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Islam and the Divine Deception-TABLOID Distribution

Islam and the Divine Deception-TABLOID Distribution

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Published by David Reznor
An Empiricist Analysis of Imperialist Doctrine
An Empiricist Analysis of Imperialist Doctrine

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Published by: David Reznor on Mar 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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n December 11, 2009, residents of Burton upon Trent in Staffordshire,
England, woke to  nd the words “Islam will dominate the world” spray painted inbig letters across the War Memorial honoring Britain’s veterans who had given their livesin deense o their country. One liberal apologist or Islam, Dennis Fletcher, chairmano the East Staordshire Racial Equality Council, rushed to tell the local newspaper thatthe desecration must have been done by someone on “the ar right,” to “stir things up,”to rame and deame Muslims. Police, though, ound DNA on the discarded can o spray paint. To Mr. Fletcher’s eternal shame, a Muslim named Tohsee Shah had de ledthe memorial, and had no remorse whatsoever about it.When Shah was brought beore magistrates in April o 2010 to ace charges, even theunf appable Brits were in or something o a shock. The British prosecutors told thecourt they had concluded that Tohsee Shah’s vandalism had no religious motivationat all. It “was politically motivated,” they said, and so could not be charged as a hatecrime. Shah walked out o court with nothing more than two years o probation and ane o 500 British pounds.Ironically, the British prosecutors got it exactly right. It was not religiously motivatedbecause Islam is not a religion. It was politically motivated because Islam is an Arab
An Empiricist Analysis o Imperialist Doctrine by 
Vijay Kumar 
BUDDHISM CHRISTIANITY HINDUISM JUDAISM ISLAMMandate or world political domination
No No No No
YesChurch and state must be one
No No No No
YesReligious text as political constitution
No No No No
YesFull body o political, not just moral, law
No No No No
YesDeath penalty or leaving religion
No No No No
YesDeath penalty or criticizing religion or ounder
No No No No
YesWomen treated as ineriors
No No No No
YesDual standards or believers and nonbelievers
No No No No
YesMandated tax on nonbelievers
No No No No
YesMandate or terror as tactic or expansion
No No No No
YesLying sanctioned as “moral”
No No No No
YesMaiming, torture, beheading, and stoning part o practice
No No No No
YesInvalidation o other religions
No No No No
YesDestroys other religions’ houses o worship
No No No No
YesForce and violence against nonbelievers
No No No No
YesChurches promote political agendas
No No No No
YesReligious leaders can order adherents to war
No No No No
YesAdherents are part o a de acto political nation regardlesso geographical location or political boundaries
No No No No
Most IQ tests have questions along the lines of, “Which one of these doesn’t belong?”
In a listo the world’s prominent religions, one doesn’t belong. See i you can you  nd it:
Special Supplement to the Rutherford Reader • March 2011
nationalist and imperialist political movement, dressed up in occult robes and rituals,that is bent on establishing a worldwide Muslim political state to dominate the world.
World Domination
“To Allah doth belong the dominion o the heavens and the earth, and all that is therein, and it is He Who hath power over all things.” 
—Quran 5:120
“We shall put yokes on the necks o the Unbelievers.” 
—Quran 34:33
For 1,400 years, Islam has been trying to take over the world. In that time it has man-aged to conquer approximately 20 percent o the world’s population. Although much o Islam’s domain reigns over impoverished and uneducated people, many o whom can-not read or write, in its 14-century campaign or world domination Islam has invadedand destroyed what were once proud and thriving civilizations and important centerso world religions.Persia—now called Iran and ruled under the iron st o an Islamic theocracy—once wasZoroastrian and the seat o a large empire that contributed a wealth o cultural treasuresto the storehouse o Man’s arts, sciences, and letters beore being overrun by Islam.In Egypt, the Christian Patriarchate o Alexandria had been established by Mark theEvangelist as early as A.D. 33, and by the beginning o the third century, Alexandriawas a major center o Christianity. In the middle o the th century, the Egyptian Cop-tic Church was established, and Egypt was primarily Coptic Christian when Muslimsinvaded and conquered the nation in 639. Christians were subjected to the discrimina-tory Islamic
tax and other orms o oppression as Cairo became the seat o the Is-lamic Caliphate. Today Egypt is over 94 percent Muslim, controlled by a military junta.The Islamic Republic o Pakistan is a training ground and hideout or Islamic terroriststhat are sent throughout the world, and is one o the primary centers or the teachingand export o Islamic Sharia law. Pakistan once was Hindu, home to the Indus Valley Civilization, and to the Vedic Civilization that gave so much to science, math, art, andman’s knowledge, including the number system we use today.
