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The 1000 Best Films of All Times

The 1000 Best Films of All Times

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Published by Nane Dragos

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Published by: Nane Dragos on Mar 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The 1000 Best Films of allTimes
1. Orson Welles:
Citizen Kane
(1941)2. Alfred Hitchcock: 
North By Northwest
(1959) 3. Orson Welles:
Touch Of Evil
(1958)4. Roman Polanski:
(1974)5. Robert Altman:
(1975)6. Sam Peckinpah:
The Wild Bunch
(1969)7. Francis Ford Coppola:
The Godfather Part II
(1974)8. Elia Kazan:
Splendor In The Grass
(1961)9. John Ford:
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
(1962)10. Lars von Trier:
Riget/ Kingdom
(1995)11. Fritz Lang:
(1926)12. Billy Wilder:
Sunset Boulevard
(1950)13. Charles Chaplin: 
(1952) 14. Emil Kusturica:
(1995)15. Theo Angelopulos:
O Thiassos/ Traveling Players
(1975)16. Ingmar Bergman:
Det Sjunde Inseglet/ Seventh Seal
(1956)17. Robert Aldrich:
Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte
(1965)18. Luis Bunuel:
Belle de Jour
(1967)19. Josef von Sternberg:
Der Blaue Engel/ The Blue Angel
(1930)20. Krzysztof Kieslowski:
(1994)21. Bela Tarr:
Satantango/ Satan's Tango
(1994)22. Sergei Eisenstein:
Bronenossets Potyomkin/ Battleship Potemkin
(1925)23. Michelangelo Antonioni:
(1966)24. Howard Hawks:
Bringing Up Baby
(1938)25. Blake Edwards: 
The Great Race
(1965) 26. Alfred Hitchcock: 
(1960) 27. Charles Chaplin: 
Modern Times
(1936) 28. Roman Polanski:
Rosemary's Baby
(1968)29. Stanley Kubrick: 
2001: A Space Odyssey
(1968) 30. David-Wark Griffith:
The Birth of a Nation
(1915)31. Stanley Kubrick: 
Dr Strangelove
(1964) 32. Alfred Hitchcock: 
The Birds
(1963) 33. Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau:
(1927)34. Frank Capra:
John Doe
(1941)35. Sam Peckinpah:
(1978)36. Terrence Malick:
Days of Heaven
(1978)37. Sergio Leone:
C'era Una Volta il West/ Once Upon a Time
(1968)38. Martin Scorsese:
Mean Streets
39. Akira Kurosawa:
(1950)40. Steven Spielberg: 
Raiders of the Lost Ark 
(1981) 41. Erich von Stroheim:
(1924)42. Robert Aldrich:
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
(1962)43. Federico Fellini:
La Dolce Vita
(1960)44. Andrei Tarkovsky:
(1979)45. Donald Siegel:
Charley Varrick 
(1973)46. John Huston:
The African Queen
(1951)47. Fritz Lang:
The Big Heat
(1953)48. Charles Chaplin:
City Lights
(1931)49. Frank Capra:
It's A Wonderful Life
(1946)50. Terrence Malick:
(1973)51. Don Siegel:
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
(1956)52. Francis Ford Coppola: 
The Godfather
(1972) 53. Woody Allen:
(1979)54. George Miller:
The Road Warrior
(1981)55. Ridley Scott: 
Blade Runner
(1982) 56. Vittorio DeSica:
Miracolo a Milano/ Miracle in Milan
(1951)57. Leo McCarey (Marx Brothers):
Duck Soup
(1933)58. Ernst Lubitsch:
Heaven Can Wait
