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Gemini 10 PAO Transcript

Gemini 10 PAO Transcript

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Published by Bob Andrepont

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Published by: Bob Andrepont on Mar 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MC, GEMINI 10, JULY 18, li?"tl, 11:OlTAPE I., FAX 1This is Gemini Launch Control.Cur countdown on the Gemini 10mission
minutes and 40 seconds and counting.All ;s pro-ceeding excellently both at Pad 14 and Pad 19 at the present time.The Prime Pilot's,Astornaut's John Young and Mike Coll'ns arestill in bed at the crew quarters at the Kennedy Space Center atthis time.The backup pilot's Alan Bean and C. C. W;lliams areaboard the Gem'ni 10 Spacecraft at Launch Complex 19, goingthrough a complete series of preliminary checks.They'll beready to report to the prime pilot's later this afternoon whenthey arrive at the Launch Pad. Bean and Williams have now beenin the spacecraft for about 60 to
minutes at this point.Weather\forcast continues to look favorable and all is proceeding verysatisfactorily at this time. Now at T-312 minutes'and
secondsand counting. This is Gemini Launch Control.END OF TAPE
7/18/66, ii:26
This is Gemini Launch Control T-287 minutes 43 seconds andcounting and all still proceeding excellently with the Gemini 10countdown.The prime pilots, John Young and Mike Collins are abedat the Kennedy Space Center at their crew quarters.If they doremain asleep, they will be awakened at 1 p.m. Eastern StandardTime, this afternoon.The backup pilots Alan Bean and C. C.Willaims are still aboard the Gemini 10 Spacecraft making theearly checkouts at this point.At Launch Complex 14 we arepreparing for one of our key steps in the countdown and thatis loading fuel aboard the Agena second stage.This will beginsome 7 minutes from this time as we proceed to load some 4000pounds of the unsyznetrical-diamethyl-hydrazine fuel aboard theAgena. Following the loading of the fuel tiboard the Agenastage, we will then remove the gantry service structure andproceed to load the oxidizer, the acid, aboard the Agena stage.Our countdown is continuing and going very satisfactorily atthis point. The Gemini spacecraft joined the countdown at the~-360 minute mark, about 70 or 80 minutes ago and all isproceeding well with the spacecraft.The final key memberof the countdown, the Gemini launch vehicle will be joiningus about 40 minutes from this time.When the Gemini launchvehicle comes in on the count at T-240 minute mark, we willthen have some nine countdowns going simultaneously for thisafternoons dual launch.The launch times that we have at thepresent time, based on the data of the orbiting Gemini 8 Agena
GEMINI lo MISSION CCMMENTARY,7/18/66, ii:26 AM, TAPE 2, PAGE 2and of course,also based on later information this afternoon,the status of that Agena and the Agena 10 that will be launchedthis afternoon.The present launch times we have in EasternStandard Time are 3:39 and 4:44 p.m. Eastern Standard Time forthe Atlas/Agena with the Gemini launch vehicle aiming for 5:2Oand 30 seconds p.m.,Eastern Standard Time. Now coming up on~-285 minutes.This is Gemini Launch Control.END OF TAPE

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