ghanistan once was Hindu and Buddhist, its civilization reaching back perhaps asar as 3,000 years beore Christ. It was the home o Panini, who has been called theather o linguistics. But ater Islam had conquered Persia, it turned toward Aghanistanas a target or expansion o its Caliphate and world domination, and, by 870, Muslimshad decimated and subjugated the Hindus and Buddhists. Under Islamic oppressionand orce, the population gradually gave in and converted. Today Aghanistan’s chie exports are heroin and terrorism.Turkey, which was Christian and Hellenic, and the nations o north o Arica, andmore, have allen to Islamic aggression and expansionism.Wherever it takes control, Islam suppresses all other religions, overthrows the govern-ments, and installs a theocracy or quasi-theocracy with the Quran and Islamic doctrineas an integral part o the political constitution and laws o the nation.Islam’s goal has been, and is, a Caliphate that encircles the globe and commands theworld. For centuries, Muslims have built successively larger Caliphates, checked only by intermittent organized opposition to Islam’s relentless imperialism. The last Caliphatethat Islam had established, the OttomanCaliphate, was abolished ater WorldWar I, in 1924, and the Islamic empirewas broken up. But at this moment Iranis leading a campaign to re-establish theCaliphate through insurrection and revo-lution throughout the Middle East.
uch has been made in media o the dierences between Sunni andShi’ia Muslims, but Islam in any guise hasa seminal immutable political and meta-physical mandate or conquering andcontrolling the world. It seeks to makethe entire world in its own image, andonly in its image. It seeks to destroy allreligions, all other orms o governments,and to impose Sharia law on all the world under a Caliphate.No religion has such imperialistic goals o conquest and political dominance. Islamhas them or one reason: Islam is a materialistic pursuit o political power, domina-tion, and worldly conquest on the sole basis that its metaphysics is superior to any other metaphysics—measured on a sel-authorizing metaphysical scale dened solely by Islam itsel.
Church and State Must Be One; Religious Text as Constitution
“There is only one place on earth which can be called the home o Islam (Dar-ul-Islam), and it is that place where the Islamic state is established and the Sharia is the authority . . . The rest o the world is the home o hostility (Dar-ul-Harb).” 
—Syed Qutb
“Islam cannot be separated rom the state because it guides us through every detail o run- ning the state and our lives. Muslims have no choice but to reject secularism or it excludes the law o Allah . . . Separation o religion and state is not an option or Muslims.” 
—Dr.Ja`ar Sheikh Idris
Islamic nations have, as an integral part o their political constitutions, a mandate thatall laws will conorm to Islamic doctrine. Ironically, many o these Islamic totalitarianstates reer to themselves as a “republic.” Here are some examples:
Constitution of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
“The Kingdom o Saudi Arabia is asovereign Arab Islamic state with Islam as its religion; God’s Book 
[the Quran] 
and theSunnah o His Prophet
[habits and practices o Muhammad] 
. . . are its constitution,Arabic is its language.”
Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran:
“The Islamic Republic is a systembased on . . . the Quran and the Sunnah . . . All civil, penal, nancial, economic, ad-ministrative, cultural, military, political, and other laws and regulations must be basedon Islamic criteria. This principle applies absolutely and generally to all articles o theConstitution as well as to all other laws and regulations . . . In accordance with thesacred verse o the Quran (‘This, your community, is a single community, and I amyour Lord, so worship Me’ [21:92]), all Muslims orm a single nation . . . The ocialreligion o Iran is Islam.”
Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan:
“Islam shall be the State religiono Pakistan. Principles o Policy: to make the teaching o the Holy Quran and Islamiatcompulsory . . . and to secure the proper organization o . . . mosques.”
Constitution of the Republic of Iraq (post-U.S. occupation and “reform”):
“Islamis the ocial religion o the State and it is a undamental source o legislation: No law that contradicts the established provisions o Islam may be established.”
