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The Chattering Box Feb2011

The Chattering Box Feb2011

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Published by David Tan

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Published by: David Tan on Feb 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chattering Box 
Chief Editor
David Tan
Han Yongming Danielle SimCheng Haiwen
 Augustin ChiamDanielle SimHan Yongming Jerome KokMelissa LimNg Huiying 
Photo Credits
 Augustin ChiamEnoch Tang Han Yongming Shawn Quek
Designers and Illustrators
Charmaine Low Lum En-CiTan Jingyan
Cover Artist
Lum En-Ci
Special Thanks
Benjamin LeeEdwin LeeGabriel SeahJet Teong 
February 2011A USC Publication
ContentsUniversity ScholarsClub (USC)President’s Letter
e January 
e Find-A-RoomieInitiative
The Chattering Box 
USC President’sLetter
Dear friends,As you know, with the Residential College(RC), USP will combine its existingacademic programme with a residentialexperience to be housed under one roof. Ithas been mentioned repeatedly that thisnew model o
education will bring aboutchanges in our educational environment.What exactly, then, are the changes thatstudents can expect? I would like tosuggest that these changes occur on threelevels: as students, as members o
acommunity, and as members o
a college.
As students, our everydaylife will change. In less than hal
ayear’s time, we will actually be inthe RC. We will be settling intoour new rooms and eating withour friends in the dining hall. Wewill be packing our bags at eight inthe morning and going down just afew
loors for that dreadful earlymorning class. We will have moretime – time to contemplate andre
lect, time to stroll from class toclass, and time to rest.The dynamics o
the studentcommunity will also change. Byvirtue o
the fact that we live neareach other, we will see each othermore often. I
a USP student nowmakes contact with a hundredother USP students a week, RCwill increase that numberdramatically. In this manner, thefrequency o
collisions will alsomultiply the opportunities forgreat ideas to materialize. I hopethat eventually, through theseconnections, that all USP studentswill feel a sense o
membership inthe community.Ultimately, the largestchange to our paradigm as studentsis the introduction o
the idea o
acollege. It is not just a faculty,where we come together forclasses. It is not just a residence,where we live with one another.The college has a heartbeat, a lifeo
its own, and most o
all, itrepresents solidarity as acommunity. It is heartening toknow that the current USPcommunity is held together bystrong ties between faculty, staff,and students. My hope is that wewill not only feel a strengthenedsense o
membership to thiscommunity, but eventually takegreater pride in our identity as acollege.We stand at the threshold o
 a new dawn in USP history. Theresponsibility now lies with us totake ownership o
our future asstudents, and be there when thechange happens.
February 2011
The Chattering Box 

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