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Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMA Tahun 1997

Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMA Tahun 1997

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Published by Andhika A. Setiyono

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Published by: Andhika A. Setiyono on Jan 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Evaluasi Belajar Tahap Akhir NasionalTahun 1997Bahasa Inggris
Wacana 1
A new test on 54 meatball samples taken from anumber of supermarkets and traditional markets showsthe meatballs are borax-free, the head of the Jakartaoffice of 'the Ministry of Health announced yesterday".He also said the health office is testing tofu fromvarious sites but the result have yet to be announced."The meatballs test was conducted on April t2and 13 by employees of the Jakarta Food and DrugSupervision Office and Ministry of Health," said HadiSantoso, adding that none of the meatballs currentlysold here contain borax.The testing was a follow up measure to an earlierround of testing conducted by the health office incooperation with students from the Universitas 17Agustus which was undertaken .from November toFebruary, last year.The first random testing revealed that 26 percentof the meatballs and half of the tofu samples takenfrom seven supermarkets and, 14 traditional marketscontained borax and formaldehyde, preservativeswhich are harmful to human health.The announcement of the findings hurt tofu andmeatballs vendors' businesses. Several meatballvendors from Tanah Tinggi, Central Jakarta, met withcouncilors on Monday, saying their business had beenadversely affected by the report.After a meeting with councilors on the matteryesterday, Hadi Santoso said it is common for the pityadministration to cooperate with university students insuch surveys, adding that the students used theuniversity's laboratory to examine the tofu andmeatball samples.
Who conducted the meatball test on April 12 and 13?A.
The university's laboratory staff B.
The students of Universitas 17 AgustusC.
The Jakarta office of the Ministry of HealthD.
The Jakarta Food and Drug Supervision officersE.
The Jakarta Food and Drug Supervision office andMinistry of Health -
What was the result of the earlier test?A.
The meatballs contained boraxB.
It did not cause any problem for meatball vendorsC.
The meatballs contained harmful preservativesD.
The meatballs are harmful to human healthE.
Only the samples contained harmful preservatives
Which pf following statements is true according to thetext?A.
Meatballs and tofu are harmful to human healthB.
All the sample contained no borax andformaldehydeC.
The test did not harm the meatballs vendorbusinessD.
The Students examined the samples in theuniversity's laboratoryE.
The test was held to examine alt the meatballsvendor business
Paragraph 6 tells about ...A.
the announcement of the findingsB.
the tested samples of meat ballsC.
the result and the-announcement of the testD.
the effect of the findings on the meatballs vendorsE.
the finding of harmful preservatives on meatballsand tofu
"The meatballs test was conducted on April 12 and 13by employees ..." (paragraph 3).The underlined words means ...A.
carried outB.
worked outC.
given outD.
tried outE.
found out
Saying their business had been adversely 'affected by
the report." (paragraph 6).The synonym of the underlined word is ...A.
Wacana 2
Have you ever seen how some people run abusiness office? There are some professions that havevery important roles in business activities. Theseprofessions are related to each other in an organization.The professions discussed here are banker, accountant,and secretary.A banker is person who conducts banking. Hemay be the owner of a bank or he can be the member of the board of directors who operated the bank. Bankersgive loans to business offices, firms, factories, tooperate or expand their business.
An accountant is a person who has charge of theaccounts of a company. He is the one who records,keeps financial accounts and makes financialstatements. He plays an important role to make thefirms remain in good financial condition.A secretary is someone who keeps records,handles correspondence, or does the administration foran organization or person.
assistant or privatesecretary of an executive always deals with thebusiness letter writing of that person. The secretary is,therefore, concerned with any business that the firmundertakes. The secretary must be qualified and able tospeak English, fluently. There are certain types of duties that a secretary is responsible of such as makingappointments, receiving orders, making reservationsfor the manager, sending letters of congratulations orcondolence, sending invitations etc. She also makes anagenda for the manager. An office usually has morethan one secretary who are always busy doing theirduties.
What is the topic of the second paragraph?A.
How a banker gives creditsB.
The financial system of a bank C.
The job description of a bankerD.
A banking business as a companyE.
The board of directors
An accountant who works unprofessionally will …A.
bring big profit for the companyB.
improve the book keeping 6f the businessC.
harm the financial management of the firmD.
help the manager plan his expenditureE.
complete his work properly
The main idea of the fourth paragraph is ...A.
the office can hire two secretariesB.
a secretary should prepare the manager's agendaC.
the manager should help the secretary complete her jobD.
English is not so important for a private secretaryE.
a secretary often makes appointments with themanager
Which of the following statements is not true?A.
