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Published by Khairul Bariah

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Published by: Khairul Bariah on Apr 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1
Ethnic Relations Test 
Group Name: ORANG KITA Name:Class: M09 & M10 Date:Period: 8.00AM 10.00AM Results:
This paper consist have 3 part and each part have 5 question. Student should be answer all question. Readthe question carefully and choose the best one.
Part I: Independent of Malaysia
Perjanjian London" consists of these factors except.
a. An independent commission appointed to draft constitution for independence.b. Party alliance will not take over British businesses or Western interests in Malaya.c. Separation of powers between the federal government with the state is continuedd. To gain independence negotiations2)
Who among them are engaged in negotiations with the independence Tunku Abdul Rahmanexcept :
a. Tun H.S Leeb. Tun Abdul Razak Husseinc. DatoPanglima Bukit Gantangd. DatoMohdGhazali3)
What year did Singapore out of Malaysia?
a. 1957b. 1963c. 1965d. 1967
Page 2
Part II: Diversity and Culture
What do you understand the concepts of stereotype?
a. The prejudicial treatment of an individual based on their membership in a certain group orcategoryb. A partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situationc. Stereotype arequalities assigned to groups of people related to their race, nationality andsexual arientationd. The belief in racial differences2)
Which of the following statements did not meet the demands of unity among various ethnicgroups in Malaysia?
a. Extreme racismb. The spirit of cooperation and mutual assistance between ethnic groupsc. Giving priority to national securityd. Love their own country than the country of origin3)
Among the unique Malaysian is a universal cultural value of diversity-based ethnic groups.Which is the MOST IMPORTANT most value to courage harmony in life?
a. Freedom of culturedb. High tolerancec. Sharing of powerd. The human rights4)
The ceremony for a month-long celebration of the cultural diversity of the people who live inthe 14 states and 4 territories that make up that multifaceted. it takes place in Kuala Lumpurnear the end of May each year that entertained by the exotic rhythm and movement. Thisevent also is one of the celebrations marking the official birthday of the new King of Malaysia,His Majesty The Yang Di-PertuanAgong .what the best ceremony for the information given:
a. Pesta air malaysiab. Penang pestac. Pestakeamatand. Citrawarna
Page 3
Part III: Constitution of Malaysia
Thaiponggol festival is best describe as:
a. The festival when homes of Hindus are lit with little lights to signify the victory overdarknessb. Harvest festival celebrated out of season because it is fixed in the Hindu calendar. Tamilscelebrate this festival around the second week of January and the presentation of thecooked harvested grain to the sun at dawn.c. The Festival of the Nine Emperor Gods falls on the ninth day of the ninth moon in Hinducalendar.d. The festival when spirits are appeared and offerings are made to Gods.1)
Which is not true about the purpose of the constitution?
a. To establish a fair government.b. Avoid the misuse of government powerc. Control the movement of governmentd. Tools to solve problems.2)
Who can amend a state constitution for a while on the grounds of national security as a stateof emergency.
a. YDPAb. State Assemblyc. Parlimend. Raja/ Sultan/ Yang DipertuaNegeri3)
Which of the following is an entry requirement of citizenship naturalization except :
a. Has good behavior.b. Knowledgeable in the Malay language.c. Individuals aged 18 years and residing in Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia today.d. Individuals have been settled in federal Malaysia between 10-20 years before the date of application

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