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Microsoft Word Translate

Microsoft Word Translate

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Published by adi suswanto

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Published by: adi suswanto on Feb 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Microsoft Word 
is a program for word processing applications (word processing) or usually called by typing. In other words, prior to performing typing, then it should run theMicrosoft Word program first.
Starting Microsoft Word
There are 3 steps to run the MS-Word program, namely:1. Click Start
All Programs
click Microsoft Word, or 2. Double-click the Microsoft Word icon on the Desktop, or 3. Click Start
choose the type winword Open
click OK 
Creating a New Document / File Download
If you want to create a new document, follow these steps:Click File
New Menu, or 1. Click the icon
on the toolbar, or 2. Press Ctrl + N on your keyboard
Saving Scripts
In order for the script that we have made are not lost and can be opened again if needed, the need to be stored. Step - step to save the script for the first time are as follows:
, or - Specify where documents are stored on the Save in- Give the file name in the File name box and click Save - For subsequent storage, simply click the icon
on the toolbar or 
Opening Files
The script, once stored can be reopened in time of need. The trick is:1. Click File
click Open, or 
2. Click the icon
on the toolbar, or 3. Press Ctrl + O on your keyboard- Open dialog box appears- Select the folder where the files are stored in the Look in selection box- Select the name of the file will be opened and click Open- Or just double click on the file name
Closing Documents
Always keep a script that is being done especially when going to close / exit the program MS-Word. How to close the document are:1. Click File
click Exit, or 2. Click the Close Window (X) of the Control Size Button on the top right corner.
Started Working With Microsoft WordA.Setting the Paper Size
Before making the script would be nice once we set the paper size. The trick is:1. Click File, select Page Setup, select Paper Size2. Select a paper size that is provided by Word. Or if you want to create their own size, the

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