Constitution of Afghanistan:
Aghanistan is an Islamic Republic . . . The religion o the state o the Islamic Republic o Aghanistan is the sacred religion o Islam. Followerso other religions are ree to exercise their aith and perorm their religious rites withinthe limits o the provisions o law . . . No law can be contrary to the belies and provi-sions o the sacred religion o Islam.”
Constitution of the Arab Republic of Egypt:
“Islam is the religion o the state andArabic its ocial language. Islamic jurisprudence
is the principal source o legislation.”
Constitution of Syria:
“The religion o the President o the Republic has to be Islam.Islamic jurisprudence
is a main source o legislation.”
Constitution of the Libyan Arab Republic:
“Islam is the religion o the State andArabic is its ocial Language.”
Constitution of the State of Palestine:
“Arabic and Islam are the ocial Palestin-ian language and religion . . . The principles o Islamic Sharia are a major source orlegislation.”
Constitution of Yemen:
“The Republic o Yemen is an Arab, Islamic and independentsovereign state . . . The people o Yemen are part o the Arab and Islamic nation. Islamis the religion o the state, and Arabic is its ocial language. Islamic Sharia is the sourceo all legislation.”
Constitution of Algeria:
“Islam is the religion o the State. Arabic is the national andocial language . . . The institutions are not allowed . . . practices that are contrary to the Islamic ethics . . . Any constitutional revision cannot inringe on . . . Islam asthe religion o the State
Arabic as thenational and ocial language.”
Constitution of Bahrain:
“The King-dom o Bahrain is a ully sovereign, in-dependent Islamic Arab State . . . Thereligion o the State is Islam. The IslamicSharia is a principal source or legisla-tion. The ocial language is Arabic . . .The State saeguards the Arab and Is-lamic heritage . . . Everyone has the rightto express his opinion and publish it . . .provided that the undamental belies o Islamic doctrine are not inringed.”
Constitution of Morocco:
“An Islamicand ully sovereign state whose ociallanguage is Arabic . . . Islam shall be the state religion . . . No member o Parliamentshall be prosecuted, arrested, put into custody or brought to trial as a result o express-ing opinions or casting a vote while exercising oce unctions, except when the opin-ions expressed may be injurious to the monarchical system and the religion o Islam. . . Neither the State system o monarchy nor the prescriptions related to the religion o Islam may be subject to a constitutional revision.”
Constitution of the Somali Republic:
“Islam shall be the religion o the State . . . It shallnot be permissible to spread or propagandize any religion other than the religion o Islam . . .Teaching o Islam shall be compulsory or pupils o Islamic aith in primary and secondary State schools and in schools having a parity o status. Teaching o Holy Quran shall be aundamental element in primary and secondary State schools or Muslims . . . The doctrineo Islam shall be the main source o the laws o the State . . . Laws and provisions havingthe orce o law shall conorm to the Constitution and to the general principles o Islam.”
Constitution of Malaysia:
“Islam is the religion o the Federation . . . State law and. . . ederal law may control or restrict the propagation o any religious doctrine or belie among persons proessing the religion o Islam . . . It shall be lawul or the Federationor a State to establish or maintain or assist in establishing or maintaining Islamic insti-
The Islamic Caliphate, circa A.D. 622–720 
tutions or provide or assist in providing instruction in the religion o Islam and incursuch expenditure as may be necessary or the purpose . . . ‘Malay’ means a person whoproesses the religion o Islam.”
