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WAS WERE exercise

WAS WERE exercise



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Published by zorka

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Published by: zorka on Aug 11, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I/3 PAST SIMPLE VERB TO BEI Complete with was/ wasn’t/ were/ weren’t
1. I ________ in Canberra last spring and this yearI__________ in Rome.2. We _________ at school last Saturday and thisSunday we ___________ at home.3. Tina ______ at home yesterday, she ________ atwork.4. You ________ very busy on Friday, _________  you busy today?5. Jessica and Kimberly _________ late for school yesterday, in fact, they _________ always late.6. We _______ students in 1990, now we ________ teachers.7. He _________ in a hurry because there __________ a lot of traffic.8. Last night you ________ angry because yourgirlfriend __________ at home.9. My father ___________ at work yesterday becausehe ___________ on vacation.10. Trixi and Felix ______my cats, they died 5 yearsago.11. Susan and Betty __________ good friends whenthey ____________ at school.12. They _________ good at sports but they ________ good at maths 2 years ago.13. They like traveling, they ______ in London thisweek?14. It ___________ Sunday today, yesterday it _________ Saturday.15. I ___________ at home, I ___________ at thegym with some friends.16. We _______ with friends yesterday, we ________ alone.
II. Your friend was at a party at the house of a millionaire. Use items from the list to make sentences.delicious, luxurious, heart-shaped, by Picasso, old and ugly, interesting, young and beautiful,full of roses, very expensive, very polite, famous, antique
1. The millionaire was old and ugly.2. The millionaire's wife __________________________ 3. The other guests _____________________________ 4. The servants ________________________________ 5. The house __________________________________ 6. The swimming pool ____________________________ 7. The furniture _______________________________ 8. The paintings ________________________________ 9. The gardens _________________________________ 10. The food __________________________________ 11. The wine ___________________________________ 12. The conversation _____________________________ 
III. Look at these pictures of Bob and Sue and complete the sentences below. Here are some useful words:babies,dark, energetic, friendly, generous, happy, healthy, poorpretty, smooth, thin, very intelligent, young
1. Bob and Sue are old now but then ______________young. 2. Bob and Sue aresad now but then __________ 3. Sue is fat now but then _____________ 4.They are often ill now but then ____________ 5. Their skin is wrinkled nowbut then ____________ 6. They are often angry now but then_____________ 7. Their hair is grey now but then ____________ 8. They are often tired nowbut then _______________ 9. Sue is forgetful now but then _____________10. Bob and Sue are rich now but then _____________ 11.They are mean now but then ______________12. Their children are adults nowbut then _____________ 13. Sue is ugly now but then ______________.
IV. Write the questions for these answers:
1.______________________________________?He was born in 1916.2.______________________________________?It was sunny and hot.3.______________________________________?She was bad tempered and grumpy.4.______________________________________?I was with my sister.5.______________________________________?They were at the beach last summer.6.______________________________________?The party was great, I was really happy.7. _____________________________________?She was happy because it was her birthday.8. _____________________________________?My best friend was Andy.9. _____________________________________?Her birthday party was last summer.10. ____________________________________?John Lennon was from Liverpool.
V. Choose the correct verb.
Charles Darwin [was were]born on February 12, 1809. He[was were] a British naturalistwho became famous for histheories of evolution andnatural selection. In SouthAmerica, Darwin found thatfossils of extinct animals [waswere] similar to modernspecies. Many people [waswere] strongly opposed to the idea of evolution becauseit conflicted with their religious beliefs. Throughout hislife, Darwin [was were] a reserved, thorough, hardworking scholar.When Albert Einstein[waswere] young, his parentsworried about him. Einstein'sparents [was were]concerned that Albert was"slow." Albert [was were] aterrible student who didn'twant to attend classesregularly and take exams.Einstein's best-known work,the theory of relativity, [waswere] published in 1905.Unfortunately, the theory ofrelativity [was were] used to create the atomic bomb.
VI. Practice this conversationKATHY:
Hi, Kathy. This is Amanda.
Hi, Amanda. How’s it going?
Fine. Hey, Josh and I stopped by your house last night, but youweren’t there. Or were you asleep?
Actually, I wasn’t home last night. I was at the cinema.
Were you alone?
Uh, no. I was with . . .someone. The movie was great. Reallyexciting. And funny too.
Really! What movie was it?
Frankenstein’s Uncle.
VII. Correct the letter

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