A manager should follow whatever his secretarysaysB.
An accountant must deal with the finance of thefirmC.
Most banks deal with receipt and transmission of moneyD.
A professional banker is needed to run moneybusinessE.
A good secretary should master English
He plays an important role to make the firms remain ingood financial condition, (paragraph 3).The underlined word means ...A.
administrative details of a firmB.
any credits taken from banksC.
loan procedures in a bank D.
line of jobs in an officeE.
monetary position
The secretary is, therefore, .concerned with anybusiness that the firm undertakes .(paragraph 4).The synonym of the underlined word is ...A.
Wacana 3
Indonesia is an agricultural country. About 70%of its population work as farmers. Farmers grow rice,corns, cauliflowers, chilies, onions, sugar canes,carrots, potatoes, green beans, peanuts, cassava, andmany others. They cultivate land and grow plantswhich can bring in money and they choose the rightplants for the land. Thai's why when we go to a certainplace we will find only one kind of plant whilesometimes in other places we find various kinds of plants.From the various plants in Indonesia, rice is themost important one, as most Indonesian people eat rice.We can sec a large number of rice fields in Java and inother islands outside Java. According Jo the 1993agricultural census, the area of rice fields in Indonesiais 5.24 hectares. The rice-fields can produce hundredmillions of tons of rice. Thus, rice has been the mainfood for us.Farmers in fertile areas can grow rice well. Inthese areas they can even harvest the crops three timesa year. They can enjoy it because their areas have agood irrigation, good soil and they know the techniqueof planting rice.In less fertile areas, farmers can grow rice andharvest it twice a year. Those living in the area wherethere is no irrigation can only plant rice when the rainyseason comes. They can plant other crops whilewaiting for the rain.
Why is Indonesia called an agricultural country?Because ...A.
Indonesia has ferule areasB.
Indonesians can grow rice wellC.
Indonesia has various plantsD.
more than 50% of Indonesian people are farmersE.
Indonesian farmers prefer to grow varieties of rice
There are some conditions to grow rice well, one of which is ...A.
a suitable seasonB.
a large rice fieldC.
a good irrigationD.
the location of the rice fieldE.
the number of population that eat rice
Which statement is true according to the text?A.
There arc a lot of rice fields outside JawaB.
Rice is (he staple food for Indonesian peopleC.
Varieties of rice are not grown widely in IndonesiaD.
Farmers harvest their crops three times a year inless fertile landE.
Farmers can't plant other plants while waiting forthe rain
The main idea of the first paragraph is ...A.
fanners can grow varieties of riceB.
Indonesia is an agricultural countryC.
farmers cultivate the land by planting plantsD.
most of the Indonesian people work on farmsE.
they earn their living by growing certain plants
"They cultivate land and grow plants which can bringin money ...." (paragraph I),The underlined words means
"Farmers in fertile areas grow rice well", (paragraph 3).Another word for "fertile" is ...A.
Wacana 4
 A bank is an institution with a twofold function.First, it keeps people's money safe and readilyavailable. In this way it functions as a savings bank..Secondly, it lends money to people who need it. It isalso, therefore, a money lender.Anyone can go to any bank and deposit money,that is, ask the bank to look after it. He becomes acustomer of the bank. When, he deposits money, wesay he opens a bank account. There are two types of bank accounts. The first is a current account. When acustomer deposits money on a current account, he canmake withdrawals by means of a cheque. No interest ispaid on this type (if account.The other type of account is a time deposit. Onthis type of account the customer can deposits hismoney for a specified period of time He can withdrawthe money only at the maturity date. Interest is paid forthis type of account.A banks receives deposits from customers, as wellas lend money to its customers. A person who wants toborrow money has to give the bank something ascollateral for instance, a certificate showing ownershipof property. When a customer has a bank loan, thebank charges him interest on the money he hasborrowed. The bank does not always give the borroweractual' money. It may credit his account with theamount borrowed, exactly as if he had deposited thatamount at the bank.
When do you become a customer of a bank?A.
When we open an account in a bank B.
When we want the bank to pay interestC.
At the time we withdraw our moneyD.
When we sign a written order called chequeE.
If the bank receives our security.'
The fourth paragraph tells us about ...A.
how to deposit moneyB.
how to get a bank loanC.
how to receive .cashD.
how to withdraw moneyE.
how to be a customer of a bank 
Which sentence is true according to the text?A.
The bank pays nothing on the money we depositB.
The bank can also function as a money-lenderC.
The bank charges you interest for the money youborrowedD.
At the end of an agreed term, the bank will notreturn your moneyE.
A customer does not have to sign a cheque
Paragraph 2 is about ...A.
the types of bank accountsB.
the importance of saving money in a bank C.
the repayment of the money by the bank D.
the importance of a written order called chequeE.
the explanation about how to deposit our money
"... he can make withdrawals by means of ..."(paragraph 2).The underlined word means ...A.
receive loansB.
deposit moneyC.
pay interestD.
write chequesE.
get cash

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