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Published by Alex Jolliffe
A script for a short animation.
A script for a short animation.

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Published by: Alex Jolliffe on Feb 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BartistaByAlexander (JOLEAF) Jolliffe
PIGEON FLIGHT (OPENING)SPECIAL EFFECTS SHOT?A pigeon flies into shot and meanders it’s way into a largecity revealing buildings as it goes.(opening credits appear inclouds)It flies past a local independent coffee shop and eventuallyends up facing the Barista corporate coffee shop.CUT TO INSIDE OF BARISTA STOREA customer (portrayed as a stickman) is enjoying a latte anda paper by the window. BANG A pigeon fly’s into the window.The man sprays out his coffee.CUT TO TIM BEHIND THE BAR.TIM*giggle*CAROLWhats so funny?TIMNothing...TITLE SHOT (WITH TIM AND ESSPRESSO MACHINE)TIM MEETS ALICECUT SHOT OF A CUSTOMER DRINKINGCAROLNext call.TIMNext call...CAROLPiccolo latte.TIMSmall latte.Sequence of Tim making a latte. Sensually animated. Bit likean M&S advert.(rushed!)(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.CAROLNext call grande mochaTIMNext call grande mochaCAROLNext call gigante cappuccinoTIMGigante cappuccino...PACE SLOWS DOWN AS TIM LOVINGLY MAKES A CAPPUCINO.CAROLNext call, piccolo latte andanother piccolo latte.Tim starts lovingly making a latteTIMWhy not just say two small lattes?(line said while he isbeautifully finishing off thelatte art)The second latte is ready to pour.CAROLBecause we don’t do small and godcan you hurry up! Ughhh.She snatches the shot for the drink and sloppily pours thesteamed milk with a dollop of foam landing on top.Tim hands out the two same drinks of different quality totwo separate stick man customers that are standing together.The one with the shit latte lingers with a sobbing face. Helooks at his latte again then walks away.Tim is making a drinkFOCUS ON TIMALICEHi, can I get a small latte andmaybe (picks up biscuits andwiggles them) these gingerbiscuits?TIMS POVTim glances over at Alice on first glance he sees a stickman like the rest of the customers.(CONTINUED)

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