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PresenTense Workplans for PTL Management and Operations vPDF

PresenTense Workplans for PTL Management and Operations vPDF

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Published by PresenTense Group
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Published by: PresenTense Group on Jan 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PresenTense Year in Preview 5771 (Oct 2010-Sept 2011) PTL Management and Operations, Page: 1
PTLogistical Services General Management and OperationsProject Summary:
The senior management of PT Logistic Services has at the top of its priorities thedevelopment of young and enterprising leadership throughout the world. As service providersand as citizens of the world, we deem as incumbent upon us to develop the younger generationsin the Jewish world and enable them to lead us to a world with fundamental values such as social justice, concern for the Other, progress respect, and renewal. In order to create and be asignificant part of such a society, the senior management is committed to develop and promotethe working abilities of its staff, perform employee evaluations, and build the best working teamaccording to these evaluations.By developing its team, PTL is aiming to create an ideal working place, on both the physicaland the material levels, for Jewish entrepreneurs all over the world who diligently work atdeveloping ideas for leading the Jewish people in Israel and the world.In order to develop this team, the management will convene meetings where work plans willbe presented by the department heads, opportunities (both internal and external) for the staff toreceive additional training shall be discussed, the current activity according to the budget shall bepresented and much effort (both material and non-material) will be made to make the team andits work more efficient.This work shall take place throughout the year, since PTL is committed to repeatedlyexamine new ways that team members could use to evaluate their work and environment. It isclear to all that success in meeting
PTL’s goals in terms of staff development
will be measuredby the way in which the management performs the role of being a foundation for its employeesand for the entrepreneurs and its ability to provide for their needs so as to enable them to succeedin leading the Jewish people. Since we are living in a world that is frequently changing, theorganization deems it extremely important to update itself currently on what is going on.Obviously, every plan is a basis for change and in this case also, changes shall be introduced asthe year progresses, according to reality and the needs of the staff.
Project Goals:
Strengthen the team and make them feel inspired and proud to belong to thisorganization.
Create, with the help of the team, an organization that will be a model and aninspiration for other organizations in Israel and the world.
Enable a supportive work environment that will inspire creativity for organizationworkers and members.
Become more efficient and examine ourselves as much as is needed and possible.
Create a team that will be satisfied from its workplace and would want to stay in itfor a long period of time.
PresenTense Year in Preview 5771 (Oct 2010-Sept 2011) PTL Management and Operations, Page: 2
Make the employees feel that they are appreciated and fostered by theorganization.
Holding quarterly staff meetings where work plans (systemic plans, content plans,and budget plans) will be presented.
Various forms of team training (such as: bringing in outside experts, lectures byteam members, recreation day) of various durations (monthly, one-time only).
Development workshops for the entire team during the year, whose purpose is toreinforce team spirit and improve work methods.
Development of the organization's management: holding meetings for allmanagers in the organization.
Employee evaluation (by superiors and by the entire team).
Personal development for team members: courses relevant to their work, travel toconferences abroad.
Finding mentors who can contribute to individuals on the team according to theirspecific needs and requirements.
Making a presentation that will be used as a general model and designed first andforemost for team members, clarifying the values to which we aspire regardingthe employees and the way they work.
Preparation of a general and specific orientation program that will be given toevery new employee that enters the organization.
Preparation of a training program and full role descriptions for every intern thatenters the organization. Every intern, just like any other employee, shall have adirect manager who will maintain direct communications with him as well asmeetings with the organization associate director who will examine how the newemployee is working together with the team in general.
 We rely on several working assumptions for examining our work's efficiency and of theteam with which we are working. Without these working assumptions, it will be difficult toexamine the goals we are trying to meet and measure the success or failure of the courses of action we chose:
The PT Logistic Services team is made up of ambitious members.
The team is interested in improving work methods and developing new ones.
The employees, as individuals and as a team, are loyal to the organization andconsider its goals extremely important.
The employees are interested in developing themselves individually so as tobecome better workers and better people.
The organization is committed to developing and promoting the team.
Elements of the project
PresenTense Year in Preview 5771 (Oct 2010-Sept 2011) PTL Management and Operations, Page: 3
In addition to the specific elements mentioned above, there is a general concept of buildingteam spirit which we support and would like to encourage. Since many researches had proventhat a team that cooperates and enjoys working together is more effective and successful, we toobelieve in this method and therefore are committed to various activities, such as a recreation dayfor the team, whose aim is to reinforce the social connections between team members.
Element Description Goals Objectives Metrics
The role of training is tooffer varioustools that willenable teammembers tomaximize theirwork ability andexpose them tovarious skills andwork methods.For this purposewe will holdseveral trainingsessions, some of which are basedon outsideexperts and someon internalforces.* Expand the team'sknowledge base* Provide new toolsfor work * Develop newwork methods andskills* Build team spirit* Increase thepersonal andcollectiveconfidence of teammembers in theirwork * Expand theknowledge sharedby the team.* Make work methods moreefficient.* Maximize eachemployee's personalabilities.* Introduce newemployees andinterns into theorganization (andtraining them).1. Team training sessions
finding topics to learnand bringing an outsideexpert who can enrichthe team in that area.2. Shared team learningsession
once a month,one of the team memberswill teach the others atopic he or she isinterested in and wouldlike to share with the restof the team in order toenrich them.3. Developmentworkshops for the entireteam. These workshopswill be given by outsideexperts who will focuson different tools that canmake the team work more efficiently andexpand individual andcollective ways of action.4. Finding mentors whocan coach individuals onthe team according totheir specific needs andrequirement.5. Preparing a generalorientation plan for newemployees and interns.1. Team training: 3 studysessions a year.2. Team learning: 5 internalstudy sessions a year.3. 1-2 workshops a year fordeveloping the collectiveteam.4. Finding mentorsaccording to needs.5. Finding workshops, tripsabroad and relevantconferences, to which it ispossible to send specificteam members.
The role of evaluation is todevelop personalawareness of each employee'sprofessional leveland of the waythey are seen by
Develop eachemployee's personalawareness of theirabilities.
Personally showeach employeewhat his or herstatus is.1. Meetings of allmanagers for discussingand reporting the otherteam members' progressand to deal with thedilemmas they face asdirect superiors. Thesemeetings enable constant1. Manager team meetings: 3times a year2. Evaluation of theemployees by theirsuperiors: once a year foreach employee and morefrequently (1 month, 3months, half a year for new

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