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Timeline of World Wierdness

Timeline of World Wierdness



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Published by anon-831086

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Published by: anon-831086 on Nov 21, 2007
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Our Mysterious World--a collection of weirdness
http://www.geocities.com/nmdecke/MysteriousWorld.html (1 of 455)11/10/2007 12:44:11 AM
Our Mysterious World--a collection of weirdness
This is a timeline of weird and "Art Bell-ish" events and happenings that I have been collecting off the internet for a while.Yes, many of the entries contradict each other, and others are most likely patent lies, but all of these are in the publicliterature and you can sort them out for yourselves…
Due to some positive notes from readers, I have decided to start updating this list after about a year of ignoringit. I will be adding new stuff bit by bit, with the latest batch on August 1, 2007.
Go back to myhomepagefor more good stuff, please and thank you.Any comments or additions? Send them to me atnmdecke@hotmail.com 
Alpha and Omega
 Immanentizing of the Eschaton. Whatever the hell that means…
75,000,000 BC
 Xenu ordered nuking of earth (Per Scientology). Radioactive dust still in geologic strata in the areas of the Americansouthwestern deserts, African deserts, and Gobi desert. Geologists can't explain the "fused green glass" that has beenfound in such sites as Pierrelatte in Gabon, the Euphrates Valley, the Sahara Desert, the Gobi Desert, Iraq, the MojaveDesert, Scotland, the Old and Middle Kingdoms of Egypt, and south-central Turkey. From the same time period,scientists have found a number of uranium deposits that appear to have been mined or depleted in antiquity. When theRishi City of Mohenjodaro in Pakistan was excavated by archeologists in the last century, they found skeletons just lyingin the streets, some of them holding hands, as if some great doom had suddenly overtaken them. These skeletons areamong the most radioactive ever found, on a par with those found at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Ancient cities whose brickand stone walls have literally been vitrified, that is-- fused together like glass, can be found in India, Ireland, Scotland,France, Turkey and other places. There is no logical explanation for the vitrification of stone forts and cities, except froman atomic blast. The Lop Nor Desert in western China is known to be the center of a great UFO mystery. Scientistsdrilling down in an excavation near Babylon, in Iraq, found various strata containing evidence of different civilizations.They eventually stopped when they hit a solid wall of glass, like the sand had been fused together by a nuclear blast.(Date estimate not given.)
13,000,000 BC
http://www.geocities.com/nmdecke/MysteriousWorld.html (2 of 455)11/10/2007 12:44:11 AM
Our Mysterious World--a collection of weirdness
The Ica stones of Peru show illustrations of advanced surgery (like heart and brain transplant, Caesarean section) andmen riding dinosaurs: Dr. Javier Cabrera discovers about 40,000 stone tablets detailing advanced science in thePeruvian desert of Ocucaje. These were called the Ica Stones of Peru. The tablets detail such complex ideas asastronomy, surgery (heart and kidney transplants), C section, acupuncture, genetic disorders, and more. There weredescriptions of vehicles which flew through spaces without consuming fuel, descriptions of the lines drawn at Nazca.They described the evacuation of large-headed small-statured race to a planet which would now be in the Pleaides starcluster. These were found in the Peruvian state of Ica. The city of Ica is only 100 miles from the city of Nazca.Javier Cabrera
445,000 BC
 According to the apocryphal "Book of Enoch", the Nephilim "descended on" Mount Hermon.
250,000 BC
 "Eve", one single, hypothetic woman might be the sole source of the whole of mankind (homo sapiens) according torecent, genetic research. This theory is supported by a number of additional evidences.
30,000 BC
 First Illuminatus, Gruad, rules in Atlantis.
15,000 BC
http://www.geocities.com/nmdecke/MysteriousWorld.html (3 of 455)11/10/2007 12:44:11 AM

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