(1943)59. Ingmar Bergman:
(1966)60. George Stevens:
(1956)61. Yasujiro Ozu:
Tokyo Monogatari
(1953)62. Orson Welles:
The Magnificent Ambersons
(1942)63. Emir Kusturica:
Black Cat White Cat
(1998)64. Elia Kazan:
On The Waterfront
(1954)65. Buster Keaton:
The General
(1927)66. Jan Svankmajer:
Conspirators of Pleasure
(1996)67. King Vidor:
The Crowd
(1928)68. John Huston:
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
(1948)69. Charlie Chaplin:
The Gold Rush
(1925)70. Jim Jarmusch:
Stranger Than Paradise
(1984)71. Terry Gilliam: 
(1985) 72. Billy Wilder:
Double Indemnity
(1944)73. Jonathan Demme: 
The Silence of the Lambs
(1991) 74. Alfred Hitchcock:
Rear Window/ La FInestra Sul Cortile 
75. Robert Aldrich:
Kiss Me Deadly
(1955)76. Quentin Tarantino: 
Pulp Fiction
(1994) 77. Theo Angelopulos:
To Pio Stin Omichli/ Landscape In The Mist
(1988)78. Wim Wenders:
Der himmel uber Berlin/ Wings of Desire
(1988)79. Robert Aldrich:
Emperor of the North
(1973)80. Fritz Lang:
(1931)81. Ermanno Olmi:
L'Albero degli Zoccoli
(1978)82. Elia Kazan:
A Face in the Crowd
(1957)83. Fritz Lang:
Das Testament des Dr Mabuse/ Last will of Dr
(1932)84. Takeshi Kitano:
(1993)85. Lewis Milestone:
Front Page
(1931)86. Luc Besson: 
Leon/ The Professional
(1994) 87. George Lucas:
Star Wars
(1977)88. Frank Capra:
Lady For A Day
(1933)89. Woody Allen:
Annie Hall
(1977)90. Jean Renoir:
La Grande Illusion
(1937)91. Sergei Eisenstein:
Aleksandr Nevskii
(1938)92. Orson Welles:
Lady from Shangai
(1948)93. Jerzy Skolimowski:
The Shout
(1978)94. Billy Wilder:
Buddy Buddy
(1981)95. Akira Kurosawa:
(1985)96. Robert Zemeckis: 
Back to the Future
(1985) 97. Woody Allen:
Hannah and Her Sisters
(1986)98. Theo Angelopulos:
O Melissokomos/ The beekeeper /Il Volo
(1986)99. Hirokazu Kore-eda:
(1995)100. Louis Feuillade:
(1913)101. Alfred Hitchcock:
(1964)102. Jim Jarmusch:
Dead Man
(1995)103. John Sayles:
Lone Star
(1995)104. Orson Welles:
Mr Arkadin/ Rapporto Confidenziale
(1955)105. Fritz Lang:
While the City Sleeps
(1956)106. Ingmar Bergman:
Smultronstallet/ Wild Strawberries
(1957)107. Werner Herzog:
(1972)108. Ettore Scola:
Brutti Sporchi e Cattivi/Down And Dirty
(1976)109. Jean Eustache:
La Maman et la Putain/ The Mother andthe Whore
(1973)110. Don Siegel: 
Dirty Harry
(1971) 111. John Boorman:
(1973)112. Andrei Tarkovsky:
Andrej Rublev
(1966)113. Mario Monicelli:
L'Armata Brancaleone
(1966)114. Jerzy Skolimowski:
Deep End
(1971)115. Sam Peckinpah:
Ballad Of Cable Hogue
(1970)116. Elliot Silverstein:
Cat Ballou
(1965)117. Mario Monicelli:
La Grande Guerra/ Great War
(1959)118. Manuel de Oliveira:
Nao/ Non
(1990)119. Richard Fleischer:
Soylent Green
(1973)120. Bela Tarr:
Panelkapcsolat/ Prefab People
(1982)121. Don Siegel:
Coogan's Bluff/ L'Uomo dalla Cravatta diCuoio
(1968)122. Stellan Rye (Paul Wegener):
Der Student von Prag
(1913)123. Walter Hill: 
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