extensive trainingand expertise in Alternative Medicine, combiningthe latest advances in Conventional Medicine withthe healing powers of natural products and tailoringthem to your specific situation.
• Heart disease, blockedarteries, other heartconditions• Hypertension• Cholesterol problems• Diabetes and its complica-tions• Circulation problems• Arthritis, fibromyalgia,CFS, immunodeficiencysyndromes• Allergies, asthma• Chelation Therapy• Intravenous Vitamin C &Other Mega-Vitamins• Vitamins & Food Supple-ments• I.V. Oxygen and other I.V.Therapies• Low-intensity Lasers• Lumbar Decompression• Minor Surgery• EKG/Stress Test/Physicals• Lung function tests
Do you suffer from:Provided services include
may be right for you! 
Grace Medical Association
200 W. Southwest Pkwy.
LEWISVILLE, TX 75067972-420-6777 Fax: 972-420-0656
Dr. Smart Idemudia, M.D., Ph.D 
Dr. Smart Idemudia, M.D., Ph.D....
(continued on pg. 18)
Trained, Experienced Naturopathic Approach to Gluten Sensitivity, Metabolic Typing,Intestinal Disorders, Detoxification Massage Therapy & Holistic Counseling 
1801 Texoma Dr., Ste. B • SHERMAN, TX
Behind One Grand Centre 
L.A. Mayo, N.T. S. J.D. Mayo, R.M.T.
• Swedish Massage• Craniosacral Therapy• Foot Reflexology• Hot Stone Massage• Shiatsu• Polarity Therapy
Our Goal
• to support the healing process with the use of touch therapies and research of individual needs • to bring a moment of peace in which healing can begin 
Power ofHealthNaturopathics
Larry Mayo
From theEditors Desk
S. A. Cranfill 
Published by Schloss Dasfels L.P.P.O. Box 580Tioga, Texas 76271
Letters to the Editor
Advertising Information
S. A. Cranfill
Business Manager
B. D. Cranfill
Advertising Sales
Jean Heney
Dallas Distribution & Sales
Merrily Smith
Web Site
Pam Morrisson
Layout Assistant
Pam Morrisson
Published bimonthly and designed forreaders and advertisers in North Texas.
Distributed FREE of charge.Also available ON LINE.Printed in Gainesville by TexomaWeb Offset Printing
Copyright 2007 Schloss Dasfels L.P.
HAYC reserves the right to refuse anyadvertising we deem inappropriate for thispublication. HAYC also reserves the rightto edit all materials published herein. Ar-ticle contributions are from advertisersonly. Advertisers will approve all finaldrafts of their own ads, articles, or inter-views prior to publication.HAYC is a medium of communicationbetween you and your area’s natural healthand product providers. HAYC providesuseful information to help you make yourown informed choices. Advertisers andcontributors are responsible for their ownclaims or opinions. HAYC does not en-dorse practitioners or products. Contribu-tors may answer general questions, butnothing in HAYC will constitute personalmedical advice.
Health AroundYour Corner
Gluten ~ The Elephant in the Room
hen I first discovered Dr. JosephMercola’s website on naturalhealth, years ago, I was struck bythe fact that he took most of his patients off of grains and sugars.The sugars I understood ~ I had removedwhite sugar and corn syrups from my regu-lar diet for some years. I then discovered evenbetter results as we made further changes,from turbinado to sucanat, and black strapmolasses and grade B real maple syrup.But I had also become a member of the“grind your own whole grains” and “crack your own oatmeal” gang (though I had notcaught the important factors of sproutedgrains and soaking or fermenting thosegrains). I couldn’t understand how a stapleof life throughout history could be harmful.Mercola explained that he had once beena whole-grain devotee. There was a lot of talk about insulin resistance and increasinginformation about metabolic typing, but Idon’t remember discussion (then) about glu-ten sensitivity ~ just the fact that most peopledid much better off of grains and sugars.Now, finally, I understand why.
Lives Changed Already
Gluten is not a new subject. It is, however,finally being recognized as a “condition thatis reaching epidemic proportions.” There istalk about a vaccine (??!), further bioengi-neering (!), and other crazy remedies that fit our“give me a push-button answer so I don’t haveto change anything I do” mentality. The goodnews is that the fix for gluten is easy ~ simplystop ingesting gluten.Three lives have already been changed for thebetter due to our gluten research, even beforethe magazine is published. This is an importantissue that could benefit many people ~ even you!
Welcome the Herb Lady!
HAYC welcomes the contributions of Jo AnneBoudreau, of Boudreau Herb Farms in MineralWells, known all over Texas as “The HerbLady.”In this issue, Jo Anne describes her experiencewith a black widow spider bite and her use of herbal remedies.
Water Returns to Texas
The cover picture is the HAYC backyard ~representative of the flooding (historic level inGainesville) that refilled Texas lakes, reservoirs,and aquifers with a vengeance, after a decadeor so of drought.We are late with this issue, but life does tendto get in the way of a very small business op-eration. However, we hope that this publishingeffort will continue to have beneficial effectson many lives in North Texas and elsewhere!
Barb Tucker has opened
Super Health Food inGainesville
, at Californiaand Grand.This summer, she sup-ported local marketers. Asyou can see, the Grubbfamily (below) came out inforce!
News BetweenIssues!
Don’t forget to check theHAYC website for specialdates or events by ouradvertisers!

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