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art dept

art dept

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Published by Micah Stevens

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Published by: Micah Stevens on Feb 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Micah StevensArt AttendanceFebruary 8     Graphic design, junior, Ashley Rubes, sits in her 8 AM design class with adoctor¶s note in her left hand, and a paintbrush in her right.   Normally, a doctor¶snote would be a valid reason to miss class, but not in the Grand View artdepartment. ³I had mono and strep throat and was highly contagious, the doctor recommended I be out for two weeks,´ Rubes said.³When I got to class I showed my teacher my doctor¶s note and he repliedwith µWhat¶s that for? You know an absence is an absence no matter what.¶  So Ihad to continue to come to class although I was highly contagious.´The art department is the only department on campus that has a setattendance policy.The art department¶s attendance policy is as follows:  ³All absences areequal.  There are no excused absences unless specified as approved off campusexperience in the Grand View University Catalog.  Monday, Wednesday, andFriday classes 5 absences= reduction of final grade by one letter grade, 7
absences= failed class. Tuesday and Thursday classes 4 absences= reduction of final grade by one letter grade, 6 absences= failed class.´³I understand the need for a policy, but what I don¶t understand is whysomething like a doctor¶s note is not an excused absence.´ Rubes said.Graphic design sophomore, Aric Bradley, drives 43 miles one way to classeveryday.  Facing treacherous, snow covered roads on his way to his 8 AMclass, he went in the ditch.  ³There was a snow ordinance, so I couldn¶t get towedout.  I walked to a dentist office and sat there until someone could come tow meout«  I¶ve missed 3 days already this semester because of the weather.´With this year¶s record-breaking winter many art majors share the sameconcern. Art education junior, Ashley Forbes, commutes 30 minutes everyday.³This semester has sucked because of the snow.  I know a lot of people live oncampus but a lot of people don¶t.  I live in Adel and I have to plan accordingly, Ican¶t just miss because I¶m being lazy.´Becky Kralicek, graphic design sophomore, lives off campus and roadsare her main concern for missing class also.³It¶s either I chose a weather day or I risk my life.  This policy really doesn¶ttake into accordance the weather.´Josh Ryther ,assistant professor of art and design, said, ³There are noexceptions for our department.  Our policy is explicit.  I follow the attendancepolicy, I don¶t have a choice,´

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