here is no such thing in Islam as separation o church and state. The Quran is apolitical document. It, and the reported practices o Muhammad,
the constitu-tion, and the only constitution, o Saudi Arabia, where Islam was created.To make sure no one loses sight o the act that Islam is the supreme law, Saudi Arabiahas a small army o “religious police,” the
with totalitarian power to enorceeverything rom Islamic modes o dress to restaurant menus. They arrest unmarriedmen and women or merely socializing, fog people on the street, and conscate any-thing ound not conorming to Islamic dogma, including pork, alcohol, and Westernmovies or music. In 2002, the
blocked the only escape route o a group o school girls rom a burning building, beating them with sticks as they tried to escape,because they weren’t properly attired according to Islamic standards and didn’t have amale guardian with them. The
actively prohibited men at the scene romhelping the girls, saying it was “sinul” to go near them. Fiteen o the girls died. Morethan 50 were injured.The Age o Enlightenment was the watershed in Man’s evolution between slavish devo-tion to ritualistic metaphysics in the governance o the social order, and respect or therights o every individual to think reely, to speak reely, to worship reely, and to actreely, by the dictates o his own reason and conscience within the social contract. Reignby “divine” authority is a rotting relic o superstition and mysticism, a mummied mu-seum piece to remind us o the inhumanity and injustices always visited on mankind by the arrogance o elitist theocracies.No religion today mandates that church and state be one, or installs its texts as politicalconstitution and “divine” law. Islam does. Islam is an Arab nationalist and imperialistpolitical movement masquerading as religion. Wherever Islam prevails, its dogma is madethe law, using church and state into one, permanently and ocially relegating all otherphilosophies and aiths to eternal persecution as inerior and subordinate to Islam.
Sharia: Political, Not Just Moral, Law
“One should accept the Sharia without any question and reject all other laws in any shape or orm. This is Islam. There is no other meaning o Islam.” 
—Syed Qutb
“There is only one law which ought to be ollowed, and that is the Sharia.” 
—Syed Qutb
Islam’s Sharia law is not clearly codied anywhere. It is patchwork “law,” stitched to-gether and interpreted as deemed necessary—or convenient—by Islamic judges and ju-rists and scholars and dictators and kings and ayatollahs and terrorists and secret policeand imams and ruling councils and rank-and-le Muslims rom one end o Islam tothe other, with almost no one anywhere, Muslim or non-Muslim, being able to agreeentirely on exactly what it is, where it begins, where it ends, where it is used, where it isnot used, what it means, or how to apply it.Certainly, there are a number o core principles o Sharia law almost universally ac-cepted and practiced and enorced by most, i not all, the actions and clans and degreeso Muslims—even i they don’t call it Sharia, or even recognize it as such. Outside o that, it is such a conused and conficting and amorphous shape-changing “thing” thatattempting to discuss it with anyone, Muslim or not, is like trying to pin down a blobo mercury with your nger.
ecause Sharia law is pieced together rom the same texts that dene the metaphysicsand the rituals and morals o Islam, it is innitely elusive and undened. That’s why Muslims can deny that there is any eort to get Sharia law established in any nationas political law, claiming stridently and incessantly that it’s all only “the ree exerciseo religion”—right up to the moment when Sharia is suddenly being enorced in non-Muslim, secular courts, as has happened in England and is already in progress in theUnited States, or until the Islamic
coup de grace 
is delivered: Islam is written into theconstitution as the source o all law.Despite such mass turmoil, Sharia is yet used in various places where Islam has takenhold or everything rom running entire nations, to hanging homosexuals, to beatingwomen with sticks, to praying, to telling people how to clean themselves ater bodily eliminations.Out o this hodgepodge o “law,” several universal and irreutable maxims o Sharia canbe drawn:
• Sharia forbids freedom of speech and of the press.
Only certain speech is allowed inIslam, and none can be critical o Islam itsel, or o the ounder o Islam, Muhammad,or o any Islamic leader. Any such criticism demands a death sentence. The constitutiono Iran demonstrates the Islamic idea o “reedom” o the press under Sharia (emphasisadded): “Publications and the press have reedom o expression
except when it is detri-mental to the undamental principles o Islam.
” Sharia stands diametrically opposed to theFirst Amendment o the United States Constitution.
• Sharia forbids freedom of religion.
Although Sharia gives lip service to tolerance ornon-Islamic religions, the record proves conclusively that in Islamic nations, through thediscriminatory 
tax, constitutional avoritism or Islam, and other oppressions, non-Islamic religions are relegated to inerior status, and uniormly end up eradicated or nearly so. In this way, too, Sharia stands diametrically opposed to the First Amendment.
• Sharia forbids trial by jury and due process.
An accused will by tried by one ormore Islamic jurists, who will decide the ate o the accused based solely on their owninterpretations o elusive Islamic “law.” There is no jury o peers, there is no guaranteeo being able to ace one’s accusers, and there is no protection against sel-incrimination.Sharia stands diametrically opposed to the Fith Amendment, the Seventh Amend-ment, and the Fourteenth Amendment.
