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AP Psych Midterm Study Guide Ans

AP Psych Midterm Study Guide Ans

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Published by mrsaborges

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Published by: mrsaborges on Jan 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Cognitive
2. Abraham maslow
3. Max wertheimer 
4. Unscientific & unverifiable
5. psychoanalytic
6. nature vs nurture
7. cognitive
8. cognitive
9. naturalistic observation
10. reliability
11. animal subjects can be placed at much greater risk than human subjects
12. anonymity
13. experiments can show cause and effect relationships
14. positively skewed
15. risk of long term harm
16. many confounding variables
17. 75,000
18. 30,000
19. II
20. broca's area
21. motor neuron
22. neurotransmitters
23. serotonin
24. visual cortex in occipital lobe
25. connections between the auditory cortex in the temporal lobe
26. a chemical change occurs within the cell, an electric charge is produced, and thecharge jumps the gap between the nerve cells
27. coma
29. corpus callosum
30. imitating or canceling the effects of neurotransmitters
31. axons
32. epileptics
33. action potentials occur completely or not at all
34. sympathetic and parasympathetic
35. secretes hormones into the blood stream for communication
36. fight or flight
37. pituitary gland
38. sleep and arousal
39. hindbrain,midbrain,forebrain
40. new connections forming in the brain to take over for damaged sections
41. excitatory neurotransmitters
42. thalamus
43. both genetics and environment contribute to intelligence
44. areas where the myelin sheat has degenerated
45. expands;constricts
46. sensation
47. chromosomes
48. 46 chromosomes
49. feature detectors
50. perceptual (gestalt) organization

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