• Sharia dispenses cruel and unusual punishments.
The texts that Sharia is derivedrom unequivocally call or such barbaric punishments as cutting o the hand o a thie,stoning someone to death or sexual or marital transgressions, and beating or foggingsomeone or minor inractions. Homosexuality earns a death penalty, usually by publichanging. Sharia stands diametrically opposed to the Eighth Amendment.
• Sharia forbids states’ rights.
Sharia does not allow or the existence or rights o individual states in a nation, as we have in the United States. Sharia demands a strongcentral government over all people o an Islamic nation. Sharia stands diametrically op-posed to the Tenth Amendment.
• Sharia sanctions slavery.
The very word Islam means “submission.” The Quran andHadith, central texts o Islam rom which Sharia is derived, describe Muslims as slaveso Allah, and command Muslims to obey the orders o their Islamic leaders. The Quranalso gives instruction on the correct way to deal with worldly slaves, including thedistribution and use o captured women as slaves or male sexual gratication. Shariastands diametrically opposed to the Ninth and Thirteenth Amendments.
haria is political, criminal, and civil law. That it is hopelessly entangled with mys-ticism and the paranormal, and with imperatives on morality, and on hygiene, andon how to eat—like the helter-skelter closet o some hoarder—is beside the point. Itdoesn’t alter the act that it is political law, and that it has been applied as the primary political law to govern and lord over entire nations everywhere that Islam has risento power.The Quran, and the “law” derived rom it, are diametrically opposed to the UnitedStates Constitution and all o the laws and policies o the United States.Islam explicitly ridicules and orbids manmade law o any description, which o courseincludes the United States Constitution. The rst three words o our Constitution are,“We, the People.” In Islam, “the People” have no right to create their own law; they havethe right to be good and obedient slaves:
“Allah’s right on His slaves is that they should worship Him (Alone) and should not worshipany besides Him.”
—Muhammad; Hadith, Bukhari 52:108; Narrated Mu’adh
“Peace be on us and on the true pious slaves o Allah.”
—Muhammad; Hadith, Bukhari12:794; Narrated Mu’adh
“There are some o Allah’s slaves who, i they take an oath by Allah, are responded to byAllah.”
—Muhammad; Hadith, Bukhari 49:866; Narrated Anas
“They are Your slaves And i You orgive them, verily you, only You are the All-Mighty, theAll-Wise.”
—Muhammad; Hadith, Bukhari 55:568; Narrated Ibn Abbas
“Repent to Allah as Allah accepts the repentance rom his slaves.”
—Muhammad; Hadith,Bukhari 60:281; Narrated Aisha
“Shouldn’t I love to be a thankul slave (o Allah)?”
—Muhammad; Hadith, Bukhari 60:361;Narrated Aisha
In Islam, all men, women, and children are slaves to Islam. Slaves have no right to maketheir own laws. They have one and only one right: to bow down, to submit, to obey.The very purpose o Islam is to overthrow every manmade liberal democracy or re-public on Earth, and to replace it ully with the totalitarian, imperialistic, and Arabsupremacist conusion that is Sharia “law.” That’s why Islam is ar more dangerous tohuman rights and reedom, to the United States and its Constitution, to the Americanway o lie, and to all o Western civilization than Communism and Nazism combined.
either Communism or Nazism had a sel-sanctiying supremacist eschatology andmetaphysics promising a libertine, sel-indulgent aterlie to attract recruits whoare happy, as slaves, to die in the amoral act o mass murder just to reap the carnalrewards. The mere racial supremacist dogma o the Nazis was paltry by comparison.There are post-Communist ree democratic nations. There are post-Nazi ree demo-cratic nations. There are no post-Islamic ree democratic nations. The so-called “demo-cratic elections” in Islamic countries like Iraq are a travesty, a purple-ngered sham, adog-and-pony show, because political conormance and obedience to Islam is already permanently welded into the constitutions o every one o those countries, no matterwho gets “elected.”No religion has such totalitarian and oppressive political and criminal law. Islam does.
“Wherever Islam prevails,its dogma is made the law, using church and state into one.” 
Special Supplement to the Rutherford Reader 
